Winter Camp XXI - 1997

Saturday, December 27

Hot Potato Lunch
Kielbasa Bug Juice
Apple Macaroni and Cheese

Undercover Dinner
Milk, Chilled Mints
Peas Sausage and Kraut
Garlic Bread Meatball Stroganoff

Something is out there Snack
Assorted Nuts Soda Pop
Apple, Fresh Sugar Jumbles

Sunday, December 28

Continental Breakfast
Orange Juice Bagel
Milk, Chilled Eggs
Pancakes Pop-Tarts
Doughnuts Cereal, Cold

Mexican Lunch
Taco Shell Taco/Burrito Toppings
Spanish Rice Chips and Salsa
Refried Beans Milk, Chilled
Burrito Tortilla

Caveman Dinner
Chocolate Pudding Garlic Bread
Spaghetti Milk, Chilled
Anti-Pasto Salad

Casino Snack
Soda Pop Assorted Chips
Popcorn Assorted Nuts

Monday, December 29

Continental Breakfast
Eggs Cereal, Cold
Doughnuts Pop-Tarts
Pancakes Bagel
Orange Juice Milk, Chilled

Conglomerate Lunch
Apple, Fresh Rand Stew
Bug Juice Leftovers

Hell Dinner
Bug Juice Soda Cracker
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Chips and Salsa

Bollmano's Pizza
Pizza Sauce Pizza Toppings
Soda Pop Pizza Dough

Tuesday, December 30

Oatley Breakfast
Bread, Whole Wheat Oatmeal
Plain Doughnut Milk, Chilled
Grapefruit Juice

Hume Lunch
Bug Juice Apple, Fresh
BLT Assorted Chips

Southern Hospitality Banquet
Milk, Chilled Roast Chicken
Green Beans Cornbread
Gravy, Sausage Biscuits
Mashed Potatoes Blueberry Pie

Brain Snack
Bug Juice Jello
Caramel Corn

Wednesday, December 31

The Last Breakfast
Milk, Chilled Orange Juice
Sausage Omellette

Space Lunch
Bug Juice Hot Dogs
Chocolate Chip Cookies Pork n' Beans


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