Winter Camp XXI - 1997

Location and Cost

Winter Camp XXI will be held at Beaver Creek and Clearwater Cabins, December 27-31. The cost is $30.30 for youth members (those under 21) and $36.36 for Adult members (everyone else).


Well, the votes are in and this year's them is "Area 51". Be on hand to help us find the aliens among us. Some theme-related activities include:

And of course, there'll be plenty of other activities and our usual assortment of fine foods.


Leader: Tommy Lee
Food: Open
Activities: OPEN

Adviser: Steve Donohue
Food: Ron Donohue
Activities: John Howey


Name Arriving Riding Up With Youth/Adult
Mark Bollman 27-Dec Bollman A
Ron Donohue 26-Dec Donohue A
Steve Donohue 26-Dec Donohue A
Roger Horn ? Horn A
John Howey 26-Dec Howey A
Mark Hunt 27-Dec Hunt A
Tim Hunt 27-Dec Hunt A
Jon Kennedy 27-Dec Kennedy A
Paul Kuypser 27-Dec Kuypser A
Dave Milon 26-Dec Milon A
Dave Oakley 28-Dec Oakley A
Lou Pezet 26-Dec Pezet A
Jeff Rand 26-Dec Rand A
Tom Ray 26-Dec Ray A
Doug Wilson 26-Dec Wilson A
Dave Woods 26-Dec Pezet A
James Ackron 27-Dec Mann Y
Dan Blakney 28-Dec Oakley Y
Robert Hartwig 28-Dec Hartwig Y
Brian Kennedy 27-Dec Kennedy Y
Paul Lambert 26-Dec Lambert Y
Tommy Lee 27-Dec Lambert Y
Erik Lowhorn 26-Dec Mann Y
Brian Mann 27-Dec Mann Y
Dickson Mann 27-Dec Mann Y
Greg Olk 28-Dec Olk Y
Steve Perri 27-Dec Lambert Y
Adam Pezet 26-Dec Pezet Y
Nick Polifroni 28-Dec Polifroni Y
Steve Tapazglou 28-Dec Oakley Y
Jared Thompson 26-Dec Lambert Y
Dan Bollman ? N/A A
Joe Hall ? N/A A
Jim Hunt ? N/A A
Mike Osvath ? N/A A


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