Winter Camp XXI - 1997

Unofficially recognized as "Day 0" of Winter Camp, the 26th is usually set-up day.

There were two memorable events this year:

Opening a SodaClockwise from left: John Howey, Adam Pezet, Jeff Rand and Dave Milon enjoy a refreshing bottle of Winter Camp Soda. The sodas, which were ordered from Mysodas, were a gift of the Donohue brothers and featured the Winter Camp logo and the legend "Whatever it is, at least it's not rotgut". The contents of each bottle are carefully labeled at 15.86 cubic teratits.

The other memorable event was a prank played on Lou Pezet. First, when he arrived for lunch, he was told there was no food for him. He went back to tell Dave Woods the food was gone and by the time he returned, the rest of the campers had replaced the food and claimed Lou was trying to cheat Dave of a meal.


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