Winter Camp XXI - 1997

A brief photo album of today's activities. Not pictured, but also beginning to cause a stir is the weekette-long role-playing experience for Area 51. Tim Hunt and Paul Kupser claimed to have found debris from a spacecraft. Even casual observers quickly recognized their "power sources" as cyalume light sticks.

Hot Potato LunchClockwise from left: Mark Bollman, Doug Wilson, Lou Pezet (mostly behind Howey's big head, Dave Milon, Jared Thompson (behing Jeff's big head), Jeff Rand, Mike Osvath, and Tim Hunt) enjoy the Hot Potato Lunch. Tim actually has the potato in hand.





Ball BlastTwo shots of "Ball Blast", a game invented by accident for this year's Winter Camp. The ball was intended to be used as an alien spacecraft for The Quest, but it wound up leading to an hour-long game combining elements of kickball, soccer, and dodgeball. Brian Mann astonished everyone when he was able to launch the ball onto the roof on four consecutive kicks.



The undercover meal. Since it's being properly executed, there's no telling who is in this picture.






Paul Kupser explains his suggestions during the Hobby Draw. Right, Winter Campers pay rapt attention, knowing the impact of the momentus decision they are about to make.


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