Winter Camp XXI - 1997

The Quest

Youth:None (see below)
Adult:John Howey
Description:This year's Quest will feature a downed spaceship theme. The Quest is unique among Winter Camp events because the adults (and goons) create the stations and challenges which the youth then experience. John was previously involved in the original (and arguably, best) Quest event, so we're looking for something special. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Quest, please e-mail him.

Hobby Demo

Youth:Tommy Lee
Adult:Mark Bollman
Description:This will be the chance for everyone to show off the skills they've acquired as they've pursued their WC XX Hobby. Bragging rights will likely be awarded for best presentation, best execution, and best pursuit

Hobby Draw

Youth:Tommy Lee
Adult:Mark Bollma
Description:The Hobby Draw is pretty simple. Each member attending Winter Camp (or his designate) presents three potential new hobbies for himself, as well as a description of some potential benefits (either personal, professional, or wintercampical). The assembled members then conduct a secret ballot to determine the new hobby. As a new twist, last year's hobby draw added a measurement to determine "success" at the new hobby. Look for that to be back, and start thinking about your new hobbies today.

Blind Hike

Youth:Tommy Lee
Adult:Lou Pezet
Description:This is Winter Camp's longest running continuous event. Members don blindfolds for this annual Handicapped Awareness experience. It remains the only activity to have been deliberately held at every Winter Camp.

Time Capsule Opening

Youth:Tommy Lee
Adult:Jeff Rand
Description:The capsule is usually dug up in advance, so all we do here is open up the previous year's capsule and check out the contents. It's almost always good for a laugh when someone who has missed camp this year has a prized possession tossed back into the capsule. The event also includes food, usually in the form of cookies sealed in the capsule the previous year.

4-Way Volleyball

Youth:Steve Perri
Adult:Tim Hunt
Description:Mostly plays just like volleyball, with the following changes
  1. There are four teams instead of two, and two nets are placed across each other to form an X
  2. Scoring starts at 0 and teams get a point every time they make a mistake
  3. Score fifteen points and you're out
  4. Dead courts are out of bounds
  5. Service is by the team counter-clockwise from the team making the error
  6. We rotate courts any time any team reaches a score divisible evenly by four
Yep, just like regular volleyball

Perimeter Hike

Youth:Tommy Lee
Adult:Jeff Rand
Description:This recreates a famous hike from Winter Camp I (and once every twenty years is just about the right frequency). Members hike around the perimeter of the camp attempting to stay within 30' of the fenceline at all times. The addition of the Frischkorn property has changed the path of the hike, but not its length.


Youth:Tommy Lee
Adult:Mark Bollman
Description:This wildly successful activity has undergone several iterations with last year's Road Rally style being one of the more successful. Given that Mark designed last year's game, he and Tommy should have matters well in hand for this year's installment.
Basically, the object of Murder-Clue is to solve a mystery. Traditionally, one of the Winter Campers has been killed (usually Roger Horn) and one of the other campers is guilty of the murder. Players are organized into teams and pursue clues within the subcamp using a combination of clever riddles, fast-walking, and common sense. Needless to say, many of the murderers have gotten off scot-free.

Casino Night

Youth:Adam "Pockets" Pezet
Adult:Dave "Hardhat" Milon
Description:Players are issued chips and then get a chance to test their skill at a variety of gambling tables. Usually, we include blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, and volkswagen racing. We even had Banco one year (pretty much like blackjack, but cool enough for James Bond to play).
Adam and Dave will need lost of dealers, so let them know if you're interested in helping out.

Snow Soccer

Youth:Tommy Lee
Adult:John Howey
Description:This is pretty much self-explanatory. About the only difference between real soccer and our version (apart from a tremendous skills gap) is the violence fill. Snow Soccer players learn to take advantage of the fluffy snow padding the area, and there are a lot more bumps, grinds and outright kicks to the head than most players are used to.

UFO Building/Rocket Launch

Youth:Steve Perri
Adult:Roger Horn, Dave Woods, Paul Kupser
Description:One part Genius Night, one part solid fuel. The UFO Building portion of this event will resemble a Genius Night, with campers attempting to prepare the coolest UFO from the components provided. The other half will be the launching of several rockets (note, this will be at night). If you have a rocket you'd like to launch, bring it to camp. There will be several on hand, but probably not one per person.


Youth:Jared Thompson
Adult:Lou Pezet
Description:This one is wholly dependent on the ice conditions at camp. If the lake is frozen, we'll engage in our own version of Curling. Curling is a big sport in Canada and Northern Europe; it combines elements of darts, billiards, and shuffleboard.
If the ice isn't cooperating, we'll play kickball (pretty much the same as baseball but with bigger balls and more kicking) instead.

Hell Night

Youth:Jared Thompson
Adult:Mark Hunt
Description:Mark & Jared aren't sharing the details of the experience other than to say that it will be one we won't soon forget.

Games Tourney

Youth:Steve Perri
Adult:Steve Donohue
Description:With the long-standing King of Play involved, this will doubtless be an interesting activity. The Steve's intend to run this as a rotating board-game style challenge, so bring along your favorite family-style games and get ready for the marathon

WC Feud

Youth:Adam Pezet
Adult:Steve Donohue
Description:Just like Family Feud except Adam promises not to kiss any of the families. If you have any suggestions for survey questions, e-mail Steve.

Capture the Objective

Youth:Brian "Wall Street" Longre
Adult:Dave Milon
Description:The classic Winter Camp sized game of Capture the Flag is back. Plays much like Capture the Flag except we add additional "treasures" to be stolen and if you're caught, it just costs your team points. After two hours of play, whoever has scored the most (or lost the least) points wins.

Hydrogen Ballooning

Youth:Steve Perri
Adult:John Howey, Doug Wilson, Dave Woods, Paul Kupser
Description:Experiments with lighter than air craft. This year, we intend to launch a few hot air balloons in addition to the traditional explosion of one or more Hydrogen balloons. Make sure your on-hand for this Science in Action Demo.

Time Capsule Placement

Adult:Jeff Rand
Description:Actually, we're still on the bury two capsules plan. One will be opened at Winter Camp XXII in 1998 and the other will remain buried until 2002. As a new twist, we're asking that each camper write a letter to the future for the 2002 capsule. As always, any nicknack you feel is appropriate will probably be put in the capsules to remind us of Winter Camp XXI a few years from now.

Snake Hockey

Youth:Lou "Close Enough" Pezet
Adult:Mark "Don't touch my goalie" Hunt
Description:Combining the best elements of hockey and lacrosse, Snake Hockey is played with a stick (traditionally, a broken-bladed hockey stick and a length of rope. The goal is to move the rope from one end of the field to the other using your sticks and then finally to score a point by making the rope hit the net or goal stick.
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