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Winter Camp XXI - 1997

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On November 21, Ron continued home improvement
I bought a solid mahogany nightstand at the auction for $9. The major problem was that the
top was split. I took it apart and went to my friend Tom's shop. The split was on a glue joint (I had checked that out before bidding) so all
we had to do was run it over the joiner a few times and join it using a biscuit joiner and good old fashioned wood glue. The result, a solid
mahorany nightstand that looks pretty goods for $9 and an hours work. Not bad at all.

On 11/22/98, Jeff Rand completed Catskill Highpoints
I climbed my final mountain of the Catskills over 3500 feet in elevation. There are 35 required peaks to achieve this milestone. Norm and Kip Smith joined me in celebration on the summit of "Eagle Mountain". Previously, I was priviledged to join the Smith's on their 50th state highpoint, Mt. Rogers in Virginia.

On 11/24/98, Mark--> continued Bonsai gardening
The wire is now off, and my tree has a double right-angle bend in the trunk, so that the trunk rises vertically, turns 90 degrees (pi/2 radians) and runs horizontally for a few centimeters, and then turns more or less skyward again. Now if I can only keep it alive until Winter Camp.

On 11/24/98, Steve completed his 12th, and perhaps final, haiku
Cool mountain water,
Explorer asked to reload,
a few days off when needed.

On 11/20/98, Steve Donohue completed his 11th
Deep moss-covered roots,
The latest music video
an adviser at Winter Camp

On 11/20/98, Steve Donohue completed his 10th Haiku
Ants gathering food,
Marie Antoinette's menu,
Working for Coughlin

On 11/19/98, Steve completed his 9th Haiku
Chief's Exhortation,
Butterfly smashed and broken,
My hopes at Coughlin

On 11/19/98, Steve completed his 8th Haiku
First dawn of springtime,
Old Marley's chains ajangling
Some folks don't age well.

On 11/7/98, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Replaced four dimmers on fans with simple on/off switches. It turns out that
spearate dimmers mess with the levels of lights, which were added. Additionaly, most
cheap fan motors are built to turn at one of three speeds. Dimmers with more than three speeds
tend to cause the motor to hum, as the windings were not created for the full range of motion.
Also reversed locks on several doors, as dog has learned how to open doors with handles. Isn't he a clever lad?
By the way, he has grown from the puppy picture below (2 months, 9 lbs.) to a somewhat larger size (6 months 45 lbs.)
Hopefully the growth spurt will taper off. Does anyone know about htis?

On 11/17/98, Steve completed his 7th Haiku
Stack of musty tomes
old car just washed and shiny
Updating our page

On 11/17/98, Steve Donohue continued writing Haiku
Sun rising early
Green leaves in an icy tomb
Winter Camp in bloom

On October 17-18, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Repaired belt and chain drive mechanism on lawn mower.
Removed two 50' plus pine trees in the ath of upcoming
driveway project. Cut up trees and stacked for hauling to curb.
Also removed wall of boxes separating dining room from rest of house,
providing dog with access to dining room furniture. We had a
house warming party, so we spent the rest of the weekend finishing up loose ends.

On October 11, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Bought and installed a universal garage door opener transmitter and receiver set. It took a while to wire it, but it was worth it.
Also bought a new garage door opener for the totally non-functional garage door and installed it. Also lanscaped another section of the
front of the house and created a dirt ramp leading up to driveway edge.

On 10/9/98, Steve Donohue continued writing Haiku
Cold night brings silence
A mantis perched serenely
Bug hunt at midnight
(I'm waiting for my compile to see if I've caught them all)

On Sometime in May, John Howey explored Kayaks on the Web
I viewed several sites and looked at various models of kayaks. However,
at the time my budget did not permit me to acquire a kayak.

On October 4, Ron continued home improvement
During a visit to the Detroit area, I brought along some pictures for my family; they show some of the work that's been done so far:

This picture shows the front of the house from the western entrance. The most visible part of my project is the landscaping. You can also see the wooden walkway (on the left edge) which I expect to replace eventually.
This one shows the garage; clearly pictured are the cement work and the basketball hoop. Previously, there was a seven inch drop from the garage to the dirt rendering the garage pretty much useless for storing cars. Less obviously, the garage doors are fixed (they open now). The flat roof on the right is the one that was cleaned and sealed.
This last picture shows my beloved dog who has been responsible for the installation of doggie doors and numerous chewing related repair s.

