All Revisions
December 15, 2002
Added pdfs of the complete manual for Winter Camp XXVI and just the new pages in the palnning section.
December 8, 2002
Added the information for the College of Winter Camping (mostly the Associate's Degree program) to the WCU pages.
December 1, 2002
Added the first shot at a tentative roster and cabin assignment.
November 30, 2002
Began the process of creating a better store on the Winter Camp site. Added a few products to the store(s).
November 28, 2002
Just in time for Christmas there are about 30 new products in the store including Rand Institute of Leadership, Ask Dr. Beast, Universal Measurement System, and One Part Words merchandise. As always, other products are available on request. If you're thinking about ordering in time for Christmas, please consider ordering now - we're about 5 items short of the bonus for our store.
November 24, 2002
You can now see the alleged description of each activity for Winter Camp XXVI on the Schedule. You can also make comments/suggestions or volunteer to handle an activity.
November 18, 2002
You can now pay for camp via PayPal or get camp and a t-shirt for a dollar off using the Cafepress store. All the links are on the Winter Camp XXVI Planning page.
November 17, 2002
The Registration Form for Winter Camp XXVI is now available.
November 3, 2002
Added a bunch of new products to the Winter Camp Store just in time for Christmas. (Actually, there are a number of Christmas products in there too)
October 28, 2002
Added meeting notes and current schedule to the XXVI pages.
October 6, 2002
Thanks to my new scanner and a looong visit from Mark-->, Doug and Alan, we have new pictures for Winter Camps III, IV, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX and XX. More to come for later camps.
October 6, 2002
Added a new Thanksgiving card.
September 10, 2002
Added a section for debating the merits of a "Winter Camp University" education and training program at
Comments are more than welcome.
July 13, 2002
Updated volumes g, k, p, w, x, and y of the Encyclopedia.
June 22, 2002
Made a number of changes in the project pages.
June 20, 2002
To the delight of a handful, the indifference of many and the utter chagrin of a few, Gump Logo items are now available in the Winter Camp Store. Our thanks to Ryan Brake for designing the logo and stealing his brother's email long enough to send it.
June 11, 2002
Changed the navigation in the Encyclopedia WinterCampica, corrected some minor formatting issues in some volumes, put Volume U with the U's instead of the Z's. Added date to the Encyclopedia changes. Made a change that impacts only me.
June 10, 2002
Updated the Encyclopedia WinterCampica. I must be getting better at this stuff - this used to take days, now it takes hours and (I think) it's better than it's ever been. Comments, suggestions, and whatnot all gleefully accepted.
June 6, 2002
Added the 87th item to the Winter Camp store. You can now get 5 different clocks, 6 different frisbees and 6 different license plate frames. As always let me know if there's anything special you'd like.
June 5, 2002
More items for the store including license plate frames and frisbees. Clocks are rumored to be later today and there's free shipping on orders over $50 until June 9.
April 18, 2002
Even more items in the store. I'm probably going to have to organize it better soon, but there are now frosted mugs, travel mugs, visors, polos, aprons and more in the store. Let me know if there's anything else we should add.
April 10, 2002
Added the much hoped for Youth Yodel
March 23, 2002
Woohoo! The Winter Camp Store has (at last) been updated with a ton of new products just in time for your favorite Easter Basket (heck, you could even use the totebag as your favorite Easter Basket). At any rate, click on the Winter Camp Store, right on the front page to see what's there. Coming soon are golf shirts.
March 6, 2002
Added the Goon Gazette and the Post-Camp News for Winter Camp XXV. The Youth Yodel is coming soon. (Note: They're in Adobe Acrobat, the first time that's been done for something other than a form).
February 3, 2002
Several new Bios posted, still room for more. To see them all, go to the Whos Who and do a search on "details" (leave out the quotes). Also added a graphic display to projects and separated the list into current and complete projects.
February 2, 2002
Posted everything except the newsletters section for Winter Camp XXV, so it's more or less "closed".
January 30, 2002
Added the horrifying "your project for Winter Camp x should be at least y% complete" to the news. Added pictures to some of the bios (more later). Noticed that a disturbing number of campers had never gone to and resolved to someday punish them for their crime. If you haven't, it would be cool if you did the bio thing. I even promise to publish it within a week of your posting, probably with your picture...
January 16, 2002
You can test the new Universal Cookie at
In addition to being useful across multiple machines, it also offers a shortcuts menu and the chance to pick up to three of your own Winter Camp favorite pages (maybe more later).
Suggestions are welcome, as is testing. I know the reload link once you register is broken; a fix is forthcoming.
January 13, 2002
Some general cleaning and bug-fixing, the survey now shows in order by most recently answered, the category quizzes don't ask for your name (since they didn't use it). Release the Postmark Project, which you can reach from Just for Fun on the main menu or by going to
January 12, 2002
Changed the Self-Scoring trivia page so you can see high scores without taking a quiz and so there are fewer links on the page.
January 11, 2002
Added about 350 trivia questions to the list on the front page. On the one hand, you should get fewer doubles, on the other hand, it makes the survey less likely to come up.
January 10, 2002
Corrected the revisions problem, removed the old surveys in favor of new ones (you can still get the old answers), added/updated WCFS pages including Future Olympics XXV results, updated event list.
January 9, 2002
Completed work on the news system and converted all the complex buttons to simple links. You can now bookmark the news ( and it will be current when you hit it.
January 8, 2002
In honor of Ethan's birthday, I changed the news to read from a data file (same as the wall) instead of including text files from me. Next up? You can add your own events, probably later this week.
