CANADA DAY (12/29)
Winter Camp XXII - 1998


Canada day is one of two themes proposed on-line to actually wind up being included in Winter Camp XXII. The days events are picked with an eye towards recreating the flavor of our neighbor to the north

Scope of Activities

Activities and meals should be associated with Canada somehow

Theme Team

Youth:Steve Clark
Adviser:Ron Donohue
Members:None (so far)


9:00 A.M.   Big Hearty Breakfast
10:00 A.M.
11:00 A.M.
Snow Soccer or Snake Hockey (depends on weather)
12:00 noon
Bouchard's Bonanza
1:30 P.M.
Clearwater Stampede
3:00 P.M.
Saloon Slide and Beerhunter
4:30 P.M.
Murder Mountie Clue
6:00 P.M.
Sallee Manger Supper
7:30 P.M.
Movie: Strange Brew?
9:00 P.M.
Casino Windsor Night and Snack
11:00 P.M.
Trivia: Dead or Canadian?

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On Wednesday, 13-Jan-99 20:21:53 EST,
Steve Clark said
I liked this day most of all!!!

On Monday, 14-Dec-98 13:52:27 EST,
Ron said
I got a real lasso for the calf rope game at the Clearwater Stampede. I hope the stones are ready. I sent Big Bro a message asking for an update. He may also choose to reply in this forum. Either way, as ong as we get the information.

On Wednesday, 09-Dec-98 08:52:53 EST,
Ron said
I also have a Canadian flag, but you can never have too many. I am a little concerned about having a frozen lake for curling. However, if it is cold enough, I think we can frame out an area with 2x4s and staple in visquine, then fill it with water. If we do this early enough, we should be in pretty good shape. We can make the decision at precamp day and go buy 2x4s and visquine and put it together early.

On Monday, 07-Dec-98 19:35:57 EST,
Steve Clark said
That is great! I hope this means you will be bringing them to camp!!!

On Friday, 04-Dec-98 17:52:21 EST,
Jeff said
I have secured 5 Canadian flags and will look for some Canadian Scouting items.

On Tuesday, 01-Dec-98 21:09:58 EST,
Steve Clark said
For those of you who weren't at the meeting, we have a great schedule all planned out...but you'll have to wait until it is posted to find out exactly what's in store on this day

On Thursday, 12-Nov-98 22:25:40 EST,
Steve Clark said
Crap, I did it again I am truly sorry Big Bro, but I guess I was just really tired last nite. Again my apologies.

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 22:09:00 EST,
Steve Clark said
Hey Big Bird, what is shakin with the stones? Are they good to go, or do you need help (I am correct that you said you would do them right? If not sorry my fault). Please either respond here or email ron or I with the answer soon please

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 22:08:39 EST,
Syt said

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 08:34:03 EST,
Ron Donohue said
Wild West is being discussed as part of Canada Day because the Calgary Stampede is one of Canada's best known festivals. We had thought of Lumberjack type activities, but we had done that before. There are numerous ideas for Calgary (Clearwater) Stampede type activities, some of which you suggested. Why not take advantage of those ideas?

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 01:11:24 EST,
Mr. @$$ said
Why is Wild West being discussed? That got voted down from what I remember.

On Saturday, 07-Nov-98 16:10:42 EST,
Lou said
Our version of curling does not include the brooms. I think the reason was it beeing a bit dangerous to go slidding down the ice while sweeping.
Ron, id for some reason Big Bro does not come through with the stones I'm willing to take care of that.

On Friday, 06-Nov-98 17:58:42 EST,
Mark H. said
Vernors comes from Michigan, but if we want ginger ale we could get Canada Dry Ginger Ale..(Try Canada Dry, it's not to sweet, cranberry can't be beat!!)

On Friday, 06-Nov-98 16:11:38 EST,
Steve Clark said
Let me amend that last line of my last entry: I am pretty sure I'll have something to add if I need to (if there aren't already plans laid out for them). Sorry if what I previously said sounded cocky, that was/is not my intent.

