Winter Camp XXIII - 1999

This day, which will be led by newcomer Travis Lang and advised by veteran Steve Donohue is devoted to the works of Dr. Seuss. The only thing we're certain of so far is breakfast which will, of course, be Green Eggs and Ham. Other suggestions are welcome

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On Friday, 10-Jan-03 12:30:22 EST, Gloria said

I am looking for the B book by DR Seuss

On Sunday, 08-Oct-00 11:50:46 EDT, JenineKing said

What does oobleck mean?

On Thursday, 02-Mar-00 08:03:33 EST, Sylvanus olaprat said

I love michelle, and sara hicks.

On Thursday, 02-Mar-00 08:01:39 EST, Sara said

Dr.seuss has brought me up scince childhood. We have a reading athon Ahhh suky suky

On Thursday, 02-Mar-00 07:58:35 EST, Michelle said

I love your books! Your books inspire me so much that it hurts.I love green eggs and ham.

On Thursday, 24-Feb-00 20:45:50 EST, Steve Clark said

(Wonders to myself if people realize this is a scout site and it's main focus wasn't Dr. Suess...lol)...your best bet is to try and do a search on infoseek or something.

On Wednesday, 23-Feb-00 21:27:05 EST, Cynthia Patridge said

I teach 6th grade and have purchased Cat in the Hat hats for my group (PTO$$$). They don't know about them. I have been looking for "SOMETHING" over the Internet and have wondered if there might be some type of teleconferencing "happening." I thought maybe "somebody" reading to students in the US or another country might be in the works. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING of this nature.

On Wednesday, 23-Feb-00 16:02:58 EST, Robyn Clark, Videoconference Coordinator said

I've had several requests for activities or videoconferencing events relating to Dr. Suess for his upcoming birthday. Any interesting programs out there that could be done via live, interactive videoconference? Please contact me! Thanks.

On Monday, 21-Feb-00 13:44:36 EST, Michelle Martin said

I am a student teacher looking for activities for Dr. Suess' birthday.

On Saturday, 05-Feb-00 18:45:59 EST, Laurie DeVries said

I am a huge fan of Dr. Seuss, now an Assistant Principal at a small elementary school in central Florida. We are planning a full day Dr. Suess B-Day celebration and I am just looking for ideas. Thanks- Laurie

On Monday, 17-Jan-00 16:57:19 EST, Melissa Moore said

We would like some ideas for school activities for Dr. Suess day.

On Saturday, 08-Jan-00 22:53:29 EST, chase said

On Tuesday, 21-Dec-99 11:10:55 EST, Steve Clark said

Bryan Walker will be the youth for this day.

On Sunday, 19-Dec-99 14:37:11 EST, Steve D. said

I picked up about 20 sq. yards of felt today in assorted colors. Hopefully that will cover our felt hat needs. I also got some fabric glue that was identified as “perfect for kids”. I figure that‘s us.
Travis won't be able to make Winter Camp this year, so if you're interested in running a day, contact Steve Clark. I could use the help.

On Friday, 26-Nov-99 22:07:35 EST, Mike Osvath said

Play out a Dr Suess Book, I have almost a complete section of Dr. Suess Books.

On Friday, 26-Nov-99 10:02:48 EST, dave said

blow it out your ear, Regis!

On Thursday, 25-Nov-99 01:14:32 EST, Steve Clark said

so then the nine lives would be life lines? is that your final answer?

