Winter Camp X - 1986


Jeff Rand, Publisher

Welcome to Winter Camp XX

The rest of your life begins today. Winter Camp XX will affect your life in ways you can hardly imagine. After all, this may be the Winter Camp where we have a visitor from the future. Enjoy!

Take a Moment

Although the official unit of time at Winter Camp is the jiffy, don't forget to set your clocks ahead 77 minutes as you enter the Winter Camp Time Zone. This way you'll better adjust to the late hours known to be kept in these parts.

Reporters Needed

The Winter Camp News does not plan to publish during Winter Camp, but will produce a giant postcamp edition. Your input is needed. Pick a meal or event and write an article for the paper. Please submit it to the Jeff Rand before departure.

Winter Camp Trivia

by Mark Bollman

Remember last year's questions:

  1. Which was the first Winter Camp to have a color printer on hand?
  2. Who did Jaime Howey refuse to entrust with the care of her infant son Kyle?
    "Some Dan Bollman guy".
  3. Who were the first two Winter Campers to be born in the eighties?
    Nick Polifroni and Carl Mullican
  4. Who were the first two Grey Area Goons?
    Dave Milon and Tim Hunt
  5. Where was the Winter Camp chandelier traditionally hung?
    In the Beaver Creek latrine (before it was torn down)
  6. Who killed Mike Osvath in the "Murder Clue/Night in Hell" event at Winter Camp XIX?
    Adam Pezet was the master criminal
  7. Who slept outside every night of Winter Camp XIX?
    Steve Donohue
  8. Who was the first Winter Camper to sleep outside at Winter Camp?
    Jeff Rand

Prank Call

For the first time ever, this year's Winter Camp includes a meal based on a "prank" call made during the planning meeting. As arrowmen cast about looking for a new idea for a theme, someone suggested that we make a prank call and ask what they were having.

Armed with a number of ten-sided dice, John Howey generated several phone numbers which Steve Donohue called. The first call was to Manitoba which was disconnected; the second was to Ontario but would not accept incoming calls. Finally, we got through to the Kimball family in Idaho. They were having spaghetti.

Hobbies to be Demonstrated

In the continuing effort to extend Winter Camp beyond the 5-day weekette, Winter Campers developed and practiced new hobbies during the past year. On Friday night, each new musician, craftsman, artist, collector, or scientist will have a chance to demonstrate his new hobby.

Mark BollmanChewing Gum Making
Tom RayClassic Literature
Steve DonohueMetal Casting
Doug WilsonVending Machine Restoration
Adam PezetHacky Sack
Josh DavisWinter Camp Comic
Ed ParsonsCoin Collecting
Mark HuntSewing
Dave WoodsSculpture
Dan BollmanPrestidigitation
Jeff RandFlower Gardening
Ron DonohueIn-line Skating
Brian MannJuggling
Nick PolifroniInsect Collecting
Lou PezetMidieval Instrument
Dan HammonWord Collecting
Roger HornWinter Camp Stock Market Simulation
Jonathon SmithGolf

Arrowmen will want to give some thought to a new hobby for 1997. Selections will be made Sunday evening.

Welcome World

Benjamin Osvath entered conscious existence last Autumn. Benjamin shares half of the genes of Mike "Secret Juices" Osvath..

Alan James Wilson completed qualifications as a Tert this month. Mister Wilson participated in the creation of Alan.

Luckily, Michigan State Law makes it illegal for the two to ever be married, thus increasing the chance that they'll continue their bloodlines.

How Many Times Have We?

There is a brand new edition of the Winter Camp Almanac and Book of Facts this year. It may just provide the knowledge you seek regarding Winter Camp.

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