Winter Camp XVIII - 1994


Jeff Rand, Publisher

Winter Camp Trivia

by Mark Bollman

Corrections to the 12/27/94 issue:

From which latrine did Tom Ray cut off a piece during the WC XVII service project?

At which Winter Camp XVII meal were table assignments made by weight?
A random meal (which happened to be the Caveman Dinner)

From the 12/27/94 issue:

  1. Where was Mark Bollman when we were in search of answers to the above?
    In a bar in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where his trivia team reigns as Michigan state champions and frequently contends for national honors.

New Questions for 1995:

  1. Who won the Snow Croquet match at Winter Camp XVIII?
  2. At which Winter Camp XVIII meal were hats provided?
  3. Which was the only dish served during the Winter Camp History Banquet that had never been prepared at Winter Camp before?
  4. Part of which Winter Camp XVIII event took place under a rainbow?
  5. Who has served the most terms as Winter Camp adviser?
  6. At which Winter Camp was the first Medieval Feast served?
  7. Jeff Rand's short story "Lived a Sin or Won?" focuses on exploits of which two Winter Camp veterans?
  8. At which Winter Camp did the Winter Camp News publish 6 issues?

New Hobbies for 1995

by Mark Bollman

As 1994 lurched into its last day and 1995 loomed on the horizon, Winter Camp prepared for the change of year by assigning a new hobby of the year to each Arrowman in attendance Proposals were once again solicited from each participant, and a group ballot made the final decision.

Results for the new year are as follows:

John Howey Drawing
Joe Cipponeri Recreational soccer
Mark Hunt Key chain collecting (at least 12)
Dan Hammon Word Collecting (at least 52)
Nick Polifroni Fix up car
Dave Radecki Chess
Brian Mann Ball collecting (at least 12)
Mark Bollman Amateur radio
Roger Horn Create Winter Camp stock market game
Mike Osvath Personal cash flow analysis
Adam Pezet Snowboarding
Dave Woods Electronics
Joe Hall Jazz library building
Josh Caldwell Lathe work
Steve Donohue Sewing, costumery
Jeff Rand Stand-up comedy (at least 12 jokes)
Lou Pezet Photography
Doug Wilson Juggling
Ron Donohue Weight loss/lifting (less than 1/8 ton)

Land Lubber Regatta

by David Radecki

Well, we started out this adventurous game a little late. But when we started, it got good. I was the pacer on our team and like all of the teams we had to go through the woods, swamps, lakes, pickers, thorns, and more. We had one person fall in about hip high in a swamp. One person lost his watch, and most everyone got really screwed up. But, overall it was lots of fun.

Snow Soccer From Another Perspective

Snow Soccer once again proved to be the most dangerous sport at Winter Camp, as it left three players with serious injuries. Steve Donohue bowed out first when his back gave way while tending goal. He later returned to the defense citing the "wimpiness" of his team as a reason. Joe Hall was also forced to seek a less mobile position after launching a devastating flying tackle. Adam Pezet was the third player who suffered an injury sufficient to get him a ride home in the "Crip" wagon. Officials cited the lack of snow as a leading cause of this year's injuries.

Pirate's Gold

The Quest event once again served as the harbinger of Winter Camp. Youth members were divided into competing crews and given a series of poetic clues and challenges to find their destination and complete their mission. The challenges were more portable than in the past and consisted mostly of maneuvering while tied together. The final, most difficult challenge was to transport a 150lb plus item from the BC Nature Area to the BC Building. Both teams found the event challenging, but in the end, the team monitored by Mr. Rand proved slightly more stable and won a narrow victory.

Shore Leave

The Casino night roared back into Winter Camp with a vengeance this year as Shore Leave. Long thought to be boring by Winter Camp's jaded veterans, gambling proved to be very popular with younger campers. Among the offerings were roulette, blackjack and craps. Campers also had some private wagering on a poker game. The ibg winner for the night was renowned miser Doug Wilson which just goes to show that those who have, get.

Blind Hike

For the first time in many years, participants in the blind hike actually felt the sensation of being blind. In recent incarnations of the hike, the experience had been marred by "cheaters" who didn't wear blindfolds and were thus able to find the destination easily. Non-cheaters simply followed cheaters and became de facto cheaters themselves. This year, the cheaters showed a clear ignorance of D-A. The hike was accidentally divided into two groups when one group lagged behind to investigate the parking lot of Chippewa cabin (which they had taken for the corral). The other group made it's way to the Jack Lord building before realizing the error of their ways. Both groups recovered and the second group, led by Dan Hammon, reached their goal first and were soon joined by the other group.

