Winter Camp XXII - 1998


Star Wars day is meant to bring the movie to life.

Scope of Activities

Activities should be inspired by the movie; even normal activities shoudl

Theme Team

Youth:Dickson Mann
Adviser:John Howey
Members:Dave Milon, Lou Pezet


9:00 A.M.   Continental Breakfast
10:00 A.M.
Deployment of Rebel Forces
12:00 noon
Cantina Lunch
1:30 P.M.
Rescue the Princess
3:30 P.M
Assemble the Rebel Fleet
5:45 P.M
Destroy the Death Star
7:00 P.M
"Never tell me the odds" Dinner
8:00 P.M
11:00 P.M
Bollmano's "Pizza the Hutt"

Note: Not all of this is written in stone yet. Details will be worked on this Saturday, December 5; ask John for more details.

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On Thursday, 26-Sep-02 17:15:50 EDT,
jacen said
DearJania,yea i know of one but can not give it's name out. sorry,BUTi can tell you this "Keep you hopes alive" a famouse jedi knight said that do you know who? see ya Jacen

On Thursday, 26-Sep-02 17:10:41 EDT,
Jania said
I love star wars. does anyone know of a star wars club for girls IN ALABAMA that doesn't cost a fortune?if so please post on web site 'cause I donot have a email adress. Thank you, Jania

On Sunday, 22-Nov-98 10:45:51 EST,
Boba Fett said
Lou, you rule! I went to the Movies, and because of Jaime we were late and I missed it!!!!!!!

On Friday, 20-Nov-98 07:59:16 EST,
Lou said
For those of you who weren't aware Channel 2 show the complete trailer for Episode One last night. I was lucky enough record it. Since it lloks like some planning is going to have to be done the planning meeting, we could show it to get people in the mood.(If you haven't seen it John, i know you'll be interested.)

On Monday, 16-Nov-98 23:26:39 EST,
Mr. @$$ said
Big Bro, you can't expect people to beg you. Just say you want to be a member of the team and give them some ideas. From the looks of things, they could definately use some. Are you guys planning ahead on setting up rails to find the parts on? Do you already have parts? I may sound like an early bird freak, but we need to get crackin.

On Wednesday, 04-Nov-98 00:30:20 EST,
Steve said
Might have been good if I'd explained what it was. Basically, it's a swordfighting game, where the players each have a book and execute maneuvers based on the picture they see. They then compare numbers and go to the next page. I think I had a tie fighter/x-wing one somewhere too, but that could just be a phantom. I'll keep looking.

On Wednesday, 04-Nov-98 00:29:18 EST,
Steve said
Okay, so as I looked around, I found my old Lightsaber Duelling Pack. it's a little beat up, but still good.

On Tuesday, 03-Nov-98 18:49:09 EST,
Bobafett said
Hey Webmaster Daha, change my email on this page!

On Tuesday, 03-Nov-98 18:46:19 EST,
John said
Well, I have some StarWars games that I bought. Including this neat target game where you shoot stormtroopers (the game console is in the shape of Darth Vader's head). Don't know how good they really are (didn't have batteries). But we could do some sort of optional indoor games and/or takedown in the evening...

On Friday, 23-Oct-98 07:19:17 EDT,
Lou said
Sorry Hoh = Hoth

On Friday, 23-Oct-98 07:17:53 EDT,
Lou said
Yeah, it could resemble fleeing from Hoh ar any of the other bases that the rebels had to leave.

On Thursday, 22-Oct-98 13:15:10 EDT,
Mark--> said
Just a thought here...With the ambitious schedule we have planned for Day Five, it might be useful to take an idea from the old "generic schedule" and plan a minor work/early limited teardown session for the evening on this day.

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 12:34:34 EDT,
John said
BigBro you worthless piece of filth!
You are so full of crap. Dave and I were planning this day (at the pre-planning meeting) by ourselves, in fact the rough schedule for the day had NO input from Steve... Maybe if you had been there you would have known this...

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 00:14:54 EDT,
Big Bro said
I fear this day. It does not look well planned and John and Dave are held in sway by Dog. If there are things I can do to help, just ask. I have seen the films, though I do not know all there is to know on this.

On Tuesday, 13-Oct-98 14:13:17 EDT,
Mr. @$$ said
You have to have the pizza too because everyone else has theirs planned.

On Tuesday, 13-Oct-98 14:08:57 EDT,
Mr. @$$ said
You should have some Space Food for the snack at the end. You can get yogurt and ice cream.

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