Bunny Slipper Relay

Youth: Tom Pickering
Adviser: Steve Donohue

Location: Indoors
Time Frame: 8:30 pm
Participation: Teams
Equipment: Moderate
Synopsis: Teams compete in a relay race. Each member of the team must complete one station, return to the base and pass the slippers to another competitor who will attempt the next station.

Rules: In this timed event, players must wear bunny slippers, then pass them to a teammate once they complete their event.
The events so far:
  1. Santa Beard - must transport 20 balls (total) using face.
  2. Rubber Band Shooting - must knock over 6 targets
  3. Mini Bowling - must knock down 20 pins
  4. Paddle Balling - must score 20 bounces (total)
  5. Mechanical Puzzle solving - must solve two correctly
  6. M&M Racing - must carry 1 M&M back to team using only a straw
  7. Ballon Burst - must burst balloon by sitting on it

Item Supplier
Vaseline ?
Craft Sticks ?
Cotton Balls ?
Straws ?
M&Ms (plain) ?
Paddleball games ?
Balloons ?
Rubber Bands ?
Targets ?
Bunny Slippers ?
Mechanical Puzzles Tim Hunt
Mini Bowling Set(s) ?
If you'd like to volunteer any of the above, let Steve know so he can put you on the list.


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