On Thursday, 25-Nov-99 01:01:23 EST, Steve D. said

A few more...
On Beyond Zebra!Something to do with stripes? Like we eat a striped meal or watch the movie.
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fishsended a secret message using colors red=1 etc.
Scrambled Eggs Super!the only option you get if you won't eat green eggs and ham. Another egg toss option?
The 500 Hats Of Bartholomew Cubbinseveryone gets to make their own hat out of fabric or paper and stuff - sort of millinery genius night.
The Butter Battle BookHow fast can you eat hot buttered corn on the cob?
The Cat In The HatDoesn't he stack a bunch fo stuff? There's also the snack in the hat, which could rule, especially if the hat was actually a funnel to let you get yoru food.
The Cat In The Hat Comes Backno clue. Maybe a gassy kind of lunch, like kielbasa and bananas or something. Mid-week leftover meal
The Cat In The Hat Songbooka big ol' campfire sing-alng
The Cat's Quizzertrivia contest? Something where you answer the question or lose one of your nine lives.
The Foot Bookkickball? Snow Soccer?
The King's StiltsStilt-walking woudl rule! More likely we could make puddle jumpers.
The LoraxConservations service project? Essay: If you were a tree...
The Shape Of Me And Other Stuffconstruct polyhedrons. Create shapes in the snow. Learn to do shadow figures
The Sneetches And Other Storiesmarshmellow roast? Temporary tattoos?
There's A Rocket In My Pocket!model rocketry?
Thidwick The Big-Hearted MooseWatch me pull a... Out of the cat's hat? Some kind of cooperative game where kindness is key?
Yertle The Turtle And Other Storiesstory-writing contest or continuous story-telling
You're Only Old Once!guess the age of winter campers? Guess the age of winter campers gear? Do a history quiz of some sort.

On Thursday, 25-Nov-99 00:14:08 EST, Steve D. said

A random assortment of thoughts, feel free to add your comments or come up with your own. this is just brainstorming (bear in mind that some brainstorming is good, some is inspirational and some just sucks). Anyhow, hopefully these will all be good or inspirational...
And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry StreetThe OV suggestion of tale telling
Twenty questions could also work
Bartholomew And The OobleckNo idea, but maybe the title will inspire someone
Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?Goon Event: you have to slam someone by saying how lucky they are: gee steve, you're lucky you're so fat cuz you'll never blow away in a wind.
Dr. Suess's Abcalternate sentences between players and they have to start with the next letter a-z
Dr.Suess's Sleep Bookcontest to tell the most boring story? Snoring for volume?
Fox In SocksMaybe a meal with fox in socks (aka pigs in blankets?)
Green Eggs And Hamgotta be a breakfast, probably the breakfast.
Happy Birthday To You!this one works 2 days out of 5 at least.
Hop On Popa hopping contest?
Horton Hatches The Eggegg toss? Sitting contest? Everyone has to care for an egg for a day?
Horton Hears A Who!sound hike?
How The Grinch Stole Christmas!scavenger hunt for the stuff he stole? "Steal the Bacon (err, Christmas"? Roast Beast Dinner?
Hunches In BunchesCasino night?
I Can Draw It MyselfWin lose or draw style game? Art contest? Pictionary?
I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! And Other Storiesthe lollipop challenge - how many licks does it take?
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!Kim's game?
I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollewcompass course? Obstacle course?
If I Ran The Circusgong show for circus style acts? Clown show?
If I Ran The Zooanimal charades? Beast meal (ie no hands)
Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!moon badge? Have to beg someone to do something for you - randomly assigned tasks. Tim Hunt, will you please make my bed?
McElligot's PoolPolar bear swim? Giant billiards using sticks and dodgeballs (or bigger)
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?Follow the leader? Simon Sez? Mr. Brown can X, can you - if you don't say mr. Brown, you shoudln't do it.
Oh Can You Say?one of those word games where you can say anything but that word, like password or 10,000 pyramid
Oh, The Places You'll Go!geography contest, big ol' hike.
Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!genius night contest. Lateral thinking events.

On Wednesday, 24-Nov-99 23:12:02 EST, Steve Clark said

We could even do an some impropmtu games all in the style of Dr. Suess.

On Sunday, 14-Nov-99 18:32:57 EST, Steve D. said

What might be fun is to create some sort of home game where we can do some stuff before camp if we want and then judge/present it there - how about a one act play in the style of Dr. Suess?

