Winter Camp XXI - 1997

Just because, all today's pictures are backwards -- think of it as a countdown to the rocket launch.

Gamblers watch the little ball roll as they attempt to strike it rich playing Roulette. In the background, you can see other players trying their luck at Blackjack and craps. The big winner for the night was Mark Bollman who was later barred from the Winter Camp Casino when it was discovered that he was using loaded dice. Once the dust settled, Jared Thompson was the biggest legal wnner.

We're not sure if Andy Warhol or Ted Turner got hold of this picture, but we're pretty sure it was somebody playing Hydroblast.

Dave Oakley gets into the spirit (and the hat) for the Mexican Meal.

Mr. Horn's hobby of Model Rocketry came up big when he brought a whole case of rockets for Winter Campers to assemble. The middle picture shows a night launch; most of them will be launched on the 29th.


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