Winter Camp XXIII - 1999

Bakery Snack

Concept:Most of us don't get to bake much anymore. The bakery snack comes at the end of the baking process with the idea of enjoying fresh-baked bread and all the aroma of good baking.

Bollmano's Pizza

Concept:Individually made pizzas with your choice of toppings.

Caveman Dinner

Concept:The meal that made Winter Camp famous. This is it: spaghetti, salad and chocolate pudding eaten without lights, language or forks!

Breakfast - Performance of 1936 Pre-Ordeal Ceremony

Concept:The breakfast will be continental, but the ceremony will be anything but. It will be a recreation of the original Pre-Ordeal ceremony.

Conglomerate Lunch

Concept:Most of the leftovers of camp mixed into a tasty melange of wondrous ingredients.

Continental Breakfast

Concept:Easy to find, serve and eat food that doesn't make much of a mess - you know, the breakfast you eat everywhere but at Scout camp.

Fourth of July Picnic Lunch

Concept:A picnic lunch delivered to our service project so we can keep working.

Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast

Concept:No Dr. Seuss day could be complete without it.

Snack in the Hat

Concept:Everyone has to construct their own hat, then use it to catch food for this snack.

Hot Potato Lunch

Concept:We pass a potato around at each table. When the buzzer sounds, whoever is holding it can't eat until someone else is caught with it.

Mexican Mystery Meal

Concept:Mexican food with some mysterious, but suitable for human consumption, mystery meat in addition to normal fare.

Oakes Lunch - Adults tell stories of the "good old days of Winter

Concept:Traditional Ceremonies Training fare.

Oatley Breakfast

Concept:A nutritious breakfast, fortified with eight essential(ly bland) vitamins and minerals

Roast Beast Dinner

Concept:Complete with Hoo pudding and Hoo whatever else we can think of and a couple of roast beasts.


Concept:This snack will be prepared as part of the Return of the Lenape ceremony.

World Christmas Dinner

Concept:Christmas foods and traditions from around the world.

On Beyond Zebra Lunch

Concept:Like the zebra, this meal will be striped.
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