Winter Camp XXIII - 1999

Making its second appearance in as many years, Tron Day once again hopes to capture the spirit of the electronic age. The youth leader is John Rahrig and his adviser is (tentatively) Dave Woods

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On Tuesday, 26-Nov-02 08:22:27 EST, DERROL said


On Tuesday, 26-Nov-02 08:21:14 EST, DEREK BECKLEER said

On Tuesday, 26-Nov-02 08:19:23 EST, tyson fought said

i love this gig so much I LOVE U ALL

On Tuesday, 26-Nov-02 08:18:41 EST, scott mairs said

i love it

On Thursday, 25-Nov-99 01:55:21 EST, Steve Clark said

I am looking forward to this day because I know the youth leader has done a lot of planning for it

On Thursday, 18-Nov-99 16:41:57 EST, me again said

we kould alzo hav a contes fer tha best lookin aer bote thinngie too

On Thursday, 18-Nov-99 16:35:52 EST, david. woods said

how aboot that cubscout race thing with the string. you know the one thats like tha pine wood derby but on a string instaed of a track. I forget what it's called, but it would look like when thae wrer running away from the red cpu centurions. on the electric circits. on that bote lookin thingy.

On Tuesday, 16-Nov-99 17:25:57 EST, said

On Monday, 25-Oct-99 09:42:03 EDT, Steve Clark said

Dare I suggest Discs of Tron (whatever that was supposed to be anyways).

On Monday, 18-Oct-99 12:49:21 EDT, Steve Clark said

We could play ping pong or air hockey on this day.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-99 16:48:51 EDT, Steve said

The big question: how do you top the Pac Man Snack? How about something really tasty on bungee? How about random pies swinging through the play field?

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