Winter Camp XXIII - 1999

Plans for Winter Camp XXIII, while not at the fever pitch some might like, are under way. What we know so far is the following:

The On-line version of the Permission Slip is now here. You need Adobe Acrobat to read it, or you can pick one up at any chapter meeting


So far, hardly anyone (okay, one person) has signed up for Ceremonial Training. If you want some say in it, you should sign up soon!

We've also got our Winter Camp XXIII Balance Sheet posted. It shows all the income and expense I'm aware of. If you know of a change, let me know so I can update it

11/26/99 Minutes

Mostly here now!

The meeting was a big success with nearly twenty people on hand to discuss plans for this years Winter Camp. In the voting, Challenge Day was eliminated and Tron Day was assigned the last day of camp. For more details, you can check out the Schedule, the Activity List, or the Meal List. The meals aren't quite complete yet, and some of the activities are still in development, so your suggestions are welcome.

After picking days and activities, we filled most of our equipment requirements, but there are still a few holes, so check out the list.

Everyone needs to visit the Signup Page to choose the Ceremonial Training session they're most interested in attending

10/16/99 Minutes

Steve Clark called the meeting to order at roughly 8:30 pm. In attendance were 6 youth, 2 adults and 1 self-proclaimed goon.

Discussions were held regarding the price of camp this year and it was decided that we should increase the cost to $38.38 for adults and $32.32 for youth. The increase is the first increase in 3 years and it was felt that we might, by dint of following BSA regulations on participation, have fewer adults than in previous years. The Steves agreed to have a permission slip/registration form at the October chapter meeting

A brief discussion was held on the creation of a patch and it was decided that we might not have time this year. Further discussions may be necessary, but for the moment, a patch continues to elude us (maybe for WC XXV).

Themes were discussed and after several minutes discussion, it was determined that we should have a theme a day. A number of themes from previous years, the web page, and the members in attendance were discussed and rated. In the end, several themes were combined in some places to come up with 6 candidate themes.

A leader and adviser were appointed (sometimes in absentia) for each theme. It is expected that each theme will have basic activity and meal outlines prepared for the Winter Camp Planning Meeting on November 26 at 1:00 pm where further discussions will be held, final themes selected, and activities designed if necessary.

Proposed Themes

Theme Youth Adviser Last Update
Classic Sport Dickson Mann Mark Bollman--> Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:40 EDT
Service/Tron John Rahrig Dave Woods Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:21:14 EDT
Dr. Seuss Travis Lang Steve Donohue Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:53 EDT
Ceremonies Jeff Rand Mike Quirouette Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:39 EDT
Holiday Steve Clark Lou Pezet Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 01:20:54 EDT

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XXIII!

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On Wednesday, 22-Dec-99 23:30:47 EST, Steve D said

In answer to several questions:
Shopping will be this Friday. We'll meet at two locations at roughly 9:00am and then converge on Sam's Club, followed by Meijer's, and then complimentary Frosty's (I think Jeff's buying this year) at Wendy's. Meetings will be at Dave Milon's and my house. Contact us for directions. (Two meetings is cuz Dave lives a block or two from Sam's club and driving to my house so he could drive back didn't appeal to him or any of the others who live south of Sam's).

On Wednesday, 08-Dec-99 12:53:29 EST, Steve Clark said

Hello there Robert. My name is Steve Clark. I saw your post on our wintercamp page. Our next meeting is December 16th at 7:00pm-8:30pm at the Zap Zone on Ecorse (just past Telegraph and Pardee, there's a huge laser tag sign on the's in that strip mall there) in Taylor. We will be playing Laser Tag there. Cost is $10 for 2 games, pizza, pop, a t-shirt, and passes for two more free games. If laser tag doesn't sound fun, we have wintercamp coming up (you saw the page). It runs from December 27-31. Cost is $32.32 for kids, $38.38 for adults. The forms are on the first page of the web site. Money for that is due December can pay for that at Laser Tag if you want or email me back for where you can send it if you want to go. In January, we will resume meeting in our regular place WCCC on Northline in Taylor. We have meetings every third Thursday of the month (So January 20th). We start at 7:30 and usually run until 8:45 or so. If you have any questions, or comments, or concerns, or you need someone to give you a ride or you want help on your taxes....whatever..... you can email me back at and I can get you the appropriate help (except for the taxes thing...but I do know a good accountant). . . since as chapter chief I guess I am the guy to ask.

On Monday, 06-Dec-99 18:39:55 EST, Rober Little said

I had miss a few months of meetings. I would like to atten the next meeting, Could you please send me the times and place where the next meeting will be held? Thank You Bobby Little T-1659

On Monday, 22-Nov-99 13:14:39 EST, Lou said

Woods has decided to go to Winter Camp this year. He does have to work till 3 on Friday, but will be at the meeting.

On Monday, 22-Nov-99 12:34:49 EST, John said

We should decide which theme goes bye-bye at the planning meeting. We could even do it, after much spirited debate and pizza, in the usual Wilson's rules of order voting.

On Sunday, 14-Nov-99 18:37:20 EST, Steve D said

We appear to be short an adviser for Tron day as Dave Woods continues to list his attendance as "doubtful". Any takers?

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 11:08:50 EDT, Steve Clark said

All the youth are set in terms of chairman.

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 11:07:33 EDT, Steve Clark said

Does anyone have an air hockey table that they are willing to bring up to wintercamp? I don't really have any idea what the point of having one up at wintercamp would be, but I think it would be really cool to have one there.