Pirate Kings

In the only event not held this year, Pirate Ship Battles was combined with Pirate Kings to condense the schedule. Pirate Kings was an original boardgame created by Steve Donohue and Joe Hall with technical assistance from John Howey.

The object of the game is to amass treasure by sailing from point to point and defeating obstacles. Players drew cards to determine obstacles and treasures. Obstacles included rival pirates, customs inspectors, and the dread Giant Squid. In the end, treachery and experience proved superior, with the paranoid tactics of the oldest team resulting in a victory.

Cross Country Golf

Cross country Golf saw a new variation this year as it became Cross-Country Frisbee Golf. A lack of golf clubs forced the participants to adapt to the situation. It was quickly agreed that there would be at least two holes, with the first teeing off at the BC Building and terminating at BC Skills and the second teeing from there and travelling to the old shelter on the ceremony site.

Both teams started well, but one team was hampered by a rapidly disintegrating frisbee. As they made their final "putt" for the green, they had approximately half a frisbee left. Given the circumstances, it was clear that a second hole was out of the question. An impromptu version of ice-golfing arose, and players attempted to throw flotsam and jetsam under the raft and into the icy waters of Beaver Lake. Several minutes of spirited play left the lake littered with refuse and Adam Pezet the clear champion.

Equipment Control

For the first time in many years, campers were actually able to participate in an activity on Saturday. Experienced campers attributed this to finally gaining control of the gear explosion that had gripped Winter Camp since Winter Camp VII. Longtime campers Steve Donohue and Jeff Rand were the leaders in reducing the amount of gear they brought to camp. Perhaps most telling though was the willingness of all the campers to pitch in on the takedown and packing of all the gear.

A Stronger Catapult

Winter Camp XIV featured the construction of a trebuchet, which was a medieval siege weapon. While this trebuchet turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, Winter Campers will be happy to note that the principles used in construction of this device are still in use today. Aircraft carriers in current use have large catapults which use steam to generate thrust for fighters. These catapults generate 40 to 50 million foot-ponds of energy, enough to lift the Empire State building two feet off the ground or hurl a small automobile 12 miles through the air


by Dan Hammon

There may have been a lack of snow, but there wasn't any lack of injuries. In fact, there were probably more than usual. First was Steve's back, then Joe Hall, and Dave Wood's knee.

The score ended up at one to one [disputed], and when the team of Brian Mann, Dave Radecki, Dave Woods, Adam Pezet, Lou Pezet, Jeff Rand, and Nick Polifroni scored the team of Mark Hunt, Dan Hammon, Steve Donohue, Joe Cipponeri, Josh Caldwell, Joe Hall, and substitute John Howey took revenge probably knocking all of the first team on their butts.

Capture the Objective

by Josh Caldwell

We started out after dark and divided into two teams. My team took Cow Camp (CC) as our base. The opposition took Highland. As the game started not much happened. If a person went into the woods, every footstep was loud and gave his position away.

First off Dave Radecki from CC was caught, then later Joe Hall was caught with a live balloon, which was turned into a corpse. In the next few minutes two team mates from Cow Camp were hot on the trail of Dave Woods. He managed to lose one. Then he hit a barbed wire fence, sustaining only minor injuries.

In the end it was undecided as to who won. At least I didn't find out. Also, the injuries were: Dave Woods running into barbed wire and Ron Donohue with a sprained ankle.

Winter Camp News Achieves Record

Avid readers will note that the Winter Camp News has never been one to publish with a regular schedule. But now, an issue in May! The publisher, along with the Winter Camp jiffy clock must have been travelling aboard a spaceship at near light speed. Perhaps it only seems like Winter Camp was last week.

Hospital Visit Required

For only the second time in it's eighteen year history, Winter Camp was forced to send someone to the hospital. This year's victim was Ron Donohue who injured his ankle while playing Capture the Objective. Donohue was taken to the hospital by trained EMT Michael Jon Osvath. At the hospital he was X-rayed and then sent home with the good news that he had only suffered a sprain. He was able to move about without his crutches early on the 31st, but they made a surprise reappearance when he returned home to his mother and fiancee.

Here today, Goon ???

The grey area goons failed to make their presence known at Winter Camp this year, despite controlling both the youth leader and the head cook. Insiders attributed this weakness to a growing rift between the goons and their founder, John Howey. John has been steadily moving further away from the goons in the past few years, and finally made his break this year. He volunteered for and carried out the preparation of all the menus and food lists for winter camp with only a few minor glitches. This decidedly non-goon-like behavior clearly separated him from his one time amigos. So ineffective were the goons, that one seventeen year old camper was heard to ask "Do I have to be a goon next year?"

