This day is two-fold, combining the suggestion for a Youth Day (where youth and adults would change roles) with a suggestion for a day of ceremonial training. For this day, youth will be adults and adults will be youth. The youth will set up and conduct a ceremony while attempting to explain enough to their advisers so they think everything is safe.

The tentative leader for this day is Jeff Rand and his adviser is Mike Quirouette.

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On Tuesday, 14-Dec-99 17:25:01 EST, DaveM said

Sure, they were inspected. But were they approved?

On Tuesday, 14-Dec-99 10:25:32 EST, Jeff said

I have secured at least three mystery meats (all USDA inspected) for the Mystery Meat Mexican Meal.

On Thursday, 25-Nov-99 01:23:11 EST, Steve Clark said

One thought, a vigil ceremony training class may be useless since we have no youth, err adults in our chapter that attend anything anymore that are vigil

On Sunday, 14-Nov-99 18:34:52 EST, Steve D. said

On-line form would be a piece of cake if this turns out to be a go. Guess we'll know in a few days.

On Sunday, 07-Nov-99 16:16:54 EST, Jeff Rand said

Ceremonies Day Ideas

Please note that for purposes of this day adults are aged 20 and less, while youth are 21 and over. Adults will have to set rules for the youth, i.e. bed times, buddy plan, no electricity in latrines, etc.

Proposed Schedule
9:00 Breakfast - Performance of 1936 Pre-Ordeal Ceremony
10:00 Droopy Drawers Marathon for youth
10:30 Sporting event chosen by vote - golf, ultimate, volleyball, etc.
12:30 Oakes Lunch - Adults tell stories of the "good old days of Winter Camp before the kids were born"
1:30 Free Time - opportunity for the youth to get into trouble, nap for the adults
2:30 Sledding, snowball fight, etc.
3:30 Ceremonial Training
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Special Effects Demo
8:00 Special Ceremony "Return of the Lenape"
10:00 Snack

Potential Training Sessions- Youth and adults may attend two
( ) Special Effects
( ) Brotherhood Ceremonies
( ) E&S Advance Preparations
( ) The Components of a Good Ordeal Ceremony
( ) Pre-Ordeal Ceremonies
( ) Costuming
( ) Tap Out Ceremonies
( ) Dynamic Characterization
( ) Ceremonial elements that increase the heart rate in youth and the blood pressure in adults
( ) Creating an awe inspiring site
( ) Vigil Ceremonies
( ) "My Path to the Arrow": hiking and other important elements to create the emotional atmosphere

We might want to create an online form to sign-up.

On Sunday, 07-Nov-99 16:07:48 EST, said

Ceremonies Day Ideas


On Wednesday, 27-Oct-99 00:56:27 EDT, Steve D. said

Well, I haven't added any walls for discussions of other chapter functions, but i could. I suppose I would do that on the Migisi pages though. Look for it next time I get off my butt.

On Wednesday, 27-Oct-99 00:34:36 EDT, Jeff said

Special effects in Winter must be done with care. Setting up the W's could be very difficult. Try wrapping 150 wire connections with frozen hands. Perhaps we will be able to do a few exciting things at Winter Camp that will inspire the real ceremonies. I would also like to see 1 or 2 totally new effects.

On Tuesday, 26-Oct-99 23:07:14 EDT, Tom said

Actaully, that post was meant for the year round program, it wasn't until I submitted the post that I realized I was in the WC XXIII section. I thought it was a "wall" for ceremonies discussion (hint hint)

On Tuesday, 26-Oct-99 22:45:10 EDT, Stevee Clark said

The youth as in the chapter or the youth as in the wintercamp ones........I would think and hope it would be tthe chapter youth so that the ceremony team's stuff doesn't just come from wintercamp (since after all it benefits our whole chapter).....if is the decision of the chapter youth........that is easily taaken care of at November's chapter meeting.

On Tuesday, 26-Oct-99 19:12:32 EDT, Steve D. said

Answers and observations:
Steve: we will if the youth decide we do. My guess is that we will
Tom and Dave: your generosity is appreciated, but would probably be put to better use in our year-round program rather than just for Winter Camp
W's are fine, but we need to do some work ahead of time. Additionally, snow on the face might make them inordinately difficult. Setting up all three seems like overkill in any event. One should be sufficient for our purposes...

On Tuesday, 26-Oct-99 17:56:28 EDT, DaveM said

I agree with Tom 100%. Steve had an idea very close to that not too long ago...
If you have an idea for approximate costs, Jeff, let me know. (Perhaps something can be worked out.)

On Tuesday, 26-Oct-99 11:07:26 EDT, Tom said

Well, if we don't I suggest starting a fund for it. I'll make the first donation of $50. I figure if everyone one the ceremonies team (or who ever wants to for that matter) chips in a few bucks or more every month to a fund then we would have the money needed to buy things like wax, and keep all the costumes in good condition plus get things we might think would be cool for the ceremony.

I like the idea of doing the WWW's. We haven't done it since the spring of '92 if I'm not mistaken. So it's due for it's return.

On Tuesday, 26-Oct-99 10:04:39 EDT, Steve Clark said

Good question.........Steve Donohue, do we?

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 23:54:46 EDT, Jeff said

Do we have budget for the ceremonies? Special effects can be expensive.

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 11:19:23 EDT, Steve Clark said

We could do the blind hike on this day then sinc eit isn't in John and Dave's plans. It would fit since the Ordeal is sort of a blind hike (only more in a mental way that a physical way).

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 11:10:10 EDT, Steve Clark said

Can we do the WWW thing?

On Thursday, 21-Oct-99 18:38:54 EDT, Dave said

I would say that your reputation preceeds you.

On Wednesday, 20-Oct-99 22:13:01 EDT, Jeff said

It is appropriate to have a hike on Ceremonies Day, but I've noted that other planners our contemplating significant hikes on their days. Mr. Milon I don't recall meeting you in the days of my youth.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 18:29:54 EDT, Dave said

Perhaps you don't realize that Jeff ran the adults when he was a youth.
So I don't see this role-reversal as any different.
Just roll with it...I'm willing to be that Jeff has some *special* ideas that he will furnish you with...

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 12:41:33 EDT, Steve Clark said

I am willing, for the sake of responsibility, to hold onto the restricted box (since I have a dual role as an adult and a youth..kind of). Another point of order, Jeff, you may wwant to contact your advisor for he has some very good suggestions on a lot of the day if you want some help planning it. Email me for his phone number or email me with yours (he can use my phone card I suppose).

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 07:36:35 EDT, Lou said

Correction, it is not at joe's house. I have it locked away at my place.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 00:03:01 EDT, Dave said

The adults should be concerned about what Jeff does with the restricted box.
He may seem like a responsible Council Executive, but you should be concerned when you realize where they originated.
I think self igniting candles/fire/candidates may be more of a reality than you think...

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 23:46:24 EDT, said

It's in the home of the man who is visting Devil's Tower today.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 20:12:23 EDT, Jeff Rand said

Actually, I think it would be better if our advisors just trusted us. They're too set in their ways to allow our cutting edge creativity. Where is the restricted box?

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 16:53:14 EDT, Steve D. said

No, that's not a typo - since this day is reversed, Jeff *is* the youth and Mike *is* the adviser.

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