TRON DAY (12/28)
Winter Camp XXII - 1998


The Tron theme is intended to let everyone try their hand at various video games brought to life. It also serves as a relatively simple theme on the day when we're doing the service project.

Scope of Activities

Activities and meals should have a video game theme.

Theme Team

Youth:Tom Lee
Adviser:Dave Woods
Members:None (so far)


9:00 A.M.   Oatley Breakfast
10:17 A.M.
Begin Service Project
1:17 P.M.
Geometric Lunch
1:47 P.M.
Continue to slave for the MCP
4:17 P.M.
Discs of Tron
6:00 P.M.
Burger-Time Dinner
7:30 P.M.
Viral Infestation
9:30 P.M.
Free Time
11:00 P.M.
Pac-Man Snack

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On Tuesday, 12-Jan-99 20:53:01 EST,
Steve Clark said
I just thought I'd mention that I liked discs of tron!

On Saturday, 12-Dec-98 14:11:28 EST,
Big Daha said
Okay, I just spotted "Deadly Discs of Tron" for the Intellivision on the ebay auction and put a bid on it. Lou thinks he might have an Intellivision and I know the Bollmen used to. If you can find one easily (Lou had no clue where there's was), it would be a big help (of course, I may not win the auction; I'll know in a few hours).

On Thursday, 10-Dec-98 12:32:30 EST,
Mark H. said
I can get glow sticks again this year. If we want some, how many do we need and also how many different colors???

On Friday, 06-Nov-98 00:57:25 EST,
Mr. @$$ said
We already do all that.

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 00:04:57 EDT,
Big Bro said
I like this day. It has lots of new things and a youth who will lead it. We could put one of my thoughts here too and hold "web page school". That would be good. It is not quite a game, but it is its own world and would be a good thing for folks to know how to do. Since it is one of the first days, Dog might show the youth how to do it and then they could send the page for each day of camp to the Web.

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