On September 11 & 12, Ron continued home improvement
Installed two doggie doors. One mounts into the sliding door track and lets the dog out onto the porch. The other mounts
in te wall of the porch screen and allows the dog outside, where he can compete in the latrine sitting contest at will. Not as easy as it looked at first, but what is.
By the way, these types of doors are 30 to 40% cheaper at Home Depot than at pet stores.

On 9/5/98, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Relandscaped front of house (partial) Accomplishments: Tore out weeds, trimmed hedges, plants and trees (approximately 32 lawn and leaf bags worth of stuff), installed a plastic border and
then placed 20 bags of Eucalyptus mulch around plants in the main planting area. Still have two other sections to mulch and one to replant.

On September 4, 1998, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Acquired (for the price of repairs) a riding lawnmower, reducing the time
required for lawn maintenance and increasing the time available for other home improvement tasks.

On 8/25/98, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Sanded, patched holes, repainted and mounted doors for guest bedrooms. Alo installed
doorbell and mechanical chime that plays songs, including take me out to the ballgame, in honor of the
great season McGwire is having.

On August 15, 1998, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Bought a used workbench from my neighbor, Slim, and mounted it to the garage
wall using some cement compression bolts found amidst the garage sale stuff. Also mounted
the vise bought at the sale. First use of vise was to repair the wheeled cart
that I bent the wheels on when taking a 300 plus lb. rusted iron filter (how ironic) with a
hole in it out to the trash.

On August 8, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Acquired roughly 30 boxes of nails, screws, bolts, hinges and
assorted hardware at a garage sale. aslo bought a 60 lb. vise,
two rigid pipe cutters, 8 steel c-clamps and a case of floodlights.
Essentially, I got a lifetime collection of miscellaneous home repair items.
(I amy even bring some stuff to camp, particularly bolts and hardware) total price
$65. Not really a home improvement task, but it will sure help with the economic
aspect of the hobby. By the way, I also found a bunch of turnbuckle bolts and
some mountaineering gear that may have some camp relevance.
I recommend garage sales to all new homeowners.

On 7/27, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvement
Went back to the exterior part of home improvement. Installed
basketball backboard and rim with assistance of neoghbor Chip McNeer.
Also chopped down a tree that was leaning toward house and dropping pine needles
on roof and water conditioner and air conditioning equipment.

On July 25-6, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Rewired broken floodlight that lights up the front of the house. Installed
(with quikrete) a fence section to screen my pump and pressure tank from the road.
Scrubbed the flat roof over part of the garage with bleach
as preparation for sealing. Applied two coats of KoolSeal brand elastomeric
roof sealant to flat roof with the assistance of my wife, Jeanne.

On 7-22, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
We (Jeanne and I) adopted a Rottwieler-mix puppy. Steve told
me that a dog is essential to making a quality home and that
I should post it here. I am taking pictures and will post if
there is any interest. Also taking pictures of some repairs
made to-date. Will post if there is interest. Something tells
me that this dog is going to be the cause of many home improvements
in the future (reparing damage, installing doggy door)

On 7-21, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Connected spreakers in ceiling and on porch (six speakers total)
to stereo. Then, I wired my television set and vcr to the stereo.
The result is cheap, simulated theater sound. I think I may need
some equipment to make sure that the extra speakers do not cause
troubles with the stereo. Someone told me that extra speakers can cause a problem.
I would appreciate input if someone knows about stereos.

On 7-20, Ron Donohue continued home improvement
Rewired three phone jacks that had been wired for a second
line. Since I only have one line currently, it was pretty
simple. all you have to do is find a line that works and
copy the wiring pattern. You can also look outside where the line comes in to see which
two of the four colored wires are in use. It looks like two lines will be pretty easy.
After that, I may need to run more wires.

On 7-18, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvement
Replaced 2 eight foot fixtures in garage with 4 4 foot
fixtures to take advantage of the relative price of four and eight foot bulbs.
Interestingly, two four foot fixtures with bulbs cost less than two eight foot

As long as the ladder was out, I repaired my garage door opener.