January 3, 2002
Completed the captions. Updated the whos who for XXV. Rob Hartwig is now the top youth and in the top 20 (albeit 20th) on the revised version of the pecking order.
January 2, 2002
Added the evaluation form (linked off the main page), day five pictures, some other rediscovered pictures, and a tool that captions all the pictures and makes it possible to just click through them in date order. (Technically, only about half the pictures are captioned so far, the rest are coming soon!)
January 1, 2002
Added more info to the Winter Camp XXVI planning pages, corrected news so it would show the correct Winter Camp (at least until 40) in the countdown, changed the list to the actual list at yahoogroups (also on the news), and changed the revisions so they can be updated and sent to subscribers to
December 31, 2001
Added planning pages for Winter Camp XXVI
December 30, 2001
Updated with pictures of day four.
December 29, 2001
Updated with pictures of day three.
December 28, 2001
Updated with pictures of day two.
December 28, 2001
Updated with pictures of day two.
December 27, 2001
Updated with pictures of day one.
November 29, 2001
Added the ability to suggest Squaw Point signs.
November 16, 2001
You can now suggest foods for the 162 dish banquet
November 3, 2001
Who's Who can now show you pecking list order.
September 11, 2001
Added random and category quizes to self-score, fixed another project bug.
September 4, 2001
Fixed a minor bug in the Who's Who, Modified the survey and results to collect and show the date last voted on.
August 6, 2001
Fixed a minor bug in the project pages
July 20, 2001
Added Survey Says which shows all quizzes and results.
May 16, 2001
Completed the survey section as part of pop quizzes.
May 14, 2001
Completed the project pages. Added the popquiz section.
May 8, 2001
Final (for now) WCFS content - more suggestions welcome, projects page now allows add, list projects, and view details. Updating projects, adding comments, and logging progress are coming soon.
May 7, 2001
New Survey, revised WCFS content, change to cookie on The Wall and SpeedFrame.
May 6, 2001
Sample projects page
May 4, 2001
Completed Encyclopedia WinterCampica updates, including some revisions to the revisions <g>
April 29, 2001
Updated volumes A - R of the Encyclopedia WinterCampica
April 27, 2001
May have fixed SpeedFrame.
April 25, 2001
Numerous updates to the WCFS Section.
April 9, 2001
Updated the Trivia pages to reflect that the year is 2001.
April 2, 2001
Luckily, Kristie is barred from pointing out that I've ignored this site for two months (well okay, haven't done anything new on this site that I got around to mentioning until now)
Corrected some parallelograms
Corrected some issues with WC XX News.
During March, I killed some parallelograms.
Corrected some Roster problems
Added some greeting cards.
I couldn't even guess what I might have done during February.
January 10, 2001
New counter for the front page keeps track of daily and weekly visitors. (Yes, I wrote it in perl).
January 6, 2001
Update the Who's Who. Look for a script-based search of this data sometime this week - likely inclusions include ability to search by first & last camp and pecking order.
January 3, 2001
Added pictures for Day Five, a few more for Day Three and lots of movies!.
January 2, 2001
Added balance sheet, history and evaluations for Winter Camp XXIV.
Added planning page for Winter Camp XXV.
Modified pages where needed to look at Winter Camp XXV, rather than XXIV.
December 17, 2000
Added the schedules for all the days I have a schedule for.
November 13, 2000
Added Winter Camping hints, Chapter 7, and the form for this year's camp.
November 3, 2000
Added ideas and meals for each of the themes; added Mars Attacks, which had been inadvertently left off earlier.
October 23, 2000
Added a new mailbag item, updated the index.
October 16, 2000
Numerous changes to The Wall.
September 9, 2000
Added new serial: Another Ten Seconds by Jeff Rand
Numerous changes in support of ATS.
August 20, 2000
Added new fiction: The Omega Project by Jeff Rand.
July 14, 2000
Added E-greetings, Updated Mailbag, added mailbag and greetings to speedframe.
June 20, 2000
Moved the new slower loading copy of the Scouting Webring to the Rings and Ribbons Page.
June 9, 2000
Revised the sitemap
Added new idea pages
Added date to new idea submissions
Created '99 archive
Changed main page (slightly).
June 7, 2000
Added the more or less complete sitemap.
May 29, 2000
Added a new mailbag item
Added the Perpetual Calendar
Removed a few parallelograms that still lived
New Ask Dr. Beast Button.
May 26, 2000
Added a new list (provided by Jeff Rand) to the Book of Lists.
May 9, 2000
Updated several Encyclopedia entries; removed the style sheet from the wall to make it accessible to the technology-challenged.
April 23, 2000
Changed the main page to a JavaScript instead of a CGI.
March 21, 2000
Added the gallery of photos for Winter Camp XXIII, no explanations, just pictures
Added Correspondence section.
March 9, 2000
Fixed the Wall Archives
Corrected an error on The Wall that sometimes destroyed cookies
Added the Newsletters section (actually done a while ago).
February 25, 2000
Changed some references from XXIII to XXIV.
A little clean-up of some misplaced ovals and trapezoids.
Received the Critical Depth Award.
February 22, 2000
More ovals, some buttons, and a fix to the speed frame link for activities.
February 20, 2000
Lots o' changes as the ovals begin to replace the parallelograms.
February 6, 2000
Updated my Wish List
Started creating a bolder, more graphic look for the site in both Framed and Unframed versions
Added the Help Page.
Received the Artis Info Site Award.
February 5, 2000
Added Winter Camping section
Added First Person to SpeedFrame
Changed the ATA date on the Sitemap.
February 2, 2000
Added 2 chapters of ATA
Added ATA to SpeedFrame.
January 18, 2000
Added Hobby info for Winter Camp XXIII, updated results for XXII.
January 17, 2000
Created the '99 year for the trivia and high scores
Corrected a problem with links on the autograph page and in the formatting of some links.
January 16, 2000
Fixed many (someday, every) broken links on the webpage.
There are now 647 pages on the site, not including the Wall Archives, which would add more than 100 additional pages
Fixed the formatting for new autographs.
January 15, 2000
Removed the irony
Changed my wishlist.
