Winter Camp XXII - 1998


The Winter Camp Classics day has been added to the schedule primarily to give us a chance to do all the things we've done before without having to fool around with incorporating them into a new theme

Scope of Activities

Winter Camp Classics include activities and meals that have either been held for a number of years or are uniquely Winter Campesque

Theme Team

Youth:Steve Harig
Adviser:Mark Bollman-->
Members:None (so far)


7:30 A.M.   Meet at Bollmans'
8:00 A.M.
Travel to camp
Recalibrate chronometers
12:00 N.
Hot Potato Lunch
1:00 P.M.
4-Way Volleyball
3:00 P.M.
Cross-Country Golf
4:30 P.M.
Hobby Demo and Draw
6:00 P.M.
Caveman Dinner
7:15 P.M.
Group Baking Starts
8:30 P.M.
Blind Hike I
Retrieve 10-Year Time Capsule
9:30 P.M.
Blind Hike II
11:00 P.M.
Bakery Snack

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On Friday, 15-Jan-99 21:40:16 EST,
Steve Clark said
Just wanted to say that I love 4-way volleyball

On Saturday, 12-Dec-98 10:58:04 EST,

On Saturday, 14-Nov-98 16:46:25 EST,
Mark--> said
Exactly my thoughts about layout of baking: mixing stuff might be a problem in Clearwater, but the bottleneck to the whole process will be oven space--this is where Clearwater can be useful.

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 12:51:48 EST,
Steve said
Whoops! I meant to say more bakers than free timers too. I don't think it will be very practical to have a lot of baking at Clearwater, since ingredients will mostly be at Beaver Creek, but we could certainly make use of the new stove there as well.
My suggestion would allow those who have a good excuse to check in and thus present it. Maybe we just need to squelch the commentary a little.

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 12:11:36 EST,
Mark--> said
I would hope that we would instead have more bakers than free-timers, truth be known. I would also expect that both cabins would be occupied with baking activity. The HD&D modification seems a worthwhile one, although we may miss out on some amusing excuses.

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 09:56:45 EST,
Steve said
I don't think the free timers will be in the way -- if I get my way, there will be more free timers than bakers. I think if there aren't then the free timers will be the ones to go to another cabin.
I'm not sure about trying to squeeze in snow soccer - this day is already pretty full and has two semi-athletic events. It might be better to try to put it in somewhere else.
I think we could move the hobby demo/draw to the evening, but I think we need to modify the format slightly: have people who want to do a demo or story check in with the moderator beforehand and then only call them. We spend almost as much time mocking the people who didn't do their hobby as hearing about the few who did.

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-98 01:18:35 EST,
Mr. @$$ said
During the free time, everyone would be in the way of the bakers. You could have the hobby draw later, but in the other cabin. Would that be a problem? This could leave free time early in the day so we arrange a game of snow soccer.

On Monday, 09-Nov-98 12:45:47 EST,
Steve said
So let's just revise it to look something like:
4:30 P.M.Hobby Demo & Draw
6:00 P.M.Caveman Dinner
7:15 P.M.Begin Baking
8:00 P.M.Blind Hike
Retrieve 10-Year Time Capsule
9:00 P.M. Continue Baking
Free Time
11:00 P.M.Bakery Snack
I think that solves the problem of bread rising and preserve most of the schedule.

On Monday, 09-Nov-98 12:32:22 EST,
Mark--> said
We could, I suppose, move the HD&D to the BC lawn if it's too unusual to hold an indoor event during the day... On to other things. The time change sounds good, althoguh it will make for a shorter Blind Hike (Not a huge problem; it's the quality of the experience, not the quantity. Or so I've thought.). One of the thoughts behind the original timing is that a batch of bread dough could be rising while we're off stumbling about in the self-imposed darkness. There are obvious ways to facilitate this within the new time schedule.

On Friday, 06-Nov-98 13:36:25 EST,
Steve said
An indoor activity during the day? Pretty unusual, but I don't see a problem. I'd suggest that what we should do is push the Blind Hike back to 7:00 and do baking starting at 8:00. To really succeed, I believe the baking needs to be an inclusive activity, with as many people as possible being involved -- holding part of it during another activity will just cause trouble, since there will be arguments about who has to go and who has to stay.

On Friday, 06-Nov-98 12:06:39 EST,
Mark--> said
I want to put this idea out for consideration: I think we need to consider flip-flopping Free Time and the Hobby D&D on this day. The evening schedule feels a little crowded with all of the baking that'll be involved; it might be better if we weren't also running an indoor event and crowding everyone into the dining room where bakers will be working. Moreover, one of the reasons for putting the HD&D on this day was to catch any part-timers who might be around for this day only--it might be more convenient for them if things weren't running so far into the night. (An alternate possibility is to move the HD&D to another day, but I don't think it fits as well anywhere else. Reactions?

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 21:15:30 EDT,
Steve Clark said
GEe.. Volleyball.. Hmm. Am I game? Ask Steve Harig. I'm game and then some. Let's get it on. P.S. Good ideas, I like what I see

On Tuesday, 13-Oct-98 14:00:20 EDT,
Mr. @$$ said
There were so many that some had to be saved for other days. I would personally like to see snow soccer on here because I have never played. I had to watch due to illness. We just have to encorperate these games somewhere else. I was hoping people would wanna play snow soccer during the free time.

On Monday, 12-Oct-98 14:44:14 EDT,
Glen Reid said
Capture the flag/objective happens on the Tron day, day 2, I think.

On Sunday, 11-Oct-98 19:11:00 EDT,
Steve said
How could you leave Capture the Objective out of classics day? No other activity has spawned nearly as many arguments or gone through half as many revisions!!!

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