Winter Camp XXII - 1998


The Winter Camp Pythonesque Day is the last day of camp. It will have few activities, but one of them, the movie, will certainly be a major undertaking. The idea is to spend a day doing things based on Monty Python sketches and movies

Scope of Activities

Activities for this day must be silly and must, to the extent possible, resemble things one might see in a Python movie or sketch

Theme Team

Adviser:Tom Ray
Members:None (so far)

Proposed Schedule

9:00 A.M.   Continental Breakfast
10:00 A.M.
Quest to Time Capsule
11:30 A.M.
Film Fill-in Scenes
12:00 N.
Bring me a Bucket Lunch
4:17 P.M.
Depart for Home

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On Tuesday, 24-Nov-98 21:28:24 EST,
Mark Rovick (aka Machque) said
Tom, Just "serfed in" and caught this site. As an arrowman from the warm south (Ohio?) I would think perversly Monty way that one of your activities should include a Paul Bunyon team contest IN DRAG as befits all Lumber Jacks! WWW Enjoy the weather and I hope it is cool! Machque "Bear"

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 14:27:15 EDT,
Tom said
You guys want to help? Email me your suggestions and ideas

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 00:18:14 EDT,
Big Bro said
This will be a hard day. We need to have a plan if we are to have our own film. I would like to work with the group that makes the script. If no one else signs up to do it, I will take the thoughts the rest of the group has and mix them to make a tale we can film.

On Tuesday, 13-Oct-98 14:11:07 EDT,
Mr. @$$ said
If no one else has volenteered, I volenteer to be the one Questing for Spam. I also have some ideas for the movie.

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