Winter Camp XXIII - 1999

The following is a summary of all the evaluation forms turned in on Winter Camp XXIII. There were a total of 17. Sadly, we didn't think to read the notes from last year's form and so made the same mistakes. At any rate, the results are below:

Meals - Actual Food

Rated lowest to highest
Average Rating7.83
Green Eggs and Ham6.73
Continental Breakfast7.11
Hot Potato Lunch7.23
Oakes Lunch7.25
Snack in the Hat7.30
On Beyond Zebra7.40
Continental Breakfast7.40
Oatley Breakfast7.73
Mexican Myster Dinner7.76
Fourth of July Picnic8.00
Caveman Dinner8.18
Bakery Snack8.57
Conglomerate Lunch8.66
Bollmano's Pizza8.81
New World Christmas Dinner9.00
Roast Beast Dinner9.20

Meals - Themes

Rated lowest to highest
Oakes Lunch6.81
Continental Breakfast6.86
Hot Potato Lunch7.00
Bakery Snack7.00
Snack in the Hat7.23
Fourth of July Picnic7.23
On Beyond Zebra7.33
Continental Breakfast7.35
Mexican Myster Dinner7.35
Oatley Breakfast7.40
Green Eggs and Ham8.60
Caveman Dinner8.62
Roast Beast Dinner8.73
New World Christmas Dinner8.75
Conglomerate Lunch8.80
Bollmano's Pizza9.00

Activities - Ideas

Rated lowest to highest
Group Baking7.07
Video Tourney7.07
Cat's Quizzer7.21
Blind Hike7.60
Hobby Demo7.68
Hobby Draw7.88
Pre-Ordeal Ceremony8.23
Christmas Decorating8.33
4 Way Volleyball8.64
Droopy Drawers8.69
Free Time8.92
Rolew Reversal Day9.11
Snow Soccer9.28
Special Ceremony9.35
Casino Night9.50
CC Golf9.53

Activities - Execution

Rated lowest to highest
Video Tourney6.00
Christmas Decorating7.13
Pre-Ordeal Ceremony8.11
Hobby Demo8.12
Droopy Drawers8.23
Hobby Draw8.29
Cat's Quizzer8.35
Rolew Reversal Day8.47
Blind Hike8.80
4 Way Volleyball8.92
Group Baking9.07
Special Ceremony9.11
Casino Night9.14
CC Golf9.26
Snow Soccer9.42
Free Time9.64

Sampling of comments

The following are some of the comments made on the forms. Comments which offered no constructive value have been omitted

The following activities, meals and or themes were suggested. Where available, details have been provided.

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