Winter Camp XVII - 1993

Tom RaySound engineering
4th: Indian Lore
Classic literature
5th: Poetry writing
FencingPoetry writingDNA*
Dan HammonWord learning
4th: J. Joplin CDs
Guitar playingSerial killingGuitar playingPlayed "Smoke on the Water" on a toy guitar.
Mark HuntThink of 1994 hobby
4th: Jell-O mold coll
Dog trainingDestroy BarneyJell-O mold coll.Found 1 mold--brain mold contributed by Steve Donohue.
Eric RohloffDevil-sticking
4th: Trapping
WeightliftingWC pop coll.WeightliftingDNA*
Ron DonohuePhysical exerciseWood turningHome brewingWood turningAcquired the wood for turning.
Tim HuntExercise
4th: Improve Golf
Josh CaldwellCD coll.
4th: Working Out
Small wood workTromboneSmall wood workMade a CD rack, 2 shelves, and 2 other racks.
Joe HallPin juggling
4th: Pipe Smoking
5th: Coin Tricks
World record brkg.WeightliftingGained no weight.
Adam PezetModel boat bldg.Comic book coll.Bottle rocket coll.Model boat bldg.Failed.
Joe CipponeriIce skatingBeat Genesis gamesYo-yoingIce skatingSuccessfully learned but not demonstrated.
Dave WoodsElectronics
4th: Computer Prgrmg
Coin tricks
5th: Phrenology
Mechanical engin.Mechanical engin.Made a nonfunctional van de Graaf generator.
John HoweyDrawing
4th: Japanese
GolfKnife throwingJapaneseFailed.
Mark Bollman-->Shakespeare parodyChemical elt. coll.Bonsai gardeningChemical elt. coll.Collected about 20 elements, including neodymium magnets.
Doug WilsonVending mach. workComplete a 65 VWGlass blowingGlass blowingRead a book on light bulb construction.
Jeff RandCalligraphyRock climbingMasonryCalligraphyWarmed up on Chancery Italic.
Steve DonohueMeditation
4th: Theatrical Fencing
Bonsai gardening
5th: Sewing
Eastern philosophyTheatrical fencingDecided fencing was "boring"; replaced it with heavy weaponry.
Lou PezetDiabloModel RRBomb constructionModel RRDid it--no demo at camp.
Jeremy IkerdPoolFoosball
4th: Recreational Hockey
Beer can coll.
5th: Snow Cow Tipping
Recreational hockeyDNA*
Dave RadeckiBusiness card coll.Hat coll.Stamp coll.Hat coll.6 hats.
Brian MannBoard game coll.Card game coll.Time capsule bldg.Time capsule bldg.Forgot.
Roger HornNone givenNone givenNone givenPhotographyLed a Q&A project on identifying photos.

DNA*: Did not attend/appear at following Winter Camp's Hobby Demo

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