Winter Camp XXIII - 1999

Blind Hike (Alpha)/Baking (Beta)

During the first session of this activity one group will make bread and other baked goods while the other group hikes to the time capsule blindfolded, digs it up, and brings it back to the cabin. This version of the hike will be at least slightly more gruelling than the second one.

Blind Hike (Beta)/Baking (Alpha)

During this session, one group will take a less gruelling but still blindfolded hike while the other group continues with the baking.


During the campfire we will roast marshmellows (like the Sneetches), tell stories of Winter Camps Past (and to think that I saw in Beaver Creek Camp), and sing songs.

Ceremonial Training

There is a signup page for this event. Using the page will let us schedule the training people are really interested in. Everyone will participate, but only those who visit the webpage will get to vote on what kinds of training are offered.

Clean and Pack

It is important to remember that everyone is expected to help clean and pack up the cabin before we leave on Friday. The more we all help, the easier it will be.

Depart for camp; recalibrate chronometers

Winter Camp Time is 77 minutes ahead of normal time (so if you leave at 8:00, it'll really by 9:17 at Winter Camp). This lets us sleep in and get an extra hour of daylight. 77 was the year of the first Winter Camp.

Depart for home

Rides are very important. If you or your parents can help, please let Steve Clark or Steve Donohue know.

Discs of Tron

For this year's version, we're going to play a variant form of Frisbee Ultimate, which is sort of like football with a frisbee. More rules will be provided at camp.

Droopy Drawers Marathon for youth

Can the "old men" of Winter Camp make it as alterna-teens? You be the judge as each advisor at Winter Camp tries to look like a kid for role-reversal day. After the dress-up, there will be a marathon of events for them to attempt.

Dr. Seuss Challenge

The Grinch has stolen Christmas and he's headed for Solla Sollew. Can you and the other residents of Hooville catch him before it's too late?

Easter Egg Hunt

We're looking for plastic eggs for this event; contact Steve Clark if you can help. If we find eggs, this will be just what it sounds like.

Special Effects Demo

After spending some time in the afternoon learning how the various effects work, we'll actually use a few of them in the evening when they're a little more spectacular.

Sporting event chosen by vote - golf, ultimate, volleyball, etc.

Most likely this will be kickball or another round of Four-Way Volleyball, but the field is wide open as long as we can improvise equipment.

Four-Way Volleyball

A Winter Camp classic! This event uses two nets, four teams, one ball, and a custom scoring mechanism to take volleyball to a new level. The basic rules

More details will be provided on game day

Free Time - opportunity for the youth to get into trouble, nap for

During this role-reversal event, the "youth" will attempt to get away with murder while the "adults" try to stop them.

Future Society Meeting

The Winter Camp Future Society is a group of campers who donate money to hold a special event every 5 years at Winter Camp. You can find out more in their section of the Winter Camp page. While open to anyone, only members are required to attend.

Cross-Country Golf

Test your skills on our Par 62 course. Teams tee off at the Beaver Creek Skills building and attempt to put the ball in the cup, which is located at the nearby BC Field Sports area.

Hobby Demo

Each year, campers agree to try out a new hobby for a year, at the hobby demo they get to show off the results of their new hobby.

New Year's Resolutions

During this event, every camper will propose several new hobbies he might take up in the coming year. The rest of the group will vote to select one of them. You can find out more by looking at Winter Camp's Hobby Center.

Hunches In Bunches

For this event, we issue chips, place our bets and try to find the winners as we play blackjack, roulette and other casino games.

I Can Lick Thirty Tigers Today Challenge

For this Seuss inspired event, everyone will try to see how many licks it takes them to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

Pinata Smash

Just what it sounds like - we're going to spin some people around and give 'em big sticks to swing at candy-filled sculptures.

McElligot's Pool

Another Seuss event; for this one we're going to play billiards either on the lake or at the fieldsports area. The billiard balls will be at least beachball size, and we'll try to find some telephone poles to use as cue sticks.

Cat's Quizzer

A trivia quiz on children's literature; luckily, each team can miss nine questions before being eliminated.

Morning Service Project (Arbor Day)

The service project is one of our oldest traditions. Each year, we try to do more work faster and better than the rangers expect us to.

Sledding, snowball fight, etc.

Just a little fun in the snow (if we have any); otherwise we'll find something else just as good.

Bedtime Story: Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book

Everybody loves a bedtime story.

Special Ceremony "Return of the Lenape"

Exact details of this ceremony are still being worked out, but it is expected to be an effects-laden celebration of the glory of our Brotherhood.

Christmas Tree Decorating

What kind of Holiday wouldn't have a tree of some sort?

Video Game Finals

Signups will take place on Monday with double elimination tournament action every day until the finals on Friday.

Y2K Filming begins

We're going to make our own movie again!

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