Winter Camp XIV - 1990

DECEMBER 27, 1990

Jeff Rand, Publisher


Last Year High: 39 Last Year Low: 4
Normal Daily High: 32 Normal Low: 19
Record High: 57 Record Low: -5
(Winter Camp VI) (Winter Camp VII)


Prec. Last Year: 0.55 in. Snow Last Year: 4.60 in.
Normal Camp: 0.50 in. Normal Camp: 3.70 in.
Record Camp: 1.30 in. Record Camp: 10.00 in.
(Winter Camp VIII) (Winter Camp IX)


Chance of precipitation. Low temperature near zero. High around 20. Winds southwest at 10-15 mph.


Warmer temperatures and mostly clear. High in the mid twenties. Low near 10.


ANSWERS FROM 12/31/89:

  1. What song was most overplayed at Winter Camp VI?
    "Centerfold" by J. Geils Band
  2. What are the words to the "Shrub Song" from WC IX?
    "The woods are full of shrubs;
    The shrubs are full of grubs.
    So carry the shrubs and carry them well;
    Carry them all, and all will be swell."
  3. Who killed the CAG at Winter Camp IX?
    The Beast
  4. What was Winter Camp's first private enterprise?
    The insurance company of Rand-Daha and assoc.


  1. Who followed the craze maze to its end at WC XII?
  2. What was the first edition of the Winter Camp Newspaper to benefit from a photocopier?
  3. What is the elevation of the last ceremony site?
  4. What Winter Camp featured the official departure point move from the Osvath to Bollman residence?


This past summer three faithful Winter Campers conducted an expedition to the Pacific Northwest for the purposes of mountain climbing. Roger Horn, Jeff Rand, and Doug Wilson joined in the expedition organized by Rainier Mountaineering to climb this 14,410 foot mountain of the same name.

After a one-day climbing school, the three Arrowmen joined 21 others on a two-day summit bid of this dormant volcano. The first day brought the trio to Camp Muir, which was about a vertical mile climb through vast snowfields. There they spent a night with the entire crew in a small shack, where the three shared the third tier with 9 others, including a pair of honeymooners.

The second day started with a 12:30 am. wake up call. All climbers were roped together, with crampons on their boots and ice axes in their hands. After some arduous and dangerous glacier travel the summit was achieved at about 9:00 am. to blizzard-like conditions on this 21 degree, July 1st morning.


Several new gadgets have already caught my eye this year. Some new items in the kitchen are compliments of Mike Osvath. It seems that while helping Ozzie pack, Lou Pezet and Jeff Rand came across several interesting items in the attic of his garage. The most unusual was a salad spinner. This device is an outer plastic bowl with a circular cage inside that is rotated at high speed by turning a geared down crank on top of a plastic lid. This contraption uses centrifugal force to remove water from the lettuce after washing. Time will tell if this is a useful addition to Winter Camp or just some weight to break down the suspension of the vehicles straining to get to Winter Camp each year.

Other items found in the Osvath treasure trove are a popcorn caramel machine and a salad shooter still new in the box. Keep your eyes peeled for these in the coming week.

Remember the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations...


Winter Camp has come once again after almost a year of preparation. Twenty Winter Campers are expected to strain the capacities of Beaver Creek and Clearwater Cabins. We hope the Winter Camp is everything you expect and more. However, you need to be an active participant to make the most of it. Happy Winter Camp!


Today's menu opens with the ever popular (and cheap) Oakes' Lunch. You will need to prepare your sombreros for the Mexican dinner. The late night snack will require a compass and straight edge as geometry will be its design.


Do you have a problem? A question about the meaning of life? Or you just plain need someone to talk about your concerns. How about asking the Beast.

The Beast will questions through this daily column. Seek out his question box before 6:00 PM. for inclusion in the next day's issue.

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