January 14, 2000
Catch up posting: Added two more personal hobby pages and three more links (yep, one's broken).
Updated some copyright statements - one day I'll get them all
Corrected a broken link on the history page.
January 6, 2000
Updated the financial results for Winter Camp XXIII.
January 6, 2000
Added the Winter Camp Manual and appropriate links.
Corrected more broken hobby links (I moved some stuff around earlier).
Corrected a broken link on the hobby draw page.
Corrected the countdown clock, which didn't work for Netscape users - the score is now tied for weird handling of getYear. Explorer returned 99 for 1999 and 2000 for 2000. Netscape (at least the version most people seem to be using), returned 99 for 99 and 100 for 2000.
January 3, 2000
Update the Who's Who for Winter Camp XXIII, added Winter Camp XXIV to the list of pages to be hit from the main page.
January 2, 2000
Started the pages for Winter Camp XXIV.
Modified the Speed Frames to automatically make you interested in any new pages added to the list.
Modified the Hobby Headquarters pages to show the personal sections and the date the last time the log was modified (if one exists).
January 1, 2000
Updated the WC XXII Roster, added Roster, Meals, History, Hobby, Hobby Log and Planning pages for Winter Camp XXIII.
December 31, 1999
Corrected a Javascript Y2K error in the News (not mine - the year function returned 2000 where before it had returned 99
December 28, 1999
Added pictures for days one and two.
December 26, 1999
Added pictures of day zero.
December 25, 1999
Updated the Schedule, Meals, and Index for Winter Camp XXIII
December 22, 1999
Fixed the hobby log, which had been broken since at least September - luckily, it's not exactly a high traffic page
December 18, 1999
I've been less than faithful with these updates, since the last one:
Changed the wall formatting, created an adults only game, corrected a Y2K bug in the cookies, added the balancesheet for Winter Camp XXIII, added several biographies, changed the format of whoswho to allow searching and make the pages smaller
November 28, 1999
Added the minutes, equipment list, schedules, activities, meals and sign up forms for Winter Camp XXIII
November 1, 1999
SpeedFrame 2.10 allows you to set defaulting your name into forms as a default behavior.
October 31, 1999
Suggestions are welcome, but SpeedFrametmis now available, complete with configuration info.
October 27, 1999
Okay, so it took a while, but Speed Frame is more or less functional. The configure option is still missing, but will let you turn off pages if you want. If you refuse the cookie, you'll basically be looking at 1 - 7 day's worth of stuff (Maybe that'll be a trivia question - what date is used as the default if you don't accept cookies?).
October 21, 1999
Made registration form available.
Changed main page links for Lodge
October 18, 1999
Added drop-down to individual theme days
October 17, 1999
Minutes for the meeting of 10/16 posted and discussion areas created
Added the theme days to the site map
October 14, 1999
Made 1998 suggestions for themes, meals and activities available (something I'd planned to do in oh, January of 1999)
October 12, 1999
Now that 1999 is nearly over, I've created a separate page for the 1998 Trivia and its results
October 10, 1999
Newsletters for XVIII and XIX; only 3 years to go, then schedules and meals!
Split the archive for The Wall (the list of available archives was becoming larger than some of the weekly postings) and create The Stacks, which lets you look up older wall postings).
Corrected a bug which had broken the archives about a week ago (and not even OV noticed! <grin>)
October 10, 1999
Newsletters for XV, XVI and XVII
Received the Nu Horizons Personal Site Award
Shortened this list
Indexed site, including history, the wall, and ancient folders.
October 9, 1999
Newsletters for XIV, some formatting on earlier newsletters
October 8, 1999
Added the original WCFS site, as launched on AOL.
Resotred the confessional to the site map, library and fun pages.
October 6, 1999
Added more sites to the list of Scouting sites that offer awards
October 5, 1999
Changed colors back
October 4, 1999
Changed colors in main section
October 3, 1999
Changed some underlying technology so the wall can now be searched
Added the newsletters for Winter Camp XIII
Added new winners to the Scout IT Award
September 29, 1999
Corrected an error on the links page.
Lots of formatting and some actual work on the History pages
September 24, 1999
Really updated the index to show that several chapters of ATA had been added on September 9
September 21, 1999
Added the text of some of the newsletters for Winter Camp XI
Updated the index to show that several chapters of ATA had been added on September 9
September 20, 1999
Added the text of the newsletters for Winter Camp X
September 15, 1999
Added the Why I'm Big Bro page.
September 14, 1999
Added the text of the newsletters for Winter Camp IX
September 10, 1999
Until this moment, I had no idea I'd been neglecting this page so badly.
Updated the various histories (technically, I've started updating them; they aren't all done yet).
July 12, 1999
Received Michele's Award of Excellence
Received Angel's Award of Excellence
Decided that deleting references to the award index would be easier than making one
Reformatted the list of our awards very slightly.
Jul 10, 1999
Removed the Traditionally Unconventional Award (pending a non-sucky graphic); changed the Scout IT and TWL awards slightly; changed the main menu and re-ordered some stuff on the web rings page
July 7, 1999
Fixed broken links on the sitemap
Found the correct copy of the Winter Camp XXIII planning notes
Made some changes to the formatting of some of the Encyclopedia Wintercampica pages
Updated the Other section in the library
Modified the personality test page
Reviewed the Poetry pages, made some changes, added Mark Bollman-->'s entry for XXII to the cycle
Updated the movie pages
July 6, 1999
Fixed the links for pictures in the XXI and XXII histories.
Changed the links in the expanded menu so they'd work right
Moved Paradox Metaphor to its own directory and changed links to match
Corrected an error on the library index to make it work better
Fixed up some errors on Ron's hobby page
Reformatted the anwer pages for Ask Dr. Beast
Wished I had a faster internet connection
Added a personality test thing I got in the mail and converted to JavaScript