Wedding Plans

Campers were shocked to hear of the wedding plans of two campers this year. Ron Donohue announced that he would be marrying his long-time girlfriend March 16, 1996. The couple hope to find employment in reasonably proximate geographical regions before the wedding date. John Howey announced less futuristic plans and will be tying the knot on February 16, 1995. He and his bride will be living at his home in Woodhaven.

Future Society

The Winter Camp Future Society has opened it's "Class of 25". Fee for joining the class will be $16.16. The Future Society is open to anyone who has attended at least three Winter Camps prior to the closing of the class. The funds from the Society are used to sponsor special events at the designated Winter Camp. The first payout will be at Winter Camp XX, when the initial class will reach "maturity".

If you would like more information on the Society or would like to join, please contact Jeff Rand for details.

Pizza Takeover Continues

With Ozzie's head chef, Mark Bollman, overseeing that Ozzie's pizza is run with the same delicacy as Ozzie would, Little Ozzie's Pizza was a success. It would appear that Mr. Bollman has designs to completely remove Little Ozzie from the Pizza business and incorporate under the name of Bollmano's. When questioned regarding use of this name Mr. Bollman denied any relationship to his alleged ownership of a professional sports team.

Continental Breakfast Fills the Void

by Steve Donohue

This year has seen the addition of the long needed Continental Breakfast. Rather than force Arrowmen to arise early and slave over a hot stove to prepare a complex and often under-appreciated breakfast, this year's leadership team acted on a suggestion made by Douglas R. Wilson and instituted an optional breakfast. The new breakfast consists primarily of foods like cold cereal, ready-made muffins, and bagels. It also offers more complex options, like eggs and pancakes, for Arrowmen with a little more morning initiative. Overall, the breakfast has proved to be quite successful, and numerous Arrowmen have availed themselves of this low impact alternative, while others have opted to enjoy some additional rest.

Winter Camp Savings Time

Owing to the shortness of the days at Winter Camp and the extended hours some of our members keep, it was decided that we should institute a system to increase the length of the day. When appeals to have the sun stay up longer failed, resourceful Arrowmen instead opted to change the clock and depart from Eastern Standard Time which previously prevailed over Winter Camp. The clocks were set ahead by 77 minutes, in honor of the year that Winter Camp was first held. This proved, with few exceptions, to be a very useful change. Because of it, we were able to complete the trebuchet during the day at Winter Camp XIV. Most Arrowmen appear to have suffered little ill-effect from the change.

Winter Camp Weather Log

Winter Camp XVIII

Date High Low %Clear %Prec Rain Snow Wind
12/27 42 28 60 0 E-10
12/28 38 30 20 0 W-10
12/29 30 19 80 0 NW-12
12/30 32 18 20 0 W-8
12/31 35 30 10 65 0.3 T NW-10
Total 35.4 25.0 38.0 13.0 0.3 0.0

Winter Camp Averages

Date High Low %Clear %Prec Rain Snow Wind
12/27 30.2 16.2 30.4 21.8 0.0 1.2
12/28 34.2 21.7 25.8 17.9 0.0 0.3
12/29 33.1 20.5 21.4 35.5 0.4 1.1
12/30 29.9 16.8 31.5 16.5 0.5 0.4
12/31 33.3 21.0 26.2 16.2 0.2 0.2
Total 32.1 19.2 27.0 21.6 1.2 3.8

Winter Camp Records

Date High Low %Clear %Prec Rain Snow Wind
12/27 45 -8 90 80 6 W-18
12/28 57 -2 60 70 1.6 W-25
12/29 57 3 80 90 1.2 3 NW-18
12/30 43 -5 80 100 1.6 3.5 SW-12
12/31 53 -5 75 65 0.4 1 W-12
Total 57 -8 40 51 3.2 10 W-25

Total Snowfall for 18 Winter Camps: 68.1 inches
(Rainfall Measures for 3 Winter Camps)

Trivia Answers for Winter Camp XVIII

  1. Dan Hammon, Mark Hunt, Jeff Rand
  2. Cannonball lunch
  3. Vichyssoise
  4. Pirate Quest
  5. Steve Donohue
  6. Winter Camp XV
  7. Ron Donohue & Lou Pezet
  8. Winter Camp XIV.

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