Winter Camp XIV - 1990

DECEMBER 28, 1990

Jeff Rand, Publisher



24 Hour High: 24 24 Hour Low: -4
Normal High: 31 Normal Low: 19
Record High: 45 Record Low: 4
(Winter Camp VI) (Winter Camp XIII)


Prec. Yesterday: 0.01 in. Snow Yesterday: 0.10 in.
Camp Total: 0.01 in. Camp Total: 0.10 in.
Record for Day: 0.60 in. Record for Day: 6.00 in.
(Winter Camp IX) (Winter Camp IX)


Barometer is falling and mild snowfall likely. Temperatures are rising steadily.


Possibility of continued precipitation and slight rise in temperatures.


By Tom Ray

There was a fight yesterday but it wasn't fought in the ring, but on the chess board. But not an ordinary chess board-a human sized chess board.

The contenders where: The UNCANNY DAHAS vs. The UNTAMED BEASTS. The DAHAS consisted of: Steve "DAHA" Donohue, Tim Hunt, Dave Milon, Steve Bollman, Jeff Rand, Geoff "GEE OFF" Brown, Mike "OZZIE" Osvath, and their king Post R. Child. And the BEASTS consisted of: Ron "The BEAST" Donohue, Lou "The Louru" Pezet, Doug "Mr. GADGET" Wilson, Tom Ray, Ricky Greenwell, Dave Woods, John R. Howey, and their king R. Fence post.

There where many battles on the board both mentally and physical ones. The best battle came around when the Donohue brothers came up against each other. There was a stand still in the game when Steve would not choose the physical challenge and the spectators wanted to see a fight. The spectators whoop physical for a good three minutes. finally the crowd settled downed and the mental challenge went on and Steve still lost.

After their valiant attempts the BEASTS lost to DAHAS two games to no games.


  1. Who followed the craze maze to its end at WC XII?
    Jeremy Ikerd and Mike Wisienski
  2. What was the first edition of the Winter Camp Newspaper to benefit from a photocopier?
    Volume I at Winter Camp IX.
  3. What is the elevation of the last ceremony site?
    150 ft. above the arrow (1150 ft. above sea level)
  4. What Winter Camp featured the official departure point move from the Osvath to Bollman residence?
    Winter Camp VII


  1. Who drank from a jug of "Rat" water?
  2. What is the religion of the artist who drew theWinter Camp currency?
  3. Who attended the most Winter Camps as a youth?
  4. Who was the captain of the losing youth team in ultimate at Winter Camp XIII?


By John Howey

Once again winter campers of all ages and shapes enjoyed this perennial favorite. After much discussion as to a suitable destination for the hike and coaxing of Mike Osvath the hike began. Progress was good up to the dam. After that, several hiker began exploring the woods. At the fork near Highland campsite, several of the group made a wrong turn, obviously these people cannot tell their right from their left. After hitting the guard rail they were back on track. Progress down the face trail was good, although some difficulty was encountered finding the entrance to the rifle range. Dave Milon was playing in the barbed wire on more than one occasion. Everyone made it to the destination and of course there was some remarks made about the cheaters (we know who you are). It was also quite amusing to watch Dave Woods blindly try to find a seat.

The hike was an enriching experience for all, with several winter campers expressing their anticipation of the hike next year.


All Winter Campers are encouraged to provide a special demonstration or mini activity during the meals.

Yesterday we saw the construction of a ginger bread house by Steve Donohue during lunch. Doug Wilson demonstrated a crystal radio and single tube radio during dinner. Both craftsmen made these projects with their own talents.

How about you? Everyone should have something interesting to offer. Even if you have never done it before, this is an excellent chance to try something different.


Dear Mr. Beast:
Why is time unidirectional?
a One-way traveller

Dear One-way Traveller:
It's not, you've been missing out on a lot
The Beast

Dear Beastly one:
Why is there air?

Air exist as a medium or conduct for the distribution for flatus. As you know, nobody gags on a wet one in a vacuum.
The Beast


by Dave Milon

Late yesterday, I had the culinary pleasure of assisting The Beast prepare his Mexican specialties consisting of tacos, refried beans, fiestas, and Spanish rice. While the tacos and other dishes were more than the better Winter Camp fare, Mr. Beast secretly confided in me that he felt that his "special" Spanish rice recipe would make people "remember this meal for many days to come."

Rating: ****

(****: top quality ***: normal fare ** : substandard *: not suitable for stew)


Steve Donohue has long provided an abundance of unusual items, everything from blowguns to rubber chickens & flaming juggling clubs. Apparently, Steve has the same knack of finding new items as Mr. Oatley; however Mr. Oatley's items almost without exception were camping related. Also, they were the first that you had ever seen of these gadgets, and many times you would never see them again. Steve's gadgets, on the other hand, are entertainment related.

The particular item that captured my attention this time was his Ballzac, a cloth bag that you inflate a balloon in making an exceptionally tough and light ball. Who knows what else Steve will pull out of his bag of tricks this winter.

Remember the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations...

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