Winter Camp XXII - 1998

Well, the jury has returned and the verdict is in. There will be multiple theme days this year. The themes and teams are as follows:

DayThemeAdviserYouthLast Update
27ClassicMark Bollman-->Steve HarigSunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:28 EDT
28Service/TronDave WoodsTom LeeSunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:38 EDT
29CanadaRon DonohueSteve ClarkSunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:28 EDT
30Star WarsJohn HoweyOpenSunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:38 EDT
31PythonesqueTom RayOpenSunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:37 EDT

To see plans for the day as they stand so far, just click on the activity link. You'll also be able to comment on the plans right on the page, or you can send e-mail to most of the leaders/advisers. If you're a youth and you're interested in leading one of the teams, contact Steve Harig and let him know. If you want to be on one of the teams, contact its chairman or adviser.

Detailed minutes of the first meeting are available.

The whole schedule, the menu, and the Equipment List are also available.

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