Uploaded most of the Library in corrected formats (names centered, single blockquote, table of contents, etc).
July 5, 1999
Fixed some non-standard graphics and linking in the Meals section
Corrected nearly every page in the XXII section
Fixed some non-standard graphics and linking in the Activities section
Corrected some bad links in the XXIII section
Fixed some non-standard graphics and linking in the Individual Hobby Log
Updated most of the autograph pages to make them look better; now need to update the content of those same pages
Fixed some non-standard graphics, formatting, and linking in the Hall of Fame
Updated all the survey pages to the current format
Fixed some non-standard graphics, formatting, and linking in the XXII Evaluation
Corrected some non-standard formatting in the add new meals, add new themes and add new activities sections
Added the new limerick for XXII to the Cycle
Changed the format of Ask Dr. Beast answers (wanna see the changes? Ask some questions!)
Corrected some non-standard formatting in the Links section
Corrected some non-standard formatting in the Encyclopedia Wintercampica
Corrected some non-standard formatting in Origins
July 4, 1999
Added a link for Ron's hobby page to the hobby log; corrected a broken link on that page
June 30, 1999
Changed the Scout IT! graphic to look a little more polished (in my opinion)
Realized just how badly I'd been neglecting this page
Uploaded a whole ton of files - Everything in References, The Library, all the Histories and all the rosters. Chances are, there are a few things wrong.
Created and loaded new buttons
June 29, 1999
Uploaded new graphics and criteria for the Scout IT! Award
Put the link to the WCFS back on the pages links (thanks to OV for spotting the orphaned pages)
Added After the Apocalypse to the main page shortcuts
June 28, 1999
Added the El Mediodia banner to the main page
June 16, 1999
Corrected a heinous spelling error on the main page
June 15, 1999
Updated the search index
Modified the Adults Only Wall
May 30, 1999
Received the Mystic Fawn's Cool Site Award
May 28, 1999
Received the WS Member Nomination Award
Corrected a heinous spelling error on the main page
May 27, 1999
Added 4 chapters of After the Apocalypse
May 26, 1999
Received the Cheezy Grin award
May 25, 1999
Changed the way the no frames option worked
Fixed a problem with using the page link to go to the sitemap
May 24, 1999
Received the Hawk Award
Received the Bronze Award
Added a no frames option to the navigation menus
Changed the background graphic on the navigation menus
Added five new chapters of After the Apocalypse
May 21, 1999
Fixed missing links in the Adults Only section
Added some new Adults Only content
Switched to a new Buffy banner
Put the site map back on the "pages" list
May 20, 1999
Posted Laurel's Cool Site Award
Shortened the Site Map
Changed the main index from serious/not serious to categories and pages
May 19, 1999
Changed the way the "Awards" are presented and organized.
May 18, 1999
Made the intro pages look the way I always thought they'd look.
Added more graphics in a few places
Reworked some of the menu items.
Added the Index to the Encyclopedia
Fixed a bug in the frames version when trying to load The Wall
May 15, 1999
Added the images from the Promo Movie
May 10, 1999
Reeling from an assault on my manhood, I added the Fizzball pages even though it made me very late for work.
Fixed the hobby links.
May 9, 1999
Added a new poem
Made the Hobby Center available in the framed version.
Added an introduction to the Hobby Center
Reorganized Hobby Center as part of ongoing history project.
Added Chapters 1-10 of After the Apocalypse
May 3, 1999
Split the autographs into 7 sections; now I can add almost a dozen new ones I've been holding out on
Fixed the bugs in the add autograph thing, cleaned up a few things, reworked the dates for autograph updates
May 2, 1999
Killed the bug that was impacting Netscape users
Changed the colors in the main logo
Added the new history pages; schedules and whatnot coming soon; foreward is by Mark Bollman-->
April 29, 1999
Added Volume W.
Corrected several formatting errors
Corrected some errors in the contents menu for frames
Added links for the Complete Roster
April 29, 1999
Updated volumes H-Z, except W of the Encyclopedia
April 28, 1999
Updated volumes D-G of the Encyclopedia
April 27, 1999
Updated volumes A-C of the Encyclopedia
April 21, 1999
Completed the new colors on everything except the histories.
Corrected some errors on the WCFS pages
Added a new feature to The Wall Archive
Improved the reports for weekly scores in the trivia
April 17, 1999
Began changing the navigation and colors and what not. This will take a while, so be patient!
March 29, 1999
Updated the Book of Lists
March 12, 1999
Added the discussion page for Winter Camp XXIII and modified the sitemap to reference it
March 4, 1999
Updated the history and roster for Winter Camp XXII.
Updated the Who's Who list
Added the last of the lengthy bios I'd received; more would be welcome!
March 3, 1999
Finally got the new quiz to work.
March 1, 1999
Added the (weak) pages for Winter Camp XXII for Wednesday and Thursday.
Changed the main page to make it more clear where Winter Camp XXII was (you could only get to it by scrolling up on the list, not something most people think of)
February 28, 1999
I've done a bunch of stuff lately but haven't bothered to put it up.
Added some JavaScript to the main page to try and capture every 5000th visitor with a "Hey you're a 5000, please tell me who you are" form.
Added the sponsors page
February 16, 1999
Updated and fixed a handful (about 20) broken links and images. Probably more of the same tomorrow.
February 15, 1999
Changed the fonts on the sidebar in the framed version. You might have to hit reload/refresh to see it and you might not see it anyhow if you don't have Arial as a font
February 14, 1999
Changed the structure of the main and index page to get a better hit count and unite the two pages
February 9, 1999
Added a new survey
Changed the formating on new Ask Dr. Beast answers.
February 8, 1999
Expanded news again (thanks Doc!)
January 25, 1999
Added the ability to expand or collapse the whole tree on the frames. Once expanded, all the possible choices are shown. To collapse it, you have to hit collapse tree. (From a survey suggestion by Jeff Rand)
January 23, 1999
