The Big Roster

I have a dream...

It's not a hard dream, it's not even a very big dream. In fact, it's pretty much a lame dream, but it is my dream. I'd like to have the news actually wish everyone a happy birthday on their birthday. I'd like it to actually say "Steve Donohue was inducted" on the day Steve Donohue was inducted.

You can help make that dream a reality -- shown below is what I know about everyone's dates. If you have any corrections to this information, please e-mail me. There are a number of areas where we are woefully lacking in data.

I'm also willing to take good guesses, so if you were inducted at the same time as someone else, tell me about it so I can correct it

In the chart below, Unknown means just that; I don't know what the date is (or in some cases, I don't know if such a date exists).

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$row[first_name] $row[last_name]$temp

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