Winter Camping Hints

Ten Hints for a Better Trip

  1. Use a freestanding tent. If there are any guy lines attach them to a deadman buried in the snow. Stakes will just disappear in the snow.
  2. Use a lightweight Thermos or insulated water bottle. Be prepared to sleep with a water bottle in extremely cold weather. In milder weather, the bottle may be turned upside down to prevent ice from forming on the top.
  3. Use a pee bottle of at least liter capacity. In extreme weather you may have to take it into your sleeping bag. Make sure the lid seals tightly.
  4. Bring a small candle. It gets dark early in the winter. A candle tucked against the snow adds much cheer to your winter abode.
  5. Do some moderate exercise before breakfast. Fingers will work much better, if warm blood has flowed into them.
  6. Bring a small board to hold your stove, otherwise it might melt down through the snow.
  7. Use brightly covered stuff sacks and keep all small items in a stuff sack or a pouch.
  8. Drill a hole in the handle of your spoon (fork, if you are Doug Wilson). Tie a small cord through the hole. This will help you find the spoon in the snow.
  9. Use two pads underneath, you'll be warmer.
  10. Tie a string around your lighter and suspend it from your neck inside your clothing. This will keep the butane warm enough to light.

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