Pre-Planning Agenda
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

I.  Welcome and Introductions

II. Youth and Adult Leadership
    A. Purpose 
       1. Spread tasks 
       2. Do some things better 
    B. Proposed Leaders 
       1. Youth Leader - responsible for overall success of event.
       2. Activity Leader - responsible for games and activities. 
       3. Head Chef - responsible for the kitchen 
       4. Treasurer - responsible for trading post and fees. 
    C. Assignment/Volunteer for positions we decide we need. 
    D. Assign advisors to help youth. 

III. Fees and attendance 
    A. Who can attend? 
       1. Non-Mahican? 
       2. Non-Migisi? 
    B. How much? 
       1. Last year's surplus 
          a. How and Why
          b. Changes in budget 
       2. Youth/Adult fees 
          a. Should we split them? 
          b. How much for each? 
       3. Deadline 
          a. last day to pay? 
          b. late fee? 

IV. Activities and Themes 
    A. Review last year 
    B. One or many? 
    C. Suggestions/Brainstorming 
    D. Identify "Candidate Themes" 
       1. Pick several 
       2. Assign youth and adviser for each 

V. Promotional Flier

VI. Next meeting 

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