Winter Camp XXII - 1998

This is the Hobby Log for Winter Camp XXII. The log for Winter Camp XXI hobbies is still available.

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On nov 11th, I Ed Oneil began collect9ing chess sets
I was going through my grandmothers garage after he untimely death only a few short weekd before and I found a Conqueror Sculptured chess set by ganine perfect other than a little mildew..Ain't I lucky?????Whats it worth????

On 11/19/01, gonzalo b casares began looking for a Gothic chess set by Ganine

On 1/18/99, Steve Donohue continued collecting Chess Sets
It's only a successful hobby if you're still doing it after your trial year, right? Anyhow it's a very sweet looking American Revolution set. Someday, there'll be photos.

On 12/23/99, David W completed building a 4-way volley ball net
it's finnished and most professional looking.
corporate sponsers are now being accepted for the N'th annuale WC4WVBT

In December, Steve surveyed his chess set collection.
I've determined I have way too many chess sets to box up, bring to camp, not use, and bring home. As a result, I plan to bring up 2 or 3 of the best and/or smallest ones and just take pictures of the rest for the web page.

On 4/3/99, Jeff Rand continued Scatology
Encountered porcupine droppings while hiking in the Catskills. This was my first chance to examine the digestive habits of this creature.

On 4/2/99, Jeff Rand explored Scatology
Went biking in the chicken farming area of the Delmarva peninsula. One does not need sight or hearing to recognize this area. I prefere the olfactory sensation on a cattle ranch.

On April 10, Ron Donohue continued lanscaping
Completed the front entrance ramp project. In the final analysis, I used
approximately 60 50# bags of sand for underlayment, 10 2X4" pressure treated
as a frame and a half dozen landscape timbers. Tool rentals included
a power auger and a block and cement saw (comes on a trailer). A little
heavier duty than I had intended, but it looks pretty good. A photo will
be posted in idue course.

On 3-28-99, Ron continued landscaping
Planted a King Sago Palm purchased at Home Depot with gift cards
provided by Steve and parents as Anninersary gift. Plant was placed in the middle of
the new bed, providing "just the right touch" according to neighbor Chip McNeer.

On March 27,28, Ron continued landscaping
Completed tearing apart wooden walkway structure. Leveled ground and
began experimenting with various landscape paving stones. Settled on a
pattern of 18"X36" coral stones and 18"X18" brick pattern pavers. Alternated
them with the 18"X18" on right, then left, then right. Coral stones acquired from
Tom Sweany, who salvaged them from a job site. Steve helped pick up seven while he was here,
I picked up the other 22 on Sunday. Two trips, as they weighed about 120 lbs. per. I also
purchased 25 of the 18"X18" stone from Home Depot. I plan to frame the walkway
with pressure treated two by fours anchored with landscape timers. The next step will be
getting a truckload of sand and screeing the ground to a uniform two inch depth. Stones will
then be placed, with cement sand swept into all gaps at end of project to lock pavers in place.
Any suggestions or modifications would be welcome. Fortunately, no winter so I do not have
to create a gravel base, just tamp down the sand.

On March 19, Ron continued lanscaping
Ripped out 34' X 4' walkway made of pressure treated lumber that
was rotting. Walkway led from driveway to front door. Assisted
in job by Steve and Lynda Donohue. Mostly a sledgehammer job, you know
that I love that.

During February, Ron began landscaping
Cleared ground for a continuation of existing plant bed, approximately
400 square feet. Instaled border (plastic) and fiber barrier, then poured in
about 40 bags of Eucalyptis chips. The I transplanted two
Bird of Paradise plants from the existing flower beds. Transplanted spproximately
20 variegated Lariope that were strewn aout the yard to make a front edge border.
Planted 11 vibernum suspensum as a hedge near house. Also sodded approximately
400 square feet of dirt with St. Augustine grass. Hope it rains soon. Steve took pictures,
so we should see before/after at some point in time.

On 2/8/99, Steve won an E-Bay auction for a Sculptured Chess Set
I've now won auctions on every sort of chess set I was trying to win at Winter Camp. My total is pretty impressive considering my collection is a month old:

  1. Four way chess, octagonal board

  2. Four way chess, extended board

  3. Three way chess

  4. Three Dimensional Chess

  5. Cardinal Chess (has 20 pieces per side and a 10 x 10 board

  6. Chinese Set

  7. Scrimshaw Set

  8. Mandarin Set

  9. Roman Set

  10. Sculptured Set

  11. Staunton Set

  12. Pipe Set (constructed by Joe Hall

  13. 8 Faeries Set

  14. Refrigerator Magnet Set

  15. Hand-made wooden set (cheesy)

  16. Cheesy plastic sets (3 or 4 of 'em)

Next step: pictures, just to be a pain.

