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First Person is an attempt to bring you real stories about real winter camping that Winter Campers (and perhaps others eventually) have done. Not everything in these stories is a recommended practice. In fact, some of the more interesting ones are the near failures, close calls, and outright stupidity we've sometimes engage in.

If you'd like to contribute, read a couple of the stories to get the idea, then send your story to our Webmaster. When sending the story please let us know a little about yourself and what you learned from the experience.

Our Stories

Mt. Marcy in Winter by Jeff Rand
Jeff is an Eagle Scout and an avid outdoorsman. He has peaked the high points of every state in the Union, bicycle toured through most of them, and even done some climbing in South America. When he speaks about camping, we listen (of course, sometimes all we can hear is the sound of our own jaws hitting the floor when they drop).

A Not-So-Model Campsite by Steve Donohue
Apart from being webmaster of this site, Steve is an Eagle Scout and is well-known for his love of cold weather. In 1995, he became the first Winter Camper to spend the entire week sleeping in a tent, a gigantic half-finished Viking style pavilon.

A Viking We Will Go by Steve Donohue
Although not a particularly grueling excursion, Steve's tale of spending five nights outside at Winter Camp XX is amusing.

Building an Igloo by Jeff Rand
Jeff pays a visit to his local council camp and turns it into an adventure.

Cold Weather Research by Jeff Rand
Jeff takes a field trip. The note that accompanied this entry said "yesterday we got a couple of feet of snow. It's been a great winter." I think that says it all.

Camping and Wildfire Safety by MIchael Bourke
Michael shares some tips and advice for being safe with fire while in the outdoors. He's involved with Science Camps, a site which talks about camps with a focus on science outside the classroom.
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