Winter Camp XXIII - 1999


Dan BlakneyYouth20.20Monday-Tuesday
Dave BoothYouth32.32
Steve ClarkYouth32.32
Neile GauthierYouth32.32
Neil GrayYouth32.32
Sean GrayYouth32.32
Robert HartwigYouth32.32
Bryan KennedyYouth32.32
Keith KingYouth32.32
Brian LenzYouth32.32
Ron LindoweYouth32.32
Brian LongreYouth32.32
Dickson MannYouth32.32
Steve PerriYouth32.32
Mike QuirouetteYouth32.32
John RahrigYouth20.00Arriving Wednesday evening
Dave RadeckiYouth32.32
Steve TapazglouYouth32.32
Brian WalkerYouth32.32
Mark Bollman-->Adult38.38
Ron DonohueAdult38.38
Steve DonohueAdult38.38
John HoweyAdult38.38Charged $1.62 fee for uncertain calendar
Tim HuntAdult38.38
Mark HuntAdult30.30Monday-Wednesday
Dave MilonAdult40.40Charged $1.62 pay in checkout line fee
Dave OakleyAdult24.24Monday-Tuesday
Adam PezetAdult40.00Charged the standard 1.62 fee for clueless adults
Lou PezetAdult38.38
Harold RahrigAdult20.00Arriving Wednesday evening
Jeff RandAdult40.00
Tom RayAdult40.40Charged $1.62 pay in checkout line fee
Mr. WilsonAdult38.38
Dave WoodsAdult38.38
Cash Advance400.00


Cabin Rental290.00Owed
Lazer Tag Fee20.00Paid


All promises and arrangements have been satisfied or broken. The list above is complete
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