Getting Autographs

Here's a list of everybody that we sent to and actually got something back from, along with their address, roughly how long it took and what we got back.

Jimmy Carter

1 Woodland Drive
The Plains, GA 31780

Signed Photo in 11 days
Iím asking you because I think it will really impress the kids. Not only are you a former president, but your work with Habitat for Humanity is a good example of community service, one of the things we try to teach the Scouts.

James Earl Jones

P.O. Box 610
Rawling, NY 125640610

Inscribed Photo in 11 days
Iím asking you because of your work in the Star Wars series as the voice of Darth and in the movie Soul Man, which I really enjoyed. Some of the looks you gave C. Thomas Howell in that movie spoke volumes!

Pat Sajak

c/o The Wheel of Fortune

3400 Riverside Dr. 2nd Floor Burbank, CA 91505

Signed Photo in 11 days
Iím asking you because of the awesome quote "Sometimes when itís really quiet, you can hear my brain cells dying". I heard you say that in an interview once and Iíve always like it. On top of that, I know youíre a fan of the BSA; I remember you playing for us when you actually played Wheel of Fortune. (And hey, you kicked Vannaís butt Ė it was nice of you to let her win the last one; very Scout-like).

Ted Nugent

8000 Eckert
Concord, MI 49237

Inscribed Photo in 4 days
Iím asking you because as a fellow Michigander, avid outdoorsman, and successful businessman youíre a great inspiration for the kids.

Gerald R. Ford

40365 San Dunne Road
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Inscribed Photo in 6 days
Iím asking you because as a former President and an Eagle Scout you provide a great role model for our Scouts, showing them what they can aspire to.

Tom Lehrer

11 Sparks St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Inscribed Card in 6 days
Iím asking you because weíve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of your songs over the years. Weíve even declared "Be Prepared" as our unofficial theme song. (We donít have an official theme song; Iím not sure why, maybe itís some sort of post-Olympic backlash.

George Lucas

3270 Kerner Blvd. Box #2009
San Rafael, CA 94912

Unsigned Photo in 6 days
Iím asking you because one of our theme days this year is Star Wars and having the directorís signature would be great.

Sherwood Schwartz

1865 Carla Ridge Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Inscribed Photos in 8 days
Iím asking you because Gilliganís Island and The Brady Bunch were two of my favorite shows as a kid and the really scary thing is that the Scouts that are showing up now, some of whom are twenty years younger than me, still cite those as two of their favorite shows.

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