Adjusted the frame menus. Rewrote most of the intro segments (still not happy with most of them). Replaced some appearances of the old buttons with the new ones (guestbook, activity & meal suggestions)
January 22, 1999
New menus (in frames), New navigation lay out. Fixed missing link in the autograph page.
January 20, 1999
Put the autograph logging back on, but you need a password
Changed the site map around to eliminate a few things
January 10, 1999
Posted the first cut at the History for Winter Camp XXII.
Removed all the old suggestions to clear the deck for new ones.
January 7, 1999
Removed the Linkexchange stuff from all pages. We had 17 clickthroughs on our banner on roughly 10,000 displays; not exactly stellar performance
January 5, 1999
Corrected known issues in rosters and histories
Added the Awards Offered page for review
Fixed a small break on the autograph page
January 4, 1999
Added the much promised Roster page for Winter Camp XXII
Added roster pages for all Winter Camps in the History section (click on the roster button in the history for that camp)
Finally exterminated the days to camp bug (I hope)
January 3, 1999
Reworked the main page a little at OV's suggestion.
Moved the webring (which does work) to the Netlife page
Shortened this list considerably
January 2, 1999
Anyone can now add to the quote listings.
News now has a form, not that I've received a lot anyhow.
Fixed the error (I hope) in calculating the time 'til the next Winter Camp
January 1, 1999
Modified the available words for the hobby log; added a new fill-in word and the availablity of a blank in the choose section
Modified the Hall of Fame entries to look more like the rest of the similar entries, with a blank line separating entries.
December 29, 1998
Added the new hobby log, created the old one
December 29, 1998
Added the updates for Tuesday's activities
December 28, 1998
Updated Hobby Draw XXI
Added Hobby Draw XXII
Added update for Monday
December 27, 1998
Heavily modified the planning sections
Posted the first update for this year
Added the Winter Camp XXIII section
December 26, 1998
Added the Fun & Games section to the frames version.
Revealed the Winter Campopoly Section.
Removed the interactive function and revealed the Autograph section
December 25, 1998
Fixed the bug in the Detroit Area Council webring. Look for much more action there soon.
December 6, 1998
Fixed a bug that plagued Netscape (and some IE) users (I think)
Received Iceprincess' Cool Site Award
Received the "So Cool It's Hot" award
December 4, 1998
Added way more news to the news feature
December 2, 1998
Added most of the info about Winter Camp XXII
November 28, 1998
Received the Good People's Choice Award
Received Terras Golden Award
Received the Pretty Good Page Award
Received Sid's Best of the Web Award
November 28, 1998
Received the Cyber Scans Award of Excellence
Received the Silver Award from Juno Enterprises
Received the All Star Award
Received Dystini's Excellence Award
Received the Everything Award
Received The Exminster Dot Co Cool Site Award
November 27, 1998
Began adding the bgproperties=fixed tag to make the snowflakes stay still (at least in MSIE)
Added a tag to the frame index to force it to load as the top page
Received the Icy Cool Award
November 26, 1998
Modified the Search and Search Results pages after Lou told me they did work.
November 23, 1998
Corrected one image on the Awards page that never loaded
Modified the Links page so if you actually pick a link, it doesn't load up in our frame.
Modified the main page to work the same way.
November 19, 1998
Received the Kaptivations Excellent Personal Web Page Award
November 17, 1998
Received the StarSaber Award
November 16, 1998
Added the search function based on a new service provided by Concentric; later discovered it was slightly non-functional. On the other hand at 2:54am, their response time is awesome (it's also awesome at 2:54pm, if you happen to be in the market for an ISP). Search should be back in a day or two.
Revised the awards page to make it faster (I hope).
November 15, 1998
Added three new awards that we had received in the last week or so
Moved all the award images to try and reduce clutter in the images directory
Corrected some errors in the Winter Camp XXII planning section
Reworked the frames version to make it look better - let me know what you think
November 11, 1998
Added the Maintenance section to the menus for the web
You're not cleared for that
Corrected some color issues for users who did not support frames
November 9, 1998
Corrected the Origins document to show that Rip Van Winkle Council is in New York, not New Jersey
November 8, 1998
Made minor changes to frame wiDTh
Rolled out some bio updates and added the "details" button where appropriate
Changed the update biography form to make creating new ones a little easier.
Made the update biography form match the Who's Who list
Updated the list of quotes with some new items from Occasional Visitor and Lou Pezet (actually there were some doubles).
November 7, 1998
Changed the main page and completed most of the work on the Frames version; rolled both out
November 6, 1998
Added Steve Clark as youth for Canada Day
Corrected John Howey's e-mail on the Star Wars page
November 1, 1998
Corrected the link for the Order of the Arrow on the main page
October 25, 1998
Received the ScoutNet UK Recommended Web Site award
Recieved Adele's Groovy Home Page award
Corrected an error on the Trivia page
October 20, 1998
I think all the new graphics are in place; if I missed some, let me know
Origins is now on-line.
The History page has a new, longer introduction written by Mark Bollman-->
October 19, 1998
Updating titles and bottom of page navigation all over the place
Reformatted the Awards Page
Fixed up other wierd errors as I encountered them
October 18, 1998
Taking the plunge by adding new style buttons
October 16, 1998
Added drop downs to the individual days
October 15, 1998
Received the Golden Trash Can Award
Received the Cool Site Award
October 14, 1998
Corrected some errors on the main page.
Added the individual theme days to the site map
October 12, 1998
Received the Scouting Web Award for Excellence. Maybe we're an acquired taste...
Received the Web Wizard. Maybe we're not so bad after all...
October 11, 1998
Added pages for Winter Camp XXII
October 10, 1998
Decided I liked the new buttons better and started replacing them in things that used them. If you find anything I missed, let me know. So far I've changed them in

