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Hardly a week goes by that we don't get a note from somebody who has come to our page looking for cold weather camping and survival tips. Unfortunately, until now they haven't been there. It's not because we don't have any, it's just that's not what "Winter Camp" the event, is about.

To help serve people who hit our site better, we're going to start adding content on Winter Survival and Winter Camping. Most of what we're going to offer is available in Winter Camping manuals and programs like Ookpik, but not everyone has access to those.

The thing we hope to offer that will be different is something we're calling First Person Advice. Basically, it's going to be a section on real cold weather and winter camping survival, combined with the lessons we've learned. Some of these stories will be of success, some of failure, but all will have a section called lessons learned.

Our Advice

The right clothing changes a frozen weekend into a toasty good time

Personal Equipment
What are the things you can't live without?

Tents, snow shelters, igloos and more

Gear for Winter Camping can be expensive; here are some projects that might help

Top Ten
Ten tips for a better cold weather experience
First Person
Real advice from people who've lived to tell the tale.

Meals, menus and techniques for Winter Camping

Group Equipment
Large groups can sometimes combine gear to make things easier

Sleeping bags, insulation, and other tips.

Off-site Links

These sites aren't part of the Winter Camp Universe, but they definitely have some good information on cold weather camping.

Winter Camping and Hypothermia
A list of links and a few articles from the well-respected folks at MacScouter

Winter Camping Manual
Part of a larger set of links on outdoor adventures in general
Colorado Firstrax
Collection of Articles on camping in snow

Outdoor Adventures
Sponsored by Princeton University, this site is a definite must for Winter Camping
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