Winter Camp XXII - 1998
Goon ChefsThe day started with John Howey, Dave Milon and Steve Donohue preparing a lovely meal of green peppermin oatmeal.

An in-action shot!The first order of the day, once we realized that the service project would have to be tomorrow was to play some snow soccer

Curling in actionWhen the curling stones didn't show up (Thanks Big Bro) we improvised with bocchi balls.

Following a fine lunch of steamed hot dogs and fries with gravy, we tried our hand at the Clearwater Stampede.The events included roping, can shooting and the saloon slide.

Ron demonstrates the techniqueMost of the cows managed to make a break for it as we weren't very successful at roping.
Saloon SlideThe saloon slide was run in several heats with teams of six competing to move water from one end of the table to the other.

Later in the day we played Murder-Mountie Clue and discovered that Big Bro was a Big Loser. Following that we had a fine Canadian dinner of Tortiere and left-over potatoes.

A fine Canadian cakeTim Hunt decorated a cake with a maple leaf

After dinner, we watched "Strange Brew" then played Dead or Canadian Jeopardy, and the opened our casino

Arnold Horschak?Despite repeated requests, players insisted on raising their hands.

That's pretty much it for today. More tomorrow, following the service project

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