Winter Camp XIV - 1990

DECEMBER 29, 1990

Jeff Rand, Publisher



24 Hour High: 33.8 24 Hour Low: 28.4
Normal High: 35 Normal Low: 23
Record High: 57 Record Low: 5
(Winter Camp VI) (Winter Camp VII)


Prec. Yesterday: 0.22 in. Snow Yesterday: 1.60 in.
Camp Total: 0.23 in. Camp Total: 1.70 in.
Record for Day: 0.22 in. Record for Day: 1.60 in.
(Winter Camp XIV) (Winter Camp XIV)


Temperatures in the mid 40's with continued light rain expected.


Falling temperatures and cloudy skies.


Any Winter Camper who was in attendance at a previous Camp will notice change in the Beaver Creek Cabin. A new wall has been added to separate the dining area from the sleeping area. Also, a section of the trading post has been partitioned to make a small leaders' room.

Interestingly, the wall separating the dining room was originally part of the building. It was during the summer of 1979 that Subcamp Director Charlie Bodette removed the wall and installed a temporary chicken wire fixture further into the sleeping area. This was done to expand the dining area for the camp staff. Also, at this time the entrance to the trading post was changed.

The door to the trading post was originally where the sink is now. This wall was sealed and a new door installed on the opposite end of the trading post

meal stuff

The Louru birthday celebration could well have been the best celebration ever held at a Winter Camp, and certainly the highlight of Winter Camp XIV. Once again, under the direction of the Beast, the birthday cake was formed (I hesitate to say that it was baked) and it was common to meals I attribute to the Beast.

The award winning cake was approximately 13 inches wide by 9 inches long and very close to four inches high. A marvel of modern engineering...

The only drawback I could find was the chocolate motif. It left little room to choice in flavoring selection and would have been much more enjoyable had vanilla been included as well. Additionally, the use of a spoon as an ice cream scoop proved to cap of the tackiness of the evening, as a true ice cream scoop was unavailable.

Rating: ** (substandard)


By Steve Bollman

Yesterdays service project got off to a slow start.

The group started out clearing large amounts of wood from a designated area. During all of this time a few of the guys went to another building to start to disassemble shelves. After everyone had reached the other building they all helped move the shelves downstairs and onto the tractor bed. The shelves were then shipped and assembled in the original storage building. To pass the tents to be stacked on the shelves we then formed a human chain passing from person to person.

After being suckered by the ranger to put cots on shelves the group decided to save lunch for later. We then had to move different heavy metal shelves to where the tents had originally been. Once again we were found stacking wood, assembling shelves, and forming human chains but this time stacking cots. After this the group came back to the cabin for a hearty lunch of hot dogs, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, and bug juice.


Dear Mr. Beast:
Why do fuzz balls collect on my socks?
Frustrated Washer

Dear Loser:Your boots are too tight, your socks are too old and your attitude poor. The fuzz balls in question are probably the only ones on you of measurable size.
The Beast.

Dear Beast:
According to Jeff Rand a tit is the measurement of an electron at rest, but if an electron is always moving how does he know the measurement for it being at rest?
Scientifically Confused

Dear Scientifically Confused,
It's my belief that any knowledge that Jeff Rand has of tits is strictly theoretical and lacks in the field of practical application.
The Beast



  1. Who drank from a jug of "Rat" water?
    Doug Wilson
  2. What is the religion of the artist who drew the Winter Camp currency?
    Catholic (see the $50.00 bill)
  3. Who attended the most Winter Camps as a youth?
    Dan Bollman, Mark Bollman, Steve Donohue, Ron Donohue all attended 7 as youths
  4. Who was the captain of the losing youth team in ultimate at Winter Camp XIII?
    Greg Bumgardner


  1. What meal featured a man in a gas mask?
  2. Who wrote the words to the "Winter Camp Spirit" Song?
  3. Which family has had the greatest number of Winter Campers?
  4. Who ran the trading post at Winter Camp XIII?


What makes a gadget? Many inventions are created each year, but most never achieve a useful life. However, a true gadget is both useful and a gimmick. It is something that not only fills a need, but does it in an unique manner.

One of the characteristics of Winter Camp gadgetry is to refine and improve the effectiveness of these tools over the years. For example, you may have noticed the improvements in the toilet paper dispenser this year.

This system is now much easier to install and service and is much more reliable.

Another gadget improvement occurred in the Rand folding shelves, which have been at every Winter Camp. After 50 years of wear and tear the shelves were refurbished last year and should now be in shape for Winter Camp 50.

Do you have an idea for a gadget? Remember, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination...

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