On 1/28/98, Steve won an E-Bay auction for a Mandarin Chess Set
This is the same set I was bidding on at camp. Two of the guys who've hosed me on previous bids tried to jump in with less than 30 seconds to go, but my top bid held and I won the auction.

On 1/28/99, Mark--> began Foreign coin collecting
I cleaned out the top drawer of my desk and found coins lying around from Germany, Switzerland, Canada (okay, no big challenge), Italy, and Great Britain. 4 or 5 down, 7 or 8 to go. Amazing what turns up sometimes...

On 1/28/99, Mark--> began Foreign coin collecting
I cleaned out the top drawer of my desk and found coins lying around from Germany, Switzerland, Canada (okay, no big challenge), Italy, and Great Britain. 4 pr 5 down, 7 or 8 to go. Amazing what turns up sometimes...

On 1/27/99, Steve received a very cool chess set for his collection
The set is made completely out of pieces of pipe welded and/or screwed together. It was created by the even cooler Joe Hall

On 1/10/99, Steve was disappointed in his attempt to acquire the Gothic Chess set.
yes, it's happened again. I was the winning bidder at 72.09 for the last three days. At 8:15, I put in a security bid of $85.85, just to make sure I stayed on top. With the auction ending at 8:33:40, I thought I was safe. At 8:33:32, some scumbag bid 86.07 and took it from me.
Of course, there's another one available and I'm now the leading bidder on it, so there's hope.

On 1/9/99, Steve opted for a slightly different version of his hobby
Truthfully, I think I'm already there. I have:

  • Doubles Chess

  • 4-Way Chess

  • Conqueror Chess Set

  • Boxwood Chess Set

  • Travelling Chess set

  • 8 Faeries Set (en route)

  • Hand carved set (en route)

  • Red & White Set (en route)

  • King Richard Set (en route)

  • Hanging magnet set (en route)

  • Cheesy onyx set

  • Really cheap K-mart sets (3 of 'em)

  • Ganine Gothic Set (Please, please, please let me win

  • Cardinal Set (Dutch winner)

  • Glass Set (Dutch winner)

  • Tri-Chess Set (Leading bidder)
What it comes down to is that my new hobby for '99 is theoretically over.

Not anymore: I've come up with a slightly different hobby that will probably be more fun. I'm not going to say what it is though, because I think it needs to be a surprise.

NO, I am not going to try to mold my own chess set of Winter Campers; although that might be fun, I just don 't have the talent for it nor do I want to develop it.

On 1/9/99, Steve received a second set
Received my second set through E-Bay, this one arrived unbroken although the fact that it was plastic rendered that less of an achievement than it might first seem.

On 1/8/99, Steve received his first Chess Set from an E-Bay Auction
Hopefully, this one will not be a harbinger of future events. To start with, when I opened the box, one of the decorative corners was loose. It looked like a little judicious gluing could fix it, so I didn't freak out. Checking further though, I found three of the pieces were broken. I'm currently working with the seller to figure out what to do next. Luckily, it was insured.

On 1/1/99, Steve was robbed of yet another awesome chess set.
Damn, there I was washing dishes and they outbid me by a buck.

On 1/1/99, Steve ordered a refrigerator magnet set.
It looks like fun and would be neat to hang on the wall at camp.

On 12/30/98, Steve continued collecting chess sets
Yet another E-Bay auction victory for a handcrafted chess set.

On 12/29/98, Steve missed a cool Mandarin chess set
Some weaselboy bid on it with only 4 seconds left; I couldn't get my bid in fast enough to reclaim it.

On 12/28/98, Steve continued collecting chess set
I won another e-bay auction for a Scrimshaw set with a seafaring motif.

On 12/26/98, Steve continued collecting Chess Sets
I won an E-bay auction for a Jade Green and Sandstone chess set.

On 12/25/98, Steve began collecting Chess Sets
I received a lovely Staunton style set in a wood box as a Christmas gift.

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