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SMPSA! Received 12/24/97
The Application:
Basically, I was assigned to take up claymation as a hobby and I failed miserably (you can see some details of the Hobby Draw on my page). Anyhow, I'm substituting web page design so I'm not a total big "L" loser and I'd love to say that I had designed an "award-winning" web page as a hobby.
Of course, if you let me down, I will become a big "L" loser and will probably wind up at McDonald's where I'll get my big break when the fry guy dies. On the day I start, two men will offer me $200 just to drive a van back from mexico. When I get out of jail, I'll be 40 years old, no teeth and no friends. And all because you wouldn't admit that my page sucked.
I'm just trying to spare you a guilty conscience.
The Response:
Congratulations! You've won the Silver, My Page Sucks Award! You're proud of your sucky page, and much to the world's astonishment, you want to show it off! So, here you go, your own award to display, have people laugh, crack jokes at, and ooo and ahh over on your page. Take care of it, this is a special one.
You're application was the most creative I've gotten thus far. Thanks for the entertainment. :)

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