On Friday, 06-Nov-98 15:59:19 EST,
Steve Clark said
thoughts for breakfast: maybe we could also have pancakes with maple syrup. Also isn't vernors from Canada? now for casino night: does anyone know of any Canadian card games- not necessarily gambling ones only but that would be nice. Lunch: What is a steamed Michigan? Dinner: maybe here we could have the Vernor's if it comes from Canada I like the curling idea alot but what about the brooms do we have some? if so do we have enough? As for the rest of the ideas I like them too and at this time have nothing to add to them (but trust me I'm pretty sure I will)

On Thursday, 29-Oct-98 17:03:17 EST,
Ron said
Well, I think that one could use milk jugs, but I suspect that something like a flat bowl shape could be better. We could use quikrete and set some kind of handle in it. This probably merits some thought. Anyone else have any thoughts? I know Mark B. was interested in curling and might have a good idea as to how to make the stones. On the wild west theme, I have considerable access to wild west paraphenalia here in Florida,where every other station is country. Let me know if there is stuff I can get to assist in your equipment requirements.

On Thursday, 29-Oct-98 12:19:56 EST,
Big Bro said
I will plan the Wild West Test and post what I come up with here. It may take me a day or two to get the work done. I don't have much skill with wood, so I will not be of use when it comes time to make the sticks for the game. I will try to make the stones though. I think I could do it. Do we still want to use milk jugs, or is there a shape that would make more sense?

On Thursday, 29-Oct-98 11:56:18 EST,
Ron said
Some thoughts on planning and preparation. I posted a response to Big Bro's suggestion about Canada Day, but I do not know if he has seen that response. The gist of it is that I would welcome anyone's participation in the planning for this day, particularly the Clearwater Stampede. I had hoped one of you might review some of the previous suggestions and suggest a slate of activities for the rodeo. The rest of the day is pretty simple. I think that curling is a shoe in, although we need to develop better "stones". I am considering casting them out of cement, since the frozen jugs of water we used the last time had a limited shelf life. LaCrosse also requires some specialized equipment, which I would hope to have fabricated in advance. I would prefer to have this stuff made in Michigan, as I do not want to haul the stuff all the way from Florida. If I am in town befroe the Holidays, I can work on this. Otherwise, I would prefer to find someone in the area (approximately) who can assist in developing the materials. I would be willing to provide financial support and schematics for the equipment, but travel is difficult right now. If we move to snake hockey, I am reasonably sure the Hunts can provide the broken sticks. I will buy a case or two of rootbeer for beerhunter and for saloon slide shuffleboard, if people are interested. renting or buying an appropriate movie and menu plannnig are fairly minor matters, but ones that should probably be addressed shortly.

On Wednesday, 28-Oct-98 09:16:43 EST,
Ron Donohue said
Big Bro: I am very busy right now and woud like a lillte help with Canada Day. You had suggested a Calgary Stampede type day with western events dranw from those suggested. I do not have time to go through all of the suggestions and pick out worthy ideas for this session. Do you have the time and interest to do so? It would be a help. The only new idea (I think) I have is to have a contest where we slide mugs on a simulated saloon top in a sort of western shuffleboard. This could be an evening game tied into the snack.

On Friday, 23-Oct-98 10:04:55 EDT,
Ron Donohue said
I think that Big Bro's idea has merit. We could also combine the two types of events and have a winner in the Clearwater Stampede and in the Tall Timber Title, as well as a best all-arund Canadian. I think we might make an afternoon out of these activities, with the snake hockey and curling (which take less time) in the morning. Beerhunter would be an evening game, perhaps accompanying a movie or as part of the traditional Windsor Casino night activity. The meals are pretty straightforward, we migth just add Canadian Bacon to the stuff available for the continental breakfast.

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 00:12:09 EDT,
Big Bro said
This day could hold some of the games from the west as they would fit in with one of the Great White North's best known fairs. It would be good to hold that as a big thing since we've held a fair for those who cut wood in the past. This would be a new thing.

On Monday, 12-Oct-98 15:45:31 EDT,
Mark said
For the breakfast we should have Tim Horton doughnut's. There is one located in Lapeer.

On Monday, 12-Oct-98 13:53:18 EDT,
Steve said
I added the mountie thing this morning. Would it be cool to have a sort of "cartoony" version of Murder-Clue, where things weren't quite as serious as they've sometimes been.

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