On 7-17, Ron Donohue continued his home improvement hobby
Replaced the flush mechanism, float and valves on the continuously
running toilet in my Master Bathroom. Now it is ready to stand up to the
challenge offered by a Winter Camp Latrine Sitting Contest Winner.

On 7/4/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
America's birthday, what better day to replace the pressure tank on one's water softener and treatment system? On the bright side, I gotmy first chance to work with PVC plumbing and had an excuse to buy a PVC cutter (an excellent tool).Assisted by amigo Tom Sweany.

On 7/3/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Spent four hours in crawl space running television cables to all rooms, particularly guest rooms where my Winter Camp pals can stay. Inside work because temperature over 100 and smoke has blown down 180 miles from the big fires, blanketing landscape and making it hard to breathe. Success, cable works in all rooms!!!

On 6/29/98, Jeff Rand explored Bobsledding
Drove by the bobsledding course at Mt. Van Hovenburg. It was closed.

On 6/29/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Installed ceiling fan light kits in two guest rooms that were recently painted and carpeted. Had previously installed light kits on two other fans in response to Steve's whining about lack of light in the house. on 6/29/98

On 6/26/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Practiced Home Improvements in Michigan in preparation for relocating my wife to Florida (which really improved the house) Projects included patching of holes, painting over patches, refinishing wood floor and removing electrical fixtures installedwithout landlord's permission. Clean inspection, so mission accomplished.

On 6/20/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Helped (mostly financially) carpet guy carpet the two rooms painted earlier in the week. In honor of Beaver Creek's most prominent vegetation, selected medium brown color known as Cattail.

On 6/19/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Poured 13 yards of concrete with the assistance of the DiLisio family.Result is a twenty foot slab the length of the garage, which is a three car garage.

During the week of 6/15, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Dug out all vegetation in 38.5' X 20' area external to garageas prep for pouring of slab. Then, I leveled off the groundto a uniform four inches below the forms I set up with Charlie DiLisio, the uncle of my assistant at work.Also removed basketball pole set in 2'X 2' X 3' slab of fiberglass reinforced concrete.The mass of concrete was so large and overdone that it took me three hours with an80 pound jackhammer to get the pole out. Strangely enough, I do not even like basketball, but the pole was in the way.Spread approximately 10 yards of dirt to level area for pour.

On 6/13/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Painted walls Navajo White and trim Ultra white in two rooms.Assisted in process by friends Tom and Melanie Sweany. Job completed on 6/14 at midnight.

On 6/12/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Stripped the carpet, patched wall holes and sanded rough spots on trim as prepfor painting in two guest bedrooms. Removed all window treatments, plug covers, and carpet padding. Also scrubbed all surface thoroughly in an effort to save on primer and paint.

On 5/22/98, Steve Donohue explored Writing Haiku
Added the Haiku page to the Web Page (neatly combining this and last year's hobbies). Wrote a brief history and description of standard Haiku techniques.

On 5/19/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Started the exterior component of the hobby. Mowing the yard, 1.8 acres, was a 4 hour job. Trimmed pine trees (app. 140 on property) 3 hours a day after work for the next two weeks.

On 05/18/98, Ron Donohue continued Home Improvements
Purchsed additional equipment for my new hobby, including lawnmower, weed whipper, sledgehammer, rakes, shovels, ladder, paintbrushes, rollers, paint, roof seal, garbage cans. Home Depot stock climbs dramatically. Time to get to work.

During May, Ron Donohue changed to Home Improvements
Violating the standard tenet of "Don't give him one he would do anyway", Ron changed his hobby.

On 04/15/98, Ron Donohue explored Home Improvements
Purchased a house upon which to practice my hobby. I believe this to be the single largest expense ever incurred in a Winter Camp Hobby.

On 04/4 & 4/5/98, Ron Donohue began Home Improvements
As part of the negotiations for purchasing my new home, I replaced 16 sheets of sheathing on the exterior and recaulked three windows.

On 1/13/98, Steve Donohue continued Writing Haiku
Wrote three more Haiku on The Wall

On 1/12/98, Steve Donohue began Writing Haiku
Wrote my first Haiku right on The Wall.

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