  • History

  • Paradox Metaphor

  • Encyclopedia WinterCampica
October 9, 1998
Updated the Overview and History pages
October 5, 1998
Added a page to view themes and to suggest them.
October 3, 1998
Received the Golden Eagle Award for excellence in Scouting webpages (our first unsolicited award, as far as I know)
October 2, 1998
Fixed a JavaScript problem on the main page that affected retrieving the news
September 29, 1998
Fixed the Dragon Weyr image
Signed up for some ribbon campaigns on the Net Life page
Added more info on past Hobby Draws than you probably knew we had
September 28, 1998
Received the Dragon Weyr Award
September 17, 1998
Changed the format of the news to include both smart and dumb quotes. Suggestions are welcome.
September 11, 1998
Corrected a broken link deep in the WC XXI pages
Updated my Wishlist
September 6, 1998
Corrected the Universal Measurement System entry in the Encyclopedia WinterCampica
August 15, 1998
Changed the main page
Added the Net Life page to show web rings and mailing list
August 3, 1998
New and improved version of the biography. Look for bigger changes later as I begin to master Perl
July 27, 1998
Snowflakes everywhere, visited links now magenta, unvisited yellow, background navy
Added the tote board to the daily news
Corrected a few entry errors here and there. Doctor Beast, Hobby Demo, Firsts, etc..
Removed the Banner survey
July 23, 1998
Changed the way we show banners (should get more displays now anyhow; added <Meta> tags to all the main pages.
July 11, 1998
Changed the format of the hobby page and reworked existing entries.
July 8, 1998
Added the first draft of the Hobby Page; more details as I develop them
July 7, 1998
Revised the WC: The Movie pages based on some feedback
Made the movie accessible under the main menu
Removed the extra Adults Only page link on the main menu
July 6, 1998
Added the first cut at WC: The Movie
July 5, 1998
You're not cleared for that either.
July 4, 1998
You're not cleared for that
Added the </marquee> tag to the wall
June 29, 1998
Added survey 5, Biographies
Recieved Ravi's Elite Site Award
June 21, 1998
Added the flakes to lots more pages
Added a copyright notice to most pages
June 20, 1998
The snowflakes have returned.
June 19, 1998
Added Survey 4, Pardon Our Dust?
June 15, 1998
Signed up for "Scouting Spider" webring
Received the "What The?" Award for Poetry
June 13, 1998
Added the only book written at Winter Camp to the Library
Added a new survey and reworked the old ones slightly
Posted results from our second survey
June 12, 1998
Modified the countdown to show days, hours and minutes as well as jiffys 'til Winter Camp (Jiffys suggested by John Howey)
June 11, 1998
Added the days 'til Winter Camp countdown to the news (suggested by Mark Bollman-->)
June 7, 1998
Received the Zilliare and Insomniac Shack Awards
June 3, 1998
You're probably not cleared for that.
Added new poetry to the Library
June 2, 1998
Added the form to give me the news. Check it out!
June 1, 1998
Received the Saturn Award for Creativity
May 31, 1998
Corrected a nagging bug in the News of the Day (Thanks John!)
Received the Mildly Interesting Site of the Day Award
Updated our link to show the new Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan Lodge Web Page
May 30, 1998
Received the Waterfalls Award
May 28, 1998
Fixed the Scouts on the Net Webring entry
Added to and corrected Who is Big Bro?
May 27, 1998
Added three animated banners to the Banner Contest
Posted my Wish List
Added Paradox Metaphor Chapter 6, fixed the table of contents
Joined two web rings, looking for more
May 26, 1998
Added more of Paradox Metaphor and made some changes to what was already there (not the words, the HTML behind them)
Changed the look of this page to look more like similar pages
Received Wynterfyre's Award of Excellence

