Our Awards

We are very proud of the awards we've won here at the Winter Camp Universe and are grateful to all the judges out there who give of their time to support awards programs.

In order to make this page loadable, we've split the awards so that no more than eight are on a page; with luck, this will make the pages better. If you like, you can click on our index to see thumbnails of all the awards.

The awards are put on pages with only one criteria: order of receipt. Some of the awards on these pages are no longer available. Known bad links have been removed; if you find any more, or know where these awards are now hosted, please let our webmaster know.

Thanks again to all those hardworking webmasters who have judged our efforts praiseworthy!

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Yeah, I know, no construction signs. What can I say, I wanted to see "The Phantom Menace"

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