Winter Camp XX - 1996

Tom RayT'ai ChiWritingClassical musicWriting: 100 pages.Work lost when his father formatted his hard drive
Dave WoodsBlacksmithingTRS-80 programmingVintningBlacksmithingSet up a forge and got "lots of hammers"
Steve DonohueClaymation MovieStudy of Brehon LawDesign strat. gameClaymation movieConstructed some models. Substituted Web page design.
Lou PezetLeatherworkingCan collectingBalancingBalancingDidn't do it
Mark Bollman-->RollerbladingBonsai gardeningPhillumenyRollerbladingSkated around room without falling
JD HarperD&DMagic: The GatheringWeldingWeldingDNA*
Tommy LeeBaseball card coll.Beatles collectingCriminal lawCriminal lawThinking quickly, proposed later hearings on aliens. Not held.
Tim HuntFlorentine fighting (SCA)Evolve to adultPlay new game***Yoga***Claimed inability to complete due to hockey accident
Glen ReidPop can modelingPenny collectingComputer graphicsPop can modelingDNA*
Scott ArrangoModel railroadingCaramel corn makingSoft drink makingSoft drink makingDNA*
Mike YakimaModel car buildingCoin coll.Stamp coll.Stamp collectingDNA*
Dave MilonImpressionist paintingCigar smokingTheaterTheater--attend 2 playsVowed to see them in 1998.
Sean RyanMagic: The GatheringSculptingAD&DSculptingDNA*
Dickson MannRC racingSewingCD collectingSewingMade two pillows. One destroyed, one didn't make it to camp
Mike OsvathInternet surfingSoftware collectingCard playing***Diapering***Brought signed note from wife attesting to about 25
Bryan WalkerAD&DModel buildingMagic: The GatheringModel building--earn MBDNA*
Steve HarigPizza makingThinkingBeating up Lou PezetThinking--geometry prfs.DNA*
Steve PerriGrow Chia PetNone givenNone givenGardening MBGreen beans died. Dave Milon chipped in $1 for new seeds.
Mark HuntSoap makingJugglingCigar smokingSoap makingMade one bar but used it before camp
Brian MannReturnable popcan coll.GoonismGame coll.Pop can coll.Collection lost when a party left him homeless
Brian LongreClarinetCoin collectingStar Trek creatingClarinet-- over 50 meas.DNA*
Roger HornModel rocketryNone givenNone givenModel rocketryRockets provided for all at camp
Mike CochClay modelingAD&DMagic: The GatheringClay modelingDNA*
John HoweyJujitsuReal estate investmentSpanishSpanish--earn Interp. str.Not done. No excuse.
Jeff RandSpanishCreate hobby listRocking (La-Z-Boy)Create hobby list (144)Winter Camp Book of Hobbies released with newspaper
Adam PezetClassic car photographyBuild muscle car11:45 2-mile runBuild muscle carWork wiped out by a vehicular accident
Jared ThompsonNone givenNone givenNone givenTrain ceremony teamMost of the team, though not Jared, read their parts
Roger FogtNone givenNone givenNone givenAstronomy MBDNA*
Bob CochAD&DCivil War infantryMasonry/carpentryAD&DDNA*
Justin WisniewskiNone givenNone givenNone givenModel bldg--skill level 3DNA*

DNA*: Did not attend/appear at following Winter Camp's Hobby Demo

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