Winter Camp XXIII - 1999

A quandry arose as we attempted to make sense of our themes, but it became clear that Sports and Winter Camp Classics were two favorites. Combining them into a single Classic Sports tm Day was the brainchild of this day's adviser, Mark Bollman-->. Joining him as leader for the day will be Dickson Mann

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On Thursday, 18-Nov-99 12:17:45 EST, said

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 11:11:33 EDT, Steve Clark said

Can we play broomball? Maybe even like up at the dining hall. (I've played this game actually at two of the last three Ordeals)...hehe

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 12:40:40 EDT, Steve Clark said

I'd actually like to do human bowling, if it is slick enough.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 23:47:19 EDT, Steve said

I think the intent is actually as much hyphenated as anything else Classic-Sports day.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 20:05:50 EDT, Jeff said

I'm not sure we want to do all of the sports on a single day.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 16:34:28 EDT, Steve said

I hope you guys won't forget the realtm classics like Forest Bowling, Snow Croquet, and the Rolling Donut Shoot. (yes, I'm just testing that this posts as expected).

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