Winter Camp XXII - 1998

Log your progress for this year.

Paul KupserSilversmithingScuba divingBrewingSilversmithingDNA
Steve ClarkBabysittingHelp with advancementKnot-tyingEarn Pioneering Merit BadgeSwitched to collecting Scout Books
Lou PezetGolfHome-buyingPez CollectingPez CollectingCollected a few
Dave MilonFly tyingInvestingGuitar PlayingGuitar PlayingNo Report
Tom RayMovie makingSculptingSword-SwallowingMovie makingPlanned for WC XXIII, but did not happen
Dickson MannJugglingSnowboardingWhite-Water RaftingWhite-water raftingNo Report
John HoweyInvestingCalisthenicsLocksmithingInvest $1000Made 196% investing in Sun Mirosystems
Dave OakleyHat CollectingPin CollectingCollecting Baden-Powell BooksCollect B-P booksExhibited extensive collection of B-P memorabilia
Tim HuntCookie bakingMineral CollectingInternet surfingMineral CollectingShowed a large collection of minerals
Ron DonohueWoodworkingLandscapingDog TrainingLandscapingReported throughout 1999 on his work at his Florida Home
Mark HuntCollecting On-Line CD'sTarot ReadingComplete old hobbiesCollect 144 sample CD'sSomewhat more than 144 accumulated
Dave WoodsFour-Way Volleyball Net BuildingFinish Previous HobbiesMovie CollectingFour-Way Volleyball Net BuildingSuccessfully constructed a net used at WC XXIII
Steve DonohueLearn PerlChess Set CollectingTarot ReadingChess Set CollectingCollected a large number of sets
Steve HarigChameleon RaisingExotic Weapon CollectingGarage Sale ShoppingGarage Sale ShoppingNo report
Adam PezetBass GuitarSpeak GermanPhotograph Classic CarsBass GuitarPlayed intro to “My Friend Misery” by Metallica
Tom LeePascal ProgrammingAmateur RadioToy VW CollectingAmateur RadioDNA
Zach PolifroniCredit Card CollectingFarmingWater PoloWater PoloDNA
James AckronMusic CollectingGolf Yo-YoingYo-YoingDNA
Erik LowhornSky-divingComedyBody PaintingBody PaintingDNA
Geoff BoothModel BuildingMarksmanshipFiremanshipRacing Sled DogsNo Report
Greg OlkSkiingWater CollectingMovie WatchingWater CollectingDNA
Neile GauthierModel Car CollectingLicense Plate CollectingModel RocketryLicense Plate CollectingNo report
Brian LenzMagazine CollectingCoin CollectingYo-YoingCoin CollectingNo Report
Ron LindowSoftware CollectingBaseballCard PlayingCard PlayingNo report
Mark BollmanOld-time RadioForeign Coin CollectingMarble CollectingForeign Coin CollectingCollected 55 countries
Jeff RanShort Story WritingStoneworkAstronomyStoneworkDid some work on this; also pursued scatology

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