On Sunday, 14-Nov-99 18:27:30 EST, Steve D. said

Okay, so in my Suessian research I discovered that "Green Eggs and Ham" was actually written as part of a wager between the good doctor and his publisher that the former could not write a book with only 50 words. There's certainly a big bro connection there. It might be kind of fun to have a contest to write a 250 word story or report using only 50 unique words (or for those needing more of a challenge, use only 50 words of but one part). It could be judged on the quality of the story, the total words, the total unique words, the technical merit (ie, does it flow well, unlike some one-word diatribes I've seen), etc.

On Monday, 01-Nov-99 12:45:22 EST, Steve Clark said

There could be a geography trivia game (oh the places you'll go)

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 11:12:56 EDT, Steve Clark said

Not sure what all this would entail but we could do the snack in the hat.........maybe everyone could wear a bowl on their head and then someone would throw their snack at them......and then they'd try and catch it in their bowl...err...hat.

On Tuesday, 19-Oct-99 18:35:12 EDT, Dave Milon said

Theodor S. Geisel is one of my fraternity brothers...
(Dartmouth--New Hampshire Alpha)
(Of course, so is Carroll O'Connor amongst other
distinguished members.)

On Tuesday, 19-Oct-99 07:43:51 EDT, Lou said

Dr. Suess had "23" Dave's in one story? Does this mean he was "Illuminated"? What other staange things can be deciphered from his story's?

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 19:57:14 EDT, OV said

In order to get this you need to know that I have a big thing for the oral tradition of story telling. I fully believe that it is something that is fading quickly from society and should be preserved. That being said, a fun take-off on _To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street_ could be, _To Think That I Saw It In Beaver Creek_ where you all sit down (preferrably around a fire) and tell stories of Winter Camp's past and present sharing highs as well as lows. The things that have shaped the Winter Camp that you will be experiencing. I think it'd be very interesting, not to mention a fun trip down memory lane, and just maybe it will give the youth some more ideas (variations on themes) for next year.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 18:52:52 EDT, Dave said

(and Tom certainly has enought tattoos without our encouragement.)

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 18:45:44 EDT, Dave said

There will certainly be no organized Dave imitations.
We Daves have a bad enough rap as it is without help...

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 17:25:45 EDT, OV said

Here's just a few of my preliminary thoughts: _I Am NOT Going to Get Up Today!_ could be a salute to goondom and all could sleep in on this day. (I'm not completely sure on the sleeping habbits of you folks....this may already happen regardless of themes.) You could very easily draw upon _Sneetches_ for any kind of sporting event where two teams are required. The two teams of course would be the Star-Belly Sneetches and the Plain-Belly Sneetches. The tattoos sound interesting, but I have no doubt that you could rig something else up. Perhaps something glow in the dark for those night games. _Oh The Thinks You Can Think_ would be a great place for some kind of trivia/mental challenge thing. _Too Many Daves_.....OK, so Seuss had 23, but you certainly have your fair share. You could do Dave impersonations or something of the sort. The way I see it _How the Grinch Stole Christmas_ could be a BB kind of thing. Anyone else see the connection? After all, the Grinch eventually came around...is there hope for BB too? (The big thing you're missing for that one would be Cindy-Lou Who, and singing around a big tree.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 17:33:03 EDT, Tim said

We know those are your Book's Steve.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 12:55:40 EDT, Steve Clark said

Not sure yet what I can suggest for this day, other than I have a really cool Dr. Suess hat. I will look at my sister's Dr. Suess books when I get home tonight.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 10:46:06 EDT, steve said

Tom's probably going to lobby to have the stars tattooed on everyone.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 09:51:31 EDT, Ron Donohue said

Perhapd sled construction and a constructive looting contest. For dinner, we cetainly need to carve the roast beast. Don't forget the Who pudding and the Who hash.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 00:02:21 EDT, Dave said

I just wanna be the Lorax.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 16:50:20 EDT, Steve D. said

Hopefully, everyone will eat green aggs and ham.

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