Winter Camp XXII - 1998

The following is a summary of all the evaluation forms turned in on Winter Camp XXII. There were a total of 24. Sadly, we didn't think to ask a few obvious questions (one theme, many themes, or no themes) and not everyone participated. At any rate, the results are below:

Meals - Actual Food

Rated lowest to highest
Never Tell Me The Odds Dinner6.3
Cantina Lunch6.74
Oatley Breakfast7.11
Geometric Lunch7.59
Hot Potato Lunch7.64
Bring me a Bucket Lunch7.67
Casino Snack7.71
Continental Breakfast7.9
Caveman Diner7.91
Bakery Snack8.1
Big Hearty Breakfast8.14
Bouchard's Bonanza8.36
Salle manger Supper8.45
Burger-Time Dinner8.57
Pac-Man Snack8.81
Pizza the Hutt9.79

Meals - Themes

Rated lowest to highest
Cantina Lunch7.04
Geometric Lunch7.18
Oatley Breakfast7.37
Never Tell Me The Odds Dner7.43
Bouchard's Bonanza7.73
Caveman Diner7.73
Casino Snack7.81
Salle manger Supper7.86
Hot Potato Lunch7.9
Big Hearty Breakfast7.95
Burger-Time Dinner8.14
Continental Breakfast8.38
Bring me a Bucket Lunch8.72
Bakery Snack9.2
Pizza the Hutt9.54
Pac-Man Snack9.82

Activities - Ideas

Rated lowest to highest
Monty Python Movie6.38
Discs of Tron7.23
Blind Hike7.45
Clearwater Stampede7.53
Hobby Draw7.67
hobby Demo7.71
Deploy Rebel Forces7.86
Casino Windsor Night7.95
Canada Trivia8.09
Group Baking8.27
Assemble Fleet8.33
Destroy the Death Star8.45
Saloon Slide8.63
Cross-Country Golf8.65
Viral Infestation9.18
Snow Soccer9.26
4 Way Volleyball9.45

Activities - Execution

Rated lowest to highest
Monty Python Movide4.36
hobby Demo6.9
Hobby Draw7.1
Group Baking7.14
Deploy Rebel Forces7.43
Casino Windsor Night7.59
Clearwater Stampede7.79
Blind Hike7.86
Assemble Fleet8
Canada Trivia8.36
Viral Infestation8.55
Discs of Tron8.7
Saloon Slide8.84
Destroy the Death Star8.86
Cross-Country Golf9
Snow Soccer9.3
4 Way Volleyball9.41

Sampling of comments

The following are some of the comments made on the forms. Comments which offered no constructive value have been omitted

The following activities, meals and or themes were suggested. Where available, details have been provided.

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