Winter Camp XXII - 1998

Another fine Winter Camp productionMark Bollman--> was the first to arrive. As he and the rest of the campers filed in they were surprised to see not just the antique candy machine, but two newer relatives. Dave Woods brought along soda and snack vending machines.
The setup crew also "built" some shelves using scrap lumber and milk crates. This morning, Ron Donohue and Doug Wilson teamed up to hook up the phone line so we'd have internet access.

The day started with the Hot Potato Lunch (no photos available). It went reasonably well and Tim Hunt's late arrival meant that hardly any potatoes were thrown. Mr. Rand added some additional fun by insisting on showing anyone who gave him the potato exactly what he was not eating An in-action shot!Here you can see the game in action. We've drawn a circle around the ball, which is even harder to spot in the photo than it is in real life.
The RotationThe game involves a lot of rotation as individual teams rotate every time they serve and the whole game rotates any time any team's score is divisible by four.
The VictorsThe first game, which was organized by birthday, was won by the May 1st through June 5th team.
The second game was one by the First Class and Star teams who narrowly edged the Eagles without Palms.

Later in the day we played cross-country golf Dr. Beast tees offDr. Beast launched the longest tee-shot, hitting the ice for a massive roll.
Big EEric "Big E" Lowhorn chips a shot off the ice.
Dave Oakley with a tough lieDespite this lie, Dave Oakley's team went on to score a birdy, but they still lost to team 1.

The caveman dinnerThe caveman dinner never fails to bring out the best in table manners.

We buried a time capsule in 1988 and this was the year we finally dug it up. Among the treasures inside was a complete menu for the "Salute to the States" Banquet, a piece of trivia long thought lost Sawing the capsuleDoug Wilson, Steve Donohue, Adam Pezet and Jim Ackron teamed up to saw the capsule open
A yummy snack capsuleMark Bollman--> and Jeff Rand ate most of two cookies found in the capsule as they had promised to do ten years earlier. They didn't finish them because everyone else insisted on having a bite as well.

That's pretty much it for today. More tomorrow, following the service project

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