Winter Camp XIX - 1994

Mark Bollman-->Chewing gum makingBonsai gardeningPhillumenyChewing gum makingPrepared two flavors on the spot: tutti-frutti & peppermint
Tom RayClassic literaturePioneeringComputersClassic literature???
Steve DonohueTheme-related skill
4th: Origami
7th: Stage Show
Game design
5th: Baking
6th: Metal Casting
Metal castingNo report.
Doug WilsonVend. mach. restor.Stained glassTypingVend. mach. restor.Update on progress--no machine at camp
Adam PezetTrack--2 mileX-country runningHacky sackHacky sackBrief demonstration
Josh DavisWC comic bookGum wrapper chainSaxophoneWC comic bookDNA*
Ed ParsonsCoin coll.Ball coll.None givenCoin coll.DNA*
Mark HuntCalling card coll.SewingRune castingSewingSubstiuted armory--displayed full combat gear
Dave WoodsStained glassHobby catch-upSculptureSculptureNo report
Dan BollmanAutoCAD/Form ZMagicArchitectural follyMagicDNA*
Jeff RandFlower gardeningWeightliftingWood coll.Flower gardeningDelivered a "rambling dissertation" on his skills
Ron DonohueBallroom dancingWeight lossIn-line skatingIn-line skatingDNA*
Brian MannToy gun coll.JugglingGlass obj. coll.JugglingDNA*
Nick PolifroniCar repairInsect coll.Bass guitarInsect coll.DNA*
Lou PezetMedieval instrumentEmbroideryPewter statue coll.Medieval instrumentPlayed a few bars on the chanter
Dan HammonNone givenNone givenNone givenWord coll.DNA*
Roger HornNone givenNone givenNone givenWC stock market gameLaunched game at camp
Jon SmithNone givenNone givenNone givenGolfDNA*

DNA*: Did not attend/appear at following Winter Camp's Hobby Demo

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