Winter Camp XVIII - 1994

John HoweyDrawingWeightliftingOdd astronomyDrawingNo report.
Joe CipponeriRec. soccerWeight gainingSEGA game coll.Rec. soccerDNA*
Mark HuntSword fightingWeightliftingKeychain coll.Keychain coll.Found many of them.
Dan HammonAerosmith CD coll.Word coll.Concert shirt coll.Word coll.DNA*
Nick PolifroniComic coll.Car repairNew languageCar repairNo real excuse: "never really got around to it".
Dave RadeckiPencil coll.Shirt coll.Xmas light coll.***Chess***DNA*
Brian MannSilence D. RadeckiBall coll.Time capsule bldg.Ball coll.Presented a sack full of balls--co-winner: Best of Show.
Mark Bollman-->Amateur radio (2 yrs.)Bonsai gardeningRoot beer coll.Amateur radio (2 yrs.)Progress made--guaranteed a station for WC XX.
Mike OsvathComputersFire class upgradeCash flow analysisCash flow analysisDNA*
Adam PezetSnowboardingTrack--2 mileX-country runningSnowboardingDid it once.
Dave WoodsElectronicsComic book coll.Bone coll.ElectronicsSaid he "successfully failed again"; bought $60 worth of stuff.
Joe HallClub passingJoker coll.Jazz libraryJazz libraryDNA*
Josh CaldwellSpanishDownhill skiingLathe workingLathe workingDNA*
Steve DonohueCostume makingReligious studiesMusical instrumentCostume makingSuccessul--sewed over 50 costumes. Co-winner: Best of Show.
Jeff RandHome repairWC bulletin boardRec. sleeping***Standup comedy***Told one [marginal] joke.
Lou PezetHome brewingPhotographySkydivingPhotographyTook 2 pictures during the year--also pursued rune casting.
Doug WilsonJugglingWC hydroengineeringRC aircraftJugglingSucceeded.
Ron DonohueWeight lossPhotographyGlass coll.Weight lossGot down to 270 before hurricane Erin--reforming for wedding.
Roger HornNone givenNone givenNone givenWC stock market gameWork in progress.

DNA*: Did not attend/appear at following Winter Camp's Hobby Demo

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