May 25, 1998
Changed the Archive function to include the GO! function
Added the "Who is Big Bro?" dossier
Added the Winter Camp Book of Hobbies
Received the Bad Bob Award
Rewrote the Overview Section
Revised the sitemap to be more descriptive (and perhaps more friendly to outsiders)
Fixed one of the banners that was mispelled
Added the top ten meal themes from the Winter Camp Almanac to the Winter Camp Book of Lists
Received the Nibby Award
Wondered if I should listen to Big Bro.

May 24, 1998
Added the Mopsicle and Mr. Mom Awards
Added the Banner Survey

May 23, 1998
Corrected an error in the Winter Camp Symphony entry in the encyclopedia.

May 22, 1998
Added the first three chapters of Paradox Metaphor.
Added some text to the various fiction and poetry pages.
Added a half dozen Haiku and the haiku page

May 20, 1998
Corrected the Cover of Night Excerpt (wow, someone was actually reading the stuff!)

May 19, 1998
Fixed the DHQX graphics
Added Channel 120 Excerpts to the Library, updated the limerick cycle

May 18, 1998
Corrected the error still in the trivia maintenance and changed quiz 8 to comply
Added Training Camp to the Library

May 17, 1998
Removed one of the stories from the Library (Think of it as trivia in the making)
Decided I could do this real fast
added the Revision list to the Site Map; this should make it easy to tell if I've been monkeying with things
Added the original Book of Lists to the Library. Should be adding ability to suggest changes and make new lists sometime tomorrow (I'm tired, sue me).

May 16, 1998
Steve Harig (LSH) becomes caller 5000!
Built the Library

May 15, 1998
Site Map is now accessible from anywhere (just about).
Lots o' stuff. Changed the main page, Standardized the button bar, changed the site map, and just generally changed a ton of things

May 4, 1998
Indulged Mark's vanity
Fixed up the quiz a little (look at Quiz 6 to see what I did.
Trimmed this file
Combined the peoples choice and the fixed links into one page
Changed the main page, just because I can (and because lots of folks said it looked wierd on their screens
resolution is a tricky thing.
Began a general neatening, tidying, and straightening project
Fixed a broken link on, curiously enough, the links page
Got lazy again. Several wall archives, changes to some Adults Only stuff, added DHQX wall for LSH

April 15, 1998
Corrected a minor issue in the Encyclopedia

April 15, 1998
Moved the Idea Zone to the "Serious Stuff" Side, where I had meant it to be in the first place.

April 15, 1998
Added the subpages of the Idea Zone to the sitemap

April 15, 1998
Corrected the missing tags in Who's Who

April 14, 1998
Hey, I'm up way too late now. Changed the Who's Who to show 1997 data. Wished 1058 guys weren't so long winded. Rewrote the program that generates the list so I can do it more often now.

April 14, 1998
Made the new meal & new activity forms point to the contest page

April 14, 1998
Let's just see if we can cash that idea a day dividend. The pages are up for activities, meals, and the generic schedule. Check them out under Idea Zone for more details

April 12, 1998
Changed the site map to show the last time a change was suggested

April 12, 1998
Its even bigger (I lost count) and it's much nicer
it's the latest version of the Encyclopedia, now including all the letters and some of the changes! Also resolves nearly all known issues.

April 5, 1998
Its big, 366 entries big, and it's the new, revised and expanded Encyclopedia WinterCampica. Take a look, cuz I'm sure to have some wierd tags and formatting in there somewhere.

April 4, 1998
I'm sorry, you're not cleared for that.

April 4, 1998
Changed the way the archive is viewed and added a ton more archives into the mix (you can now see every word Big Bro ever wrote)

April 2, 1998
Added the new trivia contest, including a bunch of maintenance pages that you'll never see (all my hard worked unnoticed again). sniff, whine

March 27, 1998
Added the WC Trivia page which becomes the first page ever contributed in HTML. It also qualifies Tom for a fairly exclusive club, basically consisting of me, him, and Mark as those who have created things for the web page.

March 27, 1998
Longest gap with no real change in history of the page (at least since it got put on Concentric). Actually, since Feb 14 I've trimmed the archives several times, but that's been about it. Chalk it up to bad attitude.

February 14, 1998
Mr. Romance adds the site map and modifies the Hall of Fame slightly Look for more updates soon (unless, of course, I get a life in the next two or three hours somehow).