On Thursday, 21-Oct-99 02:09:40 EDT, Steve Clark said

No I actually was referring to some of the youth........I know that some guys got out of it while I was on the blind hike, and I had to go track down some guys during the time I was baking.

On Thursday, 21-Oct-99 00:03:02 EDT, Steve said

There are more themes than we need so we will have to eliminate or combine some at the planning meeting (probably whichever one looks weakest).
I liked baking bread, but I think we need to make sure we're actually having it. i thought it was one of the better activities as far as involving the whole group. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "everyone does their part". There were some adults who were excluded on purpose last year to make sure more youth got to do more (not that all of them jumped in with both feet, but this year could be better)

On Wednesday, 20-Oct-99 22:07:32 EDT, Jeff said

Great to see a flurry of ideas. Did we add a day to Winter Camp or do we have an extra theme. Perhaps we will continue through January 1, 2000. It could start a tradition of Winter Camps that extend into a new year when the year is divisible by 100. On January 1, 3000 we will celebrate our eleventh such event, having also completed 51 perimeter hikes.

On Wednesday, 20-Oct-99 14:56:58 EDT, Steve Clark said

Thought for the group.... are we going to try to bake bread again? Is it worth it? If we are then when? I myself really don't have any thought on this except that if we do then we need to make sure that this year(unlike last year) everyone does their part. I would like to hear everyone elses thoughts......

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 12:54:36 EDT, Steve Clark said

It is my hope to be able to secure the list of youth chairmen at the chapter meeting this Thursday.

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 12:37:30 EDT, Steve Clark said

I stand corrected...I think we'll reexamine the patch thing at this week's chapter meeting then....I'll get back to you. Thanks.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 23:58:14 EDT, Dave said

And Steve Clark thought Jeff might not know much...(lol)

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 21:43:22 EDT, Steve Clark said

I am excited........

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 20:24:43 EDT, Jeff said

It is not too late to get a patch. I suspect I could get 100 patches in the range of $1.75 each. two hundred patches would be in the range of $1.30.

On Sunday, 09-May-99 13:05:29 EDT, ANdy Whaley said

Hope to be at Winter Camp XXIII

On Sunday, 28-Mar-99 11:54:31 EST, Steve D. said

Perhaps more like a NOAC, where you get your patch, but then have to earn a participation award. It would be cool if you could somehow use the patch to show what you had done, kind of like those beads some troops give out. I think having some sort of an award is a good thing though -- it would help some people better understand that Winter Camp is Scouting.
It might also be cool to make the patch in two versions (like a NOAC flap), so we could have one for attendees and one for wannabes.
I also think we should hold a patch design contest and lay out the requirements with a little more flexibility: Do four of the following or something like that. I'd also like to see at least one thing that helps the chapter outside of Winter Camp as a requirement, perhaps even a mandatory requirement to either seal your membership (if eligible), know the requirements (if not yet eligible), or tutor someone to get their brotherhood (if you already have it). Alternately, proof that you have been earnest in your support of the Lodge (as far as you were able) could be a requirement.

On Sunday, 28-Mar-99 10:05:39 EST, Jeff said

In reference to a Winter Camp patch, I think it could be earned as a particiation award. Sample requirements might include: 1. Participate in 90% of the scheduled activities. (2) Prepare at least three meals for Winter Camp. (3) Write an article for the Winter Camp News. (4) Be involved in planning, setting up and running an activitiy. (5) Provide a hobby demo or nonscheduled game or activity. (6) Serve in a Winter Camp support role or complete a special Winter Camp support project approved by the youth leader.

On Friday, 26-Mar-99 01:05:02 EST, Mr. @$$ said

I still think attempting to plan even earlier would do a lot of good. We need to send people who plan on attending information. Then we could hold events like a Masquerade dinner because people would know to bring a mask. Also, we need to get more people involved.

On Thursday, 18-Mar-99 23:45:28 EST, Mr. @$$ said

I would like to see a Winter Camp RPG. I know that lot's of people that attend camp know a lot about them. I also know that a lot of boys would have a lot of fun. It could also help teach us about the history of camp. You could use well known people as the characters. Beyond that, I don't know anything about these types of games, but it would be very cool. I am sure there are plenty of adults and at least a few youth who would be willing to help out. On another note, since we are going to be at camp right up to the year 2000, I think we should definately do something. I'm sure plenty of ideas will come up. I just wanted to bring it out in general.

On Friday, 12-Mar-99 19:57:13 EST, Steve Clark said

I would like to have a wintercamp patch that could be worn under the lodge flap. The only downside to this patch is it'll cost a bit to do I am guessing.

On Friday, 12-Mar-99 16:00:26 EST, Ron Donohue said

I would like to build a game for Winter Camp (or the page) in which everyone writes trivia questions on their topics of interest. We would have some number of categories and have a contest for best questions, most obscure, funniest, etc. By doing this early in camp, we would be able to get an idea of each other's interests. Perhaps we could do this as an introduction. "Hi I'm Bobby Scout from Troop ??? and my topic is Facts About Ants. They would then ask five questions about that topic. Everyone would keep a running track of the way they would answer, and then we could total all the points at the end. Points would be awarded for questions and responses. It could be fun.

On Friday, 12-Mar-99 00:11:22 EST, Steve said

Well, yes, I did crib most of this from The Wall. That's the beauty of having a big website; eventually, all you have to do is copy components around.

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