Winter Camp XII - 1988


Tom Ray, Editor
Jeff Rand, Publisher


DEAR BEAST: White Castle hamburgers are some of the best I have ever eaten, I think they're great but they are so UNDER-RATED. They have been thrown or(as I've heard) been regurgitated. They have also been called harsh names such as SLIDERS, GUT BOMBS, OR BELLY BUSTERS. I would just like to know why people dislike them so much?


DEAR WHITE CASTLE FANATIC: Well, you see, some people have eaten them in an inappropriate state, that being SOBER!!

DEAR BEAST: How did you get the nickname "BEAST"?


DEAR IDUNNO: Ask the one armed bandit.


by Mark Bollman-->

Yesterday's answers:

  1. Lyle "GQ" Millard
  2. "Pride and greed: that's our deed!
    Sloth and lust: it's a must!
    Avarice, gluttony, envy: finish the score!
    Let's go out and sin some more!"
  3. Mike Osvath

Today's questions:

  1. The training director at Winter Camp V was cited for dereliction of duty after no training occurred and sentenced to clean up the aftermath of the Rand Stew singlehandedly. Name this unfortunate individual.
  2. At Winter Camp X, who enlightened Winter Camp veterans on the differences between black metal, speed metal, and thrash metal?
  3. Which recipe in the Winter Camp recipe guide has never turned out right?
  4. According to the predictions of the Winter Camp Future Society for WCXX, who will be the heaviest of the original Winter Camp attendees?


The teams gathered as Lee explained what to do. As they diligently flipped through cook books, I managed to dig this up: Team 4 made some wonderful chocolate crepes in fudge sauce, garnished with Bamboo shoots. Unbelievable as it seems, they were pretty good! Team 3 came up with some cookies which were limp, bland, and mushy. But overall, really tasty! (the second batch turned out to be pancakes). Team 5's cake with peanut butter frosting and rice garnishes, was nothing less than spectacular, and Joe Chapman was quoted as saying "It looks like a jelly donut." Teams 1&2 will not be mentioned, as we didn't taste them.

The most important thing is fun was had by all!!!

written by,
Geoff Brown


Human Checkers is one of the newer events. The idea came up at the O.A. Fall Camporee. This year 12/30/88 Human Checkers was able to be played thanks to the help of Mr. Roger Horn and Jeff Rand who set up the board on the ice at Beaver Lake along with an extra event called the Craze Maze.

I found that most all enjoyed the game. I asked a few people their opinion. I asked Greg and his response was "It was quite impressive." I also asked John Howey and he said " It was a unique and satisfying experience , I also like the part about the cracking ice." Then I asked Louie "It was fun ." WOW Louie. Well all together I think we all had a good time.

written by,
Joe Chapman


The tournament (A par 62 course) started off with a couple of shots by a Mr. Mark Bollman from Geoff's team and by a Mr. Ron Donohue from Greg's team. Then it proceeded to move across the lake to the road. After quite a struggle to keep it on the road the team finally made it to the top of the ceremony site. At this point both teams shot it down the hill toward the hole. When it came down to the end Geoff's team came out on the top with a 56 to 66 victory. I might add that the winning score was only 4 away from the course record.

Written By:


Louis Pezet
2nd Winter Camp


by John R. Howey

Once again, as in previous years, Winter campers helped out at camp. Some of this year's projects included moving tables and docks away from the Trout Lake Skills Building, cleaning debris from Midway, and cleaning the upstairs of one of the storage barns. The skills building will be demolished, with a new one erected at a later date.

The dock moving project went well with Mr. Beast displaying his awesome strength by lifting as much as a dozen men. The docks were quickly stacked as the unit worked as a cohesive team. It was also noted that Joe Chapman and Jeremy Ikerd were two of the strongest players in the league.

The team moved up to the shop for further instructions. Four members went with Ranger Dave to Midway, namely, R. Lee Gardy, Greg Bumgardner, Jeremy Ikerd, and Lou Pezet. The remaining members under the direction of Ranger Jack Simms cleaned out the upstairs of the barn. A plethora of not so useful items were loaded into Jack's truck for disposals. The members found some very interesting items during the cleaning including some beans and keepsakes from Dr. Bob Finehout (which we were able to keep), a calendar page from November 24, 1939, miscellaneous CHR stuff, and the world's heaviest desk (which could only be moved by the Beast). Four loads of rubbish were removed by the campers. The barn was swept, neat and clean. In reward for their exceptional cheerful service, these workers were given the rest of the day off.

The other four guys despite working hard, did not complete their task and returned there before dinner and after the time capsule opening to complete their scrapping and cleaning. They were also rewarded by being permitted to burn the wood and debris.

With another good turn done, the Winter Campers will rest well tonight with the knowledge that he who serves his fellows is of all his fellows greatest.


 Body Guards   Thugs   Goons

Head bashing services available!


Weather clear and cool tonight with lows in the teens. Warmer tomorrow with a high near 30.

NORMALS: 32 19
RECORD: 63 -08
MONTH TOTAL: 2.01 inch
YEAR TOTAL: 24.43 inch


by Doug Wilson

Mr. Oatley was well known as a great gadget collector. The following is brief description of some of the memorable gadgets recalled by members of Troop 842. To start with there was the infamous Scotch Box, and no it was not where he hid his booze. It was a heavy gauge, expensive steel tool box-like cabinet that was designed to allow you to extinguish your used charcoal. Use of this gadget would allow you to use the same charcoal, several times.

Another interesting device was his inflatable bucket. This bucket was made of a heavy vinyl. It was inflated just like an air mattress except that it turned into a bucket.

Two of the things which impressed Steve Pejuan were his steering wheel spinner and his Piezo Electric Propane Lighter. The spinner was mounted on his 1974 Pontiac Bonneville (with a 454 high performance engine which he said was meant to "cruise at 90.") It was a not a standard knob as you might imagine but a circle with a bar across it, like the Ghostbusters symbol. He would use it all the time, especially when travelling above 100 miles per hour as witnessed by Doug Wilson. The lighter was a handy contraption that produced a spark when its trigger like handle was squeezed. Perhaps you may have seen one of these recently but he had his over a decade ago.

One of Lee Gardy's favorites was his cane/stool combination which he used as a hiking stick on trips up to the ceremony site and then be able to cop a squat on this three-legged stool to rest when he finally got there.

Mr. Oatley was always on the cutting edge of technological developments introducing many of us to the latest inventions. Most of things were only seen once and no one seems to know what has happened to them. The list goes on endlessly but here are some of the more noteworthy and amusing of them. The "Armadillo Tent", his circular sharpening stone, the folding cup which could also be used as a mirror, and the famous speeding buzzer which he called "The Squawker."

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