February 10, 1998
Had visitor 2500, it was Dr. Beast. A while back, Jeff Rand was 2000 and Steve Harig, youth leader for Winter Camp XXII was number 1977.

February 10, 1998
got off my butt and added about 25 new files, including 5 new pages and a bunch of junk to support them. Check out the Winter Camp Hall of Fame

February 9, 1998
Added the new survey and results from the old one.

February 6, 1998
trimmed the graffiti, added the graffiti archive page, added height tags to lots of images to improve load speed. Wished I knew who Big Bro was. Changed the "lame" link on the Adults Only page.

February ?, 1998
changed the Ask Dr. Beast sample, added categories and a maintenance page and hilarity ensued

January 29, 1998
slow week. Added the new improved Ask Dr. Beast. Originally failed due to a programming error by our ISP, Concentric (now I don't feel like a moron).

January 24, 1998
Fixed the button on the almanac, monkeyed with graphics, fixed the front page, truncated the graffiti, and wished I knew who Big Bro really was.

January 23, 1998
You knew it had to be the Guest Book.

January 23, 1998
Changed the main page again (I was bored).

January 23, 1998
(a rare day off yesterday). Won the "Fly with Eagles Award"

January 21, 1998
Changed the main page to show both styles of navigation (table & go to)

January 21, 1998
Received the "Worth a Peek Award"

January 18, 1998
trimmed the revision list to show only January (yeah, yeah, there were a lot of revisions earlier this month that didn't show up; so sue me

January 18, 1998
received the "Critical Mass Award"

January 18, 1998
received the "Full of Hot Air Award"

January 17, 1998
added a links page, corrected some typos on the header.

January 17, 1998
changed the look of the main page (hopefully for the better)

January 17, 1998
corrected the link to graffiti from the main page; added a few things to the survey

January 16, 1998
three minutes later, removed the <pre> thing as it caused serious problems.

January 16, 1998
Added the survey, added a <pre> and </pre> to the wall, changed from <I> to <EM> which might make things better for Eric & other Mac users (let me know!). Fixed the wall. Please don't use HTML tags and leave them open.

January 15, 1998
trimmed off the wall archive

January 15, 1998
Less than faithful; in the last two weeks, we've had a major re-org of the page, added pages for the 31st, colorized the History and Encyclopedia pages, and generally spruced and fixed things up.

December 30, 1997
Added page for the 30th.

December 29, 1997
Added pages for 28 & 29, added back buttons.

December 28, 1997 (wcst)
Added the new hobby draw page, daily pages for December 26 & 27, and the hobby results for Winter Camp XX.

December 24, 1997
received the "Silver My Page Sucks Award"

December 24, 1997
made some link changes to fix broken links here and there.

December 24, 1997
removed the Area 51 link, added the awards link.

Decenber 23, 1997
Added the roster on the Winter Camp XXI page, archived the wall.

December 16, 1997
Archived the wall

December 13, 1997
Had our 500th hit.

December 13, 1997
Added Area 51

December 9, 1997
Maps for Glenwood and Bollman's. Minor changes to Activity Guide and Schedule. Links for maps on WCXXI and Schedule respectively

December 9, 1997
Added the Activity Guide (first draft). Added links to the menus and activity guide to the schedule. Added leadership section to WC XXI section

December 8, 1997
Revised Encyclopedia to multi-volume with table of contents.

December 7, 1997
500th user

December 7, 1997
fixed the last revision, fixed links in history, wcfs, added trial whos who links to Hobby Draw, fixed TOP button in activities and meals, archived the wall, rearranged front page, removed round up, updated planning meeting for '98 data, fixed the index button, formatted history 9 & 10, fixed? the dig slides, archived revisions

December 4, 1997
Added the Encyclopedia Wintercampica (it's a draft kids, don't freak out
the real HTML version will come later, when I have more time)

November 29, 1997
Added the Who's Who page and form.

November 28, 1997
Added the theme, schedule and meals for this year

T-11 hours to the planning meeting
check out the new graffiti page and tell me that Winter Camp doesn't rule...

T-13 hours to the planning meeting
just checking is all

November 27, 1997
Added forms to the pages for Ask Doctor Beast, Meals, and Activities.

November 27, 1997
Lots of stuff - new beast quote, better activity & meal listing, graphical logo link!

November 25, 1997
fixed the sound on the Adults Only warning page

November 24, 1997
added the sound to the Adults Only warning page

November 22, 1997
reached our first 100 users!

November 22, 1997
Added WCXXI & planning pages, corrected some e-mail addresses, Changed the index

November 19, 1997
Added the histories for WC XIX & XX (thanks Mark), corrected some errors here & there. Added a "Last Updated" to the index page, modified the Adults Only background pending the installation of security on the page.

November 15, 1997
Added some server includes, corrected links to accomodate them, more E-mail

November 14, 1997
corrected more link problems, added some mail information

November 12, 1997
Added, the dig; corrected some link problems

November 10, 1997
Changed colors <again!>, fixed some broken/badly pointed links

November 9, 1997
The beginning of the new era

October 8, 1997
Bunch of changes made; new site launched as WWW.WINTERCAMP.COM

May 7, 1997
even more repairs and some new links added here and there

May 6, 1997
miscellaneous errors corrected, history put on-line, hobbies in WC home page

April 13, 1997
Home Page Launched

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