Winter Camp IX - 1985


Several members of the Blind Hike to Jack Lord Nature Center engaged in professional wrestling styled matches with a few minor differences: they could not see their opponent(s); there were no boundaries; and there were no rules. Split decisions on the victor (after 2 matches) were awarded to Steve "The Bushy Haired Dancer" Donohue and Matt "The Schnoz" Mittino.

Other overestimated opponents were John Howey, Eddie Rose (felled by one of the victors: The Schnoz), and the Beast. These few persons made noble attempts at taking the belt, but, nonetheless, their attempts failed.


Yesterday, the DR service team worked at clearing away a path for a bulldozer, which will "doze" a new staff camp site behind the Trout Lake building. The days highlights were the trophy shrub; the singing of original shrub dragging songs; the separation of "shrub" and "tree" (by definition); the savage overtones of the event; and the carrying competition, by body weight in proportion to maximum lift, whose victor was Matt Mittino.

The project was a great success, and completed in a very short amount of time (a thrill to everyone in attendance). At this happiness session, were served "Beast Hoagies", bug juice, and very tasty apples. Although cold, each member gathered enough energy to engulf their faces in the luscious meal.


Last evening, the infamous Murder Games commenced. Beginning at 10:00 PM, the participants entered the necessary information, and by 11:00 PM the results of the computer's predictions were known.

The resulting bailiff is Matt Mittino, with Carl Powell as the Judge. The games will run until Monday afternoon, and the trials will be Monday evening at 8:00.

Please register your weapon(s) with the Security Director - John Howey.


Apparently, many of this year's participants have failed to read their manuals fully. As indicated in the manual, computers have been provided for use by the members. However, the computers are not intended as a primary source of activity. There use will be limited to free time and other announced periods until further noticed.

This year however, there have been problems. Several members seem to believe the computers are the primary activity. They have been seen stealing minutes of computer time before, after, and, worst of all, during activities.

This practice cannot continue. It is a blight on the purpose of Winter Camp. While the computers are very entertaining, they are meant to supplement the program, not be it.

From now on, valid computer hours will be announced by Doug Seman. The only standard hours for computer use are free time and during the evening snack, unless otherwise announced.


Perhaps the most popular activity at this years Winter Camp is expressing hatred for the CAG. This is not an entirely good thing. Hating the CAG's actions is fine, and is certainly understandable. It is important however that we use our hatred towards the achievement of our goals. Hatred for the CAG is only useful if we put it towards a good end.

Hatred is a very powerful and destructive force. Unless it is channelled towards a useful end, hatred can become a great disability. During the months before Winter Camp, the members of Downriver Chapter have developed a strong hatred for the CAG and his cronies.

This hatred can be used to our advantage if we apply it towards changing the things we dislike. The energy of our hatred can be used to either destroy our lodge or to save it. The choice is ours.


Temperatures will soar into the lower 20's today with occasional light snow. Mostly cloudy tonight with lows in the teens. Becoming warmer tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper twenties.
NORMAL 33 20
RECORD 62 -12
MONTH TOTAL 2.081 inch
YEAR TOTAL 40.131 inch


A large quantity of edible material provided some 4683 calories during the four meals yesterday.

Participants performed their traditional movements during the Oatley Breakfast in respect for the favorite chapter member of the same name.

A fine picnic gave everyone a "warm" feeling in the great outdoors. No one even violated the 30 minute ban on swimming after eating.

Although model cavewretch Mike Osvath was not present, several Caveman diners were able to accurately portray these fineancestors. A perfect Caveman bread loaf marked this important event.

Six delicious pies were served during the pie snack under the guidance of pie chef Douglas Wilson. The Beast reported that the pumpkin pie helped him gain first place in the latrine sitting contest.


Members Beef (Richard Jr.) Kuhn and Richard Kuhn Sr. arrived last night in time for the blind hike. Beef demonstrated his musical talents on the broom during the gong show following the blind hike.


A CAG is like a Tamanian wolf. They are both endangered species.


During the first Winter Camp, Douglas Wilson drank a large quantity of water from a large jug found in Clearwater. Later he discovered the remains of a large dead rat in the jug. He has reported very little illness ever since.

No time in the history of Winter Camp has there been enough sleep for the participants. Winter Camp IX has taken first place for least amount offered on a regular basis.


For the first time in four winter seasons the D-A Scout Ranch has been able to plow the camp roads. Ranger Jack Sims reports that a large tractor has been rejuvenated and is in fine working order to do the job.

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