MEETING 10/11/98
Winter Camp XXII - 1998

The meeting started roughly on time. In attendance at the beginning were:
Youth:Steve Harig, Tom Lee
Goons:Mark Hunt, Tim Hunt, Paul Kupser, Dave Milon, Lou Pezet, Dave Woods(Late Arrival)
Adults:Mark Bollman, Steve Donohue, John Howey, Tom Ray, Doug Wilson(Late Arrival)

The meeting eventually came to order and it was agreed that there would be a variety of themes for the weekette. The themes suggested already were defaulted onto the list, then a brainstorming session, followed by voting, ensued. The suggestions and results are described below. For details on some of these themes, consult the Themes page.

RatingThemeSuggested by
(As I recall)
0.0Youth DaySteve Harig
2.0Masquerade DayTom Ray
6.0Roman DayTim Hunt
7.8Seventies dayPaul Kupser
8.2Scots DayJohn Howey
9.2High Society DayJohn Howey
9.4Dazed & Confused DaySteve Harig
9.8Goon DayDave Milon
10.2RenaissanceLou Pezet
10.8Western DaySteve Donohue
10.8Future DayMark Hunt
11.4Sports DayLou Pezet/Paul Kupser
11.8Movie DaySteve Donohue
13.4WrestlingSteve Harig
13.6Python DaySteve Donohue
15.0Gambling DayLou Pezet
16.4Classics DayMark Bollman/Tom Ray
16.6Star Wars DayJohn Howey
17.8Tron DaySteve Donohue
22.0Canada DayRon Donohue

After the dust settled we realized that Wrestling was out. Somehow we missed that Gambling Day was in though, so we settled on doing Canada Day, Classic Day, Tron Day, Python Day and Star Wars Day

It was decided to do Tron and Python on the short days. Classics was put on Sunday so more old timers could be on hand. Events were pretty quickly settled for Classics, Python and Tron. Canada and Star Wars are, at this point, a little less detailed, although we are expecting more information from their design teams shortly.

Steve Donohue agreed to post the results on the page so that those not in attendance could review them and make comments. The plan now is for the November 27 meeting to serve largely to ratify the plans of the various design teams and to make assignments for specific projects. At that meeting we will finalize our schedule and menus.

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