Winter Camp XVIII - 1994


Jeff Rand, Publisher

Welcome to Winter Camp XVIII

Five hundred pounds of flour, two hundred gallons of soda pop and a host unique and interesting events are now prologue to Winter Camp XVIII. Future memories start to today. Have a great experience.

Take a Moment

Although the official unit of time at Winter Camp is the jiffy, don't forget to set your clocks ahead 77 minutes as you enter the Winter Camp Time Zone. This way you'll better adjust to the late hours known to be kept in these parts.

Winter Camp Invades the Seas

Continuing the trend of thematic adventures, Winter Camp XVIII will embark upon a pirate theme. Special activities will involve treasure hunts, pirate ship battles, and nautical discipline Winter campers will be expected to live the life of pirates during the weekette. If there be any honor among thieves, it will not be likely exhibited by this mass of villainy. With likely incarnations of Blackbeard and Captain Hook, be prepared for some exciting encounters.

Hobbies to be Demonstrated

In the continuing effort to extend Winter Camp beyond the 5-day weekette, Winter Campers developed and practiced new hobbies during the past year. Tonight each new musician, craftsman, artist, collector, or scientist will have a chance to show his accomplishments in his new hobby.

Brian Mann Time capsule building
Dave Radecki Hat collecting
Joe Hall Weight lifting
Jeremy Ikerd Recreational ice hockey
Josh Caldwell Small woodworking
Lou Pezet Model railroading
Eric Rohloff Weight lifting
Steve Donohue Theatrical fencing
Ron Donohue Wood turning
Jeff Rand Calligraphy
Doug Wilson Glass blowing (lite bulb)
Mark Bollman Collect elements
John Howey Japanese
Dave Woods Mechanical engineering
Tim Hunt Woodworking
Tom Ray Poetry writing
Mark Hunt Jello mold collecting
Dan Hammon Guitar playing
Adam Pezet Model boat building
Joe Cipponeri Ice skating
Roger Horn Photography

Converting Mass to Cash

Campers will recall last year when Steve Donohue, believed to be the second heaviest human to attend Winter Camp, bet Jeff Rand that he would lose exactly 25 pounds by Winter XVIII. For every pound more, he will receive one British pound and for every pound less than 25 that he loses he'll owe Rand a pound. Donohue weighed in following Winter Camp XVII an earth-crunching 368 pounds, which means he'll get a pound for weight less than 343 pounds and pay for every pound over that.

Winter Camp Publications

Once again Winter Camp authors have been hard at work. Mark Bollman continues a successful trend with The Winter Camp Almanac. Jeff Rand has completed the fourth letter in Big Bro's Word Book and is reportedly working on a book of short stories. Steve Donohue has completed a book of Winter Camp poems and is earnestly at work on his first novel Paradox Metaphor. [As of this typing - 12:00 midnight 12/20/94]

Reporters Needed

The Winter Camp News does not plan to publish during Winter Camp, but will produce a giant postcamp edition. Your input is needed. Pick a meal or event and write an article for the paper. Please submit it to the Jeff Rand before departure.

Winter Camp Trivia

by Mark Bollman

Remember last year's questions:

  1. From which latrine did Tom Ray cut off a piece during the WC XVII service project?
    Tall Timbers
  2. At which Winter Camp XVII meal were table assignments made by weight?
    A random meal
  3. Who killed Mark Bollman during Murder Clue at WC XVII?
    Lou Pezet
  4. What method was used to select the security officer for WC XVII?
    Arm Wrestling
  5. What was the first Winter Camp where two cabins were used?
    Winter Camp IV
  6. Who serves as secretary of the Winter Camp Future Society?
    Jeff Rand
  7. Whose quest not to sleep at WC XVII ended after only 1 1/2 days?
    Brian Mann
  8. Which subatomic particle is the basis for the Universal Measurement System?
And the current question:
  1. Where was Mark Bollman when we